Haunted Places in San Juan County, Washington

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    Rosario Resort

    Eastsound, Washington

    It's an unusual ghost who haunts this resort. Employees say the wife of a former owner of the building, before it became a resort, has been spotted on the second floor wearing a 1930s red dress and riding her motorcycle. She has also been seen on the third floor.

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    Roche Harbor Resort

    Roche Harbor, Washington

    The ghost in residence here is Mrs. Beanning, a one-time governess for former owner John S. MacMillan. Mrs. Beanning's ashes were in an urn on the mantle, but when the new owners moved her urn to the family crypt, Mrs. Beanning's spirit was not amused. Since then, she plays pranks ...

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    Hotel de Haro

    Friday Harbor, Washington

    This 1886 hotel build by John McMillin was a famous stopping place for many, including the likes of Theodore Roosevelt. It is also home to a ghost woman who is said to walk the hotel halls. Another point of interest here is the McMillin mausoleum in the nearby woods, which ...

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    Orcas Hotel

    San Juan County, Washington

    This delightful landmark hotel has been in operation for over a century, and has numerous ghost stories attached to its long and colourful past. The most significant is of former innkeeper Octavia Van Moorhem, who still keeps an eye on the establishment despite the fact that she passed away ...