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Built in 1834, the plantation was turned into a bed-and-breakfast in 1999. It is said to be haunted by several spirits, including Braddish Johnson, seen in stripe pants and silk hat and carrying a gold-tipped cane; a young boy who disappears whenever he is asked a question; and two women and a man who appear on the first floor. In Spirits Hall, witnesses have seen the ghosts of former slaves.

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21997 Louisiana 23
Port Sulphur, LA 70083
United States

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29.58389028258122, -89.82750320399646
Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana
Nearest Towns:
Pointe a la Hache, LA (2.2 mi.)
Port Sulphur, LA (10.7 mi.)
Lafitte, LA (17.8 mi.)
Empire, LA (19.4 mi.)
Poydras, LA (20.1 mi.)
Barataria, LA (20.2 mi.)
Jean Lafitte, LA (20.8 mi.)
Belle Chasse, LA (21.1 mi.)
Violet, LA (22.0 mi.)
Timberlane, LA (23.7 mi.)

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  1. My husband and I stayed at the Woodland Plantation several years ago. (Around 2001)
    We stayed in the heart of New Orleans for one night and then stayed there for the next night, just as a quick little get away. (We are from Tuscaloosa and had our first child that was a baby at the time)
    I do not believe in ghost stuff and felt completely and 100% comfortable at the Plantation.
    But, out of no where, in the middle of the night, I couldn’t figure out why someone was ringing the doorbell!!!!
    The, there was a phone (not a cell) ringing…
    I got up to go to the bathroom and didn’t see anything, so after the bathroom, went back to bed.
    I heard them both again and just woke up with the strangest feeling that someone was in the room with us. I sat there in bed and had a “coming to Jesus” talk with myself and looked around and said (to myself)
    “This is ridiculous…there is no one here!”

    I never saw anyone, but I felt like someone was right there.
    The crazy thing was…the next morning, I asked my husband and another couple that was staying there, if all that ringing and stuff kept them up.
    I was the only one that heard it.

    The doorbell was very distinct and like a buzzer type ring…not a “ding dong” and the phone was very much an old fashioned type of sound of ring.

    I was completely and 1000% stunned and freaked out when I looked everywhere in the entire place for both a phone and a doorbell. There was nothing at all!!!!
    Not a doorbell anywhere!!! I was determined to find it bc I know I wasn’t dreaming, not crazy…and I was gonna find them both. When I realized there was no doorbell at the front, I figured it was a back doorbell. Not there. The owners son was there at the time and I asked him. He said, “there isn’t a doorbell”

    The ringing phone was even stranger, bc it wasn’t really til the next day and was able to think clearly that I knew that ringing phone was coming from very close to me and there was no phone anywhere!!!!

    My husband totally didn’t believe me or thought it was just some sound that could be explained away.

    Something just made me think about that trip, and haven’t in years and years…so I started to google “Woodland Plantation” and immediately the word haunted came up next to it.
    So from a very normal, wife, mother, non-believing in ghosts, Christian woman…i can say without any doubt that I know what I heard and there isn’t even a way it could have been a prank!!! I would be interested to know if and when and what type of doorbell was ever there.

    And phone too!
    Thanks and would love to hear back!!

  2. My brother and I stayed here back in 2002. We were here for a job and our company paid for us to stay here. When we checked in, our doors would not unlock to let us in. We called the manager and he tried several times himself to get us in the rooms. The door knob would not turn,like it was stuck. Anyway, after about two hours, the door knob finally unstuck and the door opened. When we entered the room, the tv was on and the bathroom faucet was running, like someone had just finished washing their hands. The manager turned off the water faucet and we got settled in for the night. During the night, the door to the restroom slammed and woke me up. I went to check what was going on and found that all of my restroom item were thrown on the floor. I called the manager and told him what had happened. He apologized and offered me another room. I declined, and went back to bed. The next evening, as I was showering, the hot water suddenly turned off and there was nothing but cold water.As I tried to turn the hot water back on, I heard a voice say,” I turn da water back on fo’ you fo’ tree fiddy.” I said,”no”. Then the voice said,” Den how ’bout two fiddy?” I said,”NO!” I then offered one fiddy, the voice said, “Yes sir!” The hot water then came on.I told the manager what happened and he told me that it sounded like the old maintenance guy named ‘Slappy”. Slappy died a long time ago while on the premises.He was buried in the cemetery right next door. I found Slappy’s headstone and it read,” Slappy was a slave like his pappy, Slappy died, his pappy cried, now the white man is happy!” I left the one fiddy one his headstone and left. Come check this out.

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