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The bridge was replaced in 2005, but it was the old one from which local legends arose. Folks say that a woman and her newborn died here when she drove off the bridge. Rumor has it that those who go there at night and shout “Mama Lou, I’ve got your baby!” will have trouble with their car or perhaps see a floating woman in white near the bridge.

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Geographic Information

Old Hwy 30
North of Scott, AR
United States

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34.71401792927272, -92.0930831730584
Pulaski County, Arkansas
Nearest Towns:
Scott, AR (1.2 mi.)
College Station, AR (7.3 mi.)
McAlmont, AR (8.2 mi.)
Sweet Home, AR (8.7 mi.)
Keo, AR (9.0 mi.)
Sherwood, AR (10.2 mi.)
Wrightsville, AR (10.4 mi.)
Jacksonville, AR (10.6 mi.)
North Little Rock, AR (10.6 mi.)
Little Rock, AR (11.4 mi.)

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  1. me and my mom where driving there as my brother was tellingme story of the women and baybe that fell off this bridge then he shouted mama lue i’ve got got your baybe then we saw a big women in wihte on the trake mymom stoped and we almost fell out

    • Mama Lou was a woman who lived only seconds from the bridge. It used to be a one way road. One day it she was driving with her child and a truck came onto the bridge, running them off the road. They recovered her body from the water, but never her babies. Legend says her spirit is still searching for the infant. The home that was once hers was tore down a few years back due to witch worshipers trespassing.

  2. My dad told me about it when we were driving over it today and I wanted to know if it was true. Is there any website I could go to besides this one?

  3. I don’t know if it relates, but when the new bridge was being built a man lost his life there during construction. There is a memorial for him there.

  4. The story I heard as a teen was that Mama Lou was a patient at a nearby sanitarium (insane asylum) way back in the 30’s/40’s. There wasn’t any real story for why she had a baby, but she escaped with her baby during a bad storm and drowned trying to cross the creek. If you parked on the old bridge and walked down to the bank with a baby doll and called out “Mama Lou, I’ve got your baby” she would rise from the creek and take the doll from your arms. Also, your car wouldn’t start until you got it off the bridge.

    A small group of us went down there back in the mid-80s around Halloween and while Mama Lou didn’t rise, it did get oddly foggy. We took off quick.

  5. Went there in the mid-90’s with a friend named Chris. We got out and he told me this story.. just as he finished the story we heard a very loud female voice call out “CHRIS”. I can still hear that voice. We left pretty quick.

  6. When I was younger my mom loaded us all up in the car and took us to this place. My mom and dad took my doll and were shouting “Momma Lou I got your baby”. There was the sound of someone walking through the water and climbing out onto the bank. My dad threw my doll into the water and both of my parents ran for the car. My mother started the car (she had been here previously in her youth and knew not to park on the bridge) and started to pull off. Me and my brother were in the hatch back of the gremlin. We heard someone hit the glass (everybody was already in the car). When we pulled into the gas station after fleeing there was a bony handprint on the back glass. Right where me and my little brother were sitting.

  7. We went during the day and we heard a baby cry I heard footsteps behind me. Was feeling sad emotions. Got a few pictures. You can see them
    Ghost hunters from all over
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