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The third floor of Roubidoux Hall at Western State College has a ghost, that of a man who died of smoke inhalation during a fire several years ago. Students have seen his apparition at the side of their bed at night, and have found the doors locked from the outside, trapping them in the way the ghost was trapped during the fire.

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Geographic Information

Off N Pitkin St
Gunnison, CO
United States

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38.54809717739353, -106.92011564948189
Gunnison County, Colorado
Nearest Towns:
Gunnison, CO (0.3 mi.)
Pitkin, CO (22.2 mi.)
Crested Butte, CO (22.5 mi.)
Mount Crested Butte, CO (24.8 mi.)
Cathedral, CO (31.9 mi.)
Garfield, CO (33.9 mi.)
Crawford, CO (38.7 mi.)
Marble, CO (39.0 mi.)
Maysville, CO (39.4 mi.)
Lake City, CO (41.7 mi.)


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  1. I was in the Mears Hall, on the first floor, in the restroom by the elevator, I was putting on my belt after I had finished, while I was doing so the restroom door opened and I looked threw the crack of the door and saw a girl dressed in all black walk in, I didn’t hear her close the restroom door ,nor did I hear her use the restroom, I opened the door to was my hands and there was no one there, the other restroom door was open, I assumed the girl was hiding to scare me, i was washing my hands and looking to see if I see the woman’s shadow in the restroom, so after I washed my hands I was walking out of the restroom and I turned to look inside the stall I thought he had been in, there are only 2 stalls inside that restroom, NO ONE WAS IN THERE!!!! I was soo scared I ran out of there as fast as I could, the woman was about 5’6, wearing all black, I never saw her face, and she never left the restroom. I didn’t see her leave just walk in, I am shitting bricks!!

  2. I was in the hallway that separates Mears from Moffet, that hallway is on the first floor of the building because it is right by the door you walk in so you can enter the building. I was head to the stairwell that I normally take to get to the third floor where my room is, as I was walking I hear old 1920’s music start to play. I should mention this was on a Saturday night and most people are out partying so I knew it was not coming from any of the room located on the first floor and the RA office door was shut so it was not coming from there but as soon as I turn to walk up the stairs it stop and then there was a loud bang. Then just silence and I walk really fast up the stair to my room. I have not heard it since then.

  3. I was the Hall Director of that complex (Mears, Moffat and Robidoux Hall) over two decades ago and I have had countless stories and experiences shared with me that cannot be explained. The story of the fire in Robidoux is well known and documented. In most cases students reported the smell of smoke before or during their experience. One time I was talking with a volunteer fire fighter who worked that fire. He went on to tell me that he was the one that found the deceased student. I asked where he was found. To my surprise, it was the same location where students reportedly smelled smoke. In addition to the odor of smoke, students reported objects being moved or thrown in their rooms (like bulletin boards, clothing and even a desk once). One story that stands out involves two roommates. They were talking in their room when suddenly one went pure-white.. She pointed to their window. The other roommate turned around in time to watch the mini-blinds click as if someone was dragging a hand or finger down them… click… click… click. In a panic they found me right away. I asked if they smelled smoke.They said yes and asked how did I know.

    In addition to the Robidoux spirit, there is another one (I believed) in Mears. This spirit is attributed to a student that collapsed and died of an asthma attack just outside the Mears building. I was never able to corroborate the asthma story in print — it was only told to me by multiple long-time employees of the college (yes, it was a college back then). All rooms in the Mears Complex are suite style — an ‘A’ and ‘B’ bedroom joined by a common space. Students often reported hearing footsteps in their common space or knocking on their room doors. Unlike Robidoux, students never smelled smoke On story that stands out involved an RA. This was just before student move-in; so it was me plus 9 RA’s in the building. This RA was completing room inventories late at night. To be efficient, he opened he ‘A’ and ‘B’ room doors which swung freely. However, the suite door was fire rated and required by code to have an automatic close. He propped open this door with a dust pan. While in the ‘A’ room, the lights in the suite suddenly turned off and all three doors in the suite slammed shut! In a panic he raced out and called me. We went back to the suite to find the lights on and the dust pan in the ‘B’ room. i asked if anyone was helping him to which he said no one was on the floor at the time. And if you’re curious… no smell of smoke.

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