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Genevieve E. Yates Memorial Centre has a graveled storage area nicknamed Pebble Beach that is frequented by two ghostly little girls. The girls have been seen coming from the storage area and heading for the restroom late at night. Once in there, they vanish. The dressing rooms and green room also are said to be haunted with phantom perfume smells, apparitions and other mysterious happenings.

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Geographic Information

1002 4th Avenue South
Lethbridge, AB Canada

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49.6940893, -112.83189970000001
Division No. 2
Nearest Towns:
Lethbridge, AB (0.4 mi.)
Coaldale, AB (10.0 mi.)
Monarch, AB (14.7 mi.)
Nobleford, AB (16.3 mi.)
Raymond, AB (17.4 mi.)
Chin, AB (17.8 mi.)
Stirling, AB (18.7 mi.)
Magrath, AB (19.3 mi.)
Turin, AB (22.6 mi.)
Barons, AB (22.9 mi.)


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  1. Re: Yates Memorial Centre. I grew up near Lethbridge. My sister danced ballet and my parents were heavily involved with musical theatre. I spent a lot of time as a kid at the Yates, and also the Bowman Arts Centre. I can tell you without a doubt that both of those buildings are haunted. Also, as an adult, spent a couple of summers at the Galt as a volunteer/employee. That place is haunted as hell too. Feel free to contact me if you want to hear more. K

      • The story above re: Yates is accurate. You could spot the girls moving from the storage room (Pebble Beach) across the hall and into the Ladies’ Washroom. Each had long hair tied back and were wearing dresses and their movement was very fleeting. Saw that quite a few times and spent some time in Pebble Beach trying to figure out where they were coming from.

        As for the Bowman Arts Centre, there used to be a girls’ washroom in the lower level, right by the dance studio. Never saw the ghost, but you could hear her weeping or moaning quite often. Everyone back then knew about it and no one really did anything about it. Also witnessed some spiritual activity on the upper floor of the building, especially where the old art gallery was.

        At the Galt Museum, there were always the sounds of footsteps in the lower collections area. Again – most people knew about it and experienced it, and just kind of kept at what they were doing. In preparation for a display, I was working there late one night, and something moved through the corridor ahead of me. I was the only one there working, and I left pretty quickly after that.

        There are also quite a few houses in the old downtown south that are haunted. Ask anybody that grew up there or lived there, and you will hear stories. I know of at least two houses on 13th street, just south of 6th ave that are haunted. My grandparents lived in a wartime house just south of the Regional that was also haunted.

        Lastly, was St. Michaels. In the year I worked at the museum, the hospital donated a bunch of things to the museum. While there packing things for the museum, the old caretaker and another former staff member (of the hospital) spoke of a ghostly nun the patrolled the hallways of the 2nd and 3rd floors, and would check in on patients. Nurses would get confused when patients would remark about how the nun would come around and comfort them, despite nuns not having worked at the hospital in many, many years.

  2. wow it’s so interesting and all my life i wanted to experience something paranormal but it never happened
    however i would really like to meet up and visit those places
    im from montreal living in coaldale now it’s 2 years and moving back home in april so here’s my email if you have a free time to experience it with me!

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