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Built in 1933, the theatre stands on the site of the original building that burnt to the ground during the 1920’s. Currently a recording studio owned by music producer Sylvia Massy, various singers and songwriters who have played and sung there have reported encountering paranormal activity. A pop singer staying in the loft of the adjoining building had the sheets pulled off her bed by unseen hands, and a male apparition has been seen crossing the stage of the main theatre after the place has closed down for the night.

(Submitted by Callum Swift)

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Geographic Information

180 Main Street
Weed, CA
United States

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41.42385774700627, -122.38480505351617
Siskiyou County, California
Nearest Towns:
Weed, CA (0.1 mi.)
Carrick, CA (2.0 mi.)
Edgewood, CA (3.4 mi.)
Mount Shasta, CA (8.8 mi.)
Gazelle, CA (9.7 mi.)
Dunsmuir, CA (16.0 mi.)
Grenada, CA (16.9 mi.)
McCloud, CA (17.2 mi.)
Montague, CA (22.3 mi.)
Yreka, CA (25.1 mi.)


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  1. It’s not a studio any longer, but I stayed there for a week when it was. Definitely had weird things happen! Notable events:

    In the attached apartment next door, in the middle of the night, I had knocking occur on the wall immediately above my bed.

    In the theater/studio, late into the evening working on material, something actuated a kick drum on the stage. We were the only people in the studio!

    Stage doors leading outside would rattle and open/close on their own.

    Definitely a creepy place!

  2. Sometimes people see the apparition of someone standing in the doorway on the right side of the stage by the emergency exit in the old theater. Another apparition is often glimpsed walking across the stage. A woman in a long dress is sometimes seen watching the stage from the second story balcony.

    One band member went missing at about 4 a.m. one morning. The other band members searched high and low for the missing man even looking outside in the pouring rain, but he had disappeared leaving his shoes and coat and belongings behind. They finally gave up and went to bed. The next morning, the missing fellow was in bed, dry as toast, with no recollection of what had happened to him or that he had been missing at all. They determined he must have been abducted by aliens.

    Early one morning, a drummer awakened in the blue room of the apartment adjoining the studio to a mist and two figures standing over him, one tall and one short. Massy said this kind of goes along with the story of the old couple who had lived in the apartment at one time. The man was an old barber who hanged himself in the basement after his wife died in the apartment.

    Carnie Wilson stayed in the apartment with her husband musician Rob Bonfiglio in 2004. One night she awakened to her covers being yanked from her legs and the feeling of needles of electricity violently poking into her legs. Carnie said something was trying to get her clothes off and she was terrified.

    The next evening, Carnie prepared an Indian dinner. Sylvia Massy asked her if she’d seen the ghost. Carnie dropped the plate she was holding. Sylvia told Carnie some of the stories she’d heard from her guests about the male ghost that was often sighted in the apartment. She told her the story of the barber who had hanged himself in the basement. On Celebrity Ghost Stories, Carnie indicated that this occurred around 1919. She said the barber was supposedly a violent and mean drunk. Carnie was having problems with alcohol abuse at this time in her life, and wonders if her experience was meant as a warning.

    Carnie left Weed, joined a 12 step program, and stopped drinking. She went back to the apartment where she felt she had met the spirit of the barber and told him to leave her alone. Carnie felt cleansed and not at all frightened after that

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