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This place is usually referenced as “Wayside Antiques” but today it is called “Antique Emporium”, off exit 368 on Interstate 75 in Reddick. Look for the large red barn-like building. Employees back in the day swore that they would hear their names being called from the back of the store when nobody else was there.

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17990 Northwest 77th Avenue
Reddick, FL 32686
United States

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29.409230493842497, -82.2508619428117
Marion County, Florida
Nearest Towns:
McIntosh, FL (3.2 mi.)
Reddick, FL (4.4 mi.)
Micanopy, FL (6.8 mi.)
Citra, FL (8.5 mi.)
East Williston, FL (10.1 mi.)
Williston, FL (11.9 mi.)
Raleigh, FL (13.2 mi.)
Morriston, FL (14.3 mi.)
Hawthorne, FL (16.0 mi.)
Ocala, FL (16.7 mi.)

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  1. I visit this place long time a go , about 1995 when i don’t even know about the haunted, i experiences in the second floor , i see a beautiful little girl dress out like 1890 or 1900, about 7 , 8 years old, she was seat in a little antique rocking chair and next to a mirror and other furniture, she look at me and stand up, walking close to me , when i say to her she was so beautiful, she have a pleasant smile, and stare at me when i say many time o you are so beautiful, you dress about like this time Christmas, you grandmom dress you aut beautiful, i say look to my friends and son who was with me in that time, and every body enjoy her presences, was so real, no one know until 20 years later that was a ghost and not a real girl, she then take the stair and in a stranger position look at me for last time, and i go to my business, when i look back she just was not in the stairs anymore, the soon i notice was not a real girl 20 years goes by already, i try to find out what happen in that property, i find out the owners of that antique shop was murdered in the late 1970s or 80s or something like that , and i realized for the age of those people , the lady who was murdered could be the granddougther of the original owners, i always think and say when i look the girl she look like grandma dress out her for Christmas time, epic 1880, that probably was my intuition tell me , let me know , who was her really , they killers take a large for long time, i read in a old newspaper, the authority finally caught them in the late 80s or so. And i’m not the only one to see the girl in the second floor. Now is a different owners , is not the same anymore , the beautiful furniture is gone long time a go , i visit again few years a go , you could feel the cold spot , but not the same , they now not have the rocking chair, not the magic, only you could feel something terrible happen in some spot walking around in the entrances halls, and the second floor , that malignity presences may be for the negative energy or a murder o for the bad energy of the murders itself, sorry my english i hope you understand , but was very real my experience.

    • Husband and wife were murdered here by thieves. Both victims were found facing each other. One watched the other being executed. Very sad.

  2. Does anyone have contact information on the new owners who we can contact for a possible paranormal investigation? if so, you can contact me at 239-285-5088 thanks.

  3. I work at the Antique Emporium. I’ve been here since the store reopened almost 2 years ago. I have never seen or herd anything in the store.

    • When the beautiful antques funrniture was removed from there , is posible the hounting go away , because the ghost is energy, and they coming sometime with the things they have when the person was a live, i was there abouth 7 years and i dont see anymore the litle girls (ghost) i see there before many years a go., i think is because that, removed the furniture, remove the energy of the ghost with them. , sometime the ghost manifested then sefl when they want, not necesarily when we want, could be that too, some people have mor sensitivity to that kind of experiences too, is like everything, some time could some time not, but i know what i see, iknow is true the hounting. have a nice days .

      • i have been capturing images for a short time with my camera although Ive seen many things since I was a small child. I was there with my husband last week and have several photos of energy beings. one is a little girls face looking in an antique mirror upstairs far left room. she appears to have her hair up , big cheeks. i was approached several times by some energy being.

        • I don’t think the little girl ghost is there anymore. When the furniture that she loved was removed from that room, I think she left with it. I no longer see her or feel her presence there.

  4. About 10 years ago my husband, son, and I visited there. I suddenly heard a man’s voice call my name clearly. I answered and it called again. I thought it was one of them but it turned out they were way on the other side of the building downstairs, I was upstairs

  5. Been here twice, two years apart. Did not see or feel any thing unusual inside, how ever, we camped right beside building over night. We felt restless all night long. Our carbine monoxide alarm went off as some as we layed down, could not turn it off! Loved the store!!!

  6. I moved from down south to Reddick in 2007. There i purchase a home by the old high school and emplace outside security cameras for property and personal protection,Many years of working for the security firms and casino surveillance dept. i have had a lot of experience in this field of deciphering what you think you seen, and what you, really saw.there is no way i can ever disbelieve what others know My tapes don’t lie. Reddick Fla is one haunted place of old soles.Thank you

  7. I was in the antique shop makes about 20 years, 1994 0 1995 without knowing that the place was haunted, or what I sucesido a terrible murder, it was a lovely place many Christmas decorations and antique furniture bellisimos, on the second floor when I saw a girl who rocked in a chair, as about 7 or 8 years she, dressed in vintage, beautiful blonde with a sweet smile, I saw like watching a real live human being, she rose from the chair I looked in mirror what was there, and walked to ami was about a meter and a half from me and looked at me, I stay facinada with vesturario and bellea what I said several times that it was very beautiful, do not talk or anything just smiled in that way to the stairs grab the veranda of a somewhat strange way I look at the watch and said these precious your granny I dressed as era, as the theme of the store that was Christmas, which beauty, she just smiled, not I know why I thought that she was the granddaughter of the owner, maybe my instuicion warned me of that detail, when I told my friends and my son saw this girl so beautiful, the regrezar my gaze toward the stairs and she had We disappeared from there, follow the day like that, twenty years was then that I realized what I had seen was not a child but a ghost, because I was told that other people had seen the same thing and none of those people have contact Me, I also learned that there had happened a murder of a couple of old men in a robbery, and that the murderers at the time of my experience were still to be found, I read in an old newspaper on the internet, and I concluded that So I thought that the girl was the granddaughter of the owner of the place, the original owner, if you looked at the age of there killed, with what I thought when looking at that girl, all fit, it was that ghost girl granddaughter the owner of the property, that’s what my psyche told me and I believe it, because it cost me 20 years to realize that he had seen a ghost. And it’s a real experience, not me I invent, return to the place a few years ago, but nothing is the same, you may feel some moments of coldness, or negativity in there somewhere, perhaps the negative energy of the murderers, or the time of the murder, those energies are perhaps, in short, are no longer the same owners and everything has changed, not if someone in time saw something more, perhaps by taking the beautiful furniture also the imprint or spirit they took I saw that girl, she might not follow pacing and there on the second floor, waiting for some sensitive is the view or when for some reason she wants displayed.
    Estuve en la tienda de anticuario hace unos 20 anos,1994 0 1995 sin saber que el lugar estaba encantado, ni que habia sucesido un terrible asesinato, era un lugar precioso de muchos adornos navidenos y muebles antiguos bellisimos, en el segundo piso de momento vi a una nina que se mecia en un sillon, como de unos 7 u 8 anos ella, vestida de epoca, rubia preciosa con una dulce sonrisa, yo la vi como ver a un ser humano vivo real, ella se levanto del sillon se miro en el espejo que habia ahi, y camino hacia ami estaba como a un metro y medio de mi y me miraba, quede facinada con su vesturario y bellea lo que le dije varias veces que era muy bella , no hablo ni nada solo sonreia, en eso camino hacia la escalera se agarro de la varanda de una forma algo rara me miro la mire y le dije estas preciosa tu abuelita te vistio como de epoca, como el tema de la tienda que era la navidad , que belleza , ella solo sonreia, no se por que pense que era ella la nieta de la duena, tal vez mi instuicion me advirtio de ese detalle, cuando le dije a mis amigos y a mi hijo que vieran esta nina tan linda , al regrezar mi mirada hacia la escalera ya ella se habia desaparecido de ahi, seguimos el dia como si nada, veinte anos despues fue que me di cuenta de lo que habia visto no era una nina sino un fantasma, por que me contaron que otras personas habian visto lo mismo y ninguna de esas personas tienen contacto conmigo, tambien me entere que en ese lugar habia sucedido un asesinato de una pareja de viejitos en un robo, y que los asesinos en aquel entonces de mi experiencia seguian sin ser encontrados, lo lei en un viejo periodico en el internet, y deduje que por eso yo pense que la nina era la nieta de la duena del lugar, la duena original , si miraba las edades de los alli asesinados, con lo que yo pense al mirar aquella nina , todo encajaba , era el fantasma aquella nina de la nieta de la duena de la propiedad , eso es lo que mi psiquis me decia y asi lo creo, ya que me costo 20 anos darme cuenta que habia visto un fantasma. Y es una experiencia real, no me la invente yo, regrese al lugar hace unos anos , pero ya nada es igual, se puede sentir algunos momentos de frialdad, o de negatividad en algun sitio alli, tal vez la energia negativa de los asesinos, o del momento del asesinato, esas energias quedan quizas, en fin , ya no son los mismos duenos y todo a cambiado, no se si alguien en el tiempo ha visto algo mas, quizas al llevarse los bellos muebles tambien se llevaron la impronta o espiritu de esa nina que vi, quizas no y siga ella paseandose por alli en el segundo piso, esperando que algun se sensitivo la vea o cuando ella quiera por alguna razon mostrarse.

  8. I still think and say a prayer for Mrs., Branum. I lived east of Gainesville and had friends who lived close to Wayside Antiques. I shopped there from the late 70’s to the 80’s. I still have a beautiful old desk that Mrs Branum told me belonged to the Portuguese ambassador to Spain! She was always very nice and professional. I think 1985 was the last time I went there. I pray that she and her husband, whom I never met, are happy and together.

    • I should have told you this. It must have been 1979, I went there with my daughter who was in her car seat. The enterance after the highway, was through trees and it went up to Wayside Antiques. It was very quiet but there was a semi there and I got a creepy feeling so I didn’t go in. But, that was years before the murders. Actually, those guys had no fear of being caught, you were alone up on that property.

  9. There are no such thing as ghosts, that is, the spirit of a dead person, that stays after someone is murdered or dies. If you would read your Bible, you would know that these things are demonic spirits that can make themselves appear as anything they want. It is one of the ways Satan deceives a lot of people into believing in the paranormal ghost-like figures instead of the demonic creatures they really are. Television programs and personal experiences encourage belief in “ghosts”, however, the Scriptures are very clear that when we die, if we are believers, we go into the presence of the Lord immediately, and if we are unsaved we go to hell to wait judgment. Don’t get caught up in all of these stories about the paranormal. There are two realms, the physical and the spiritual, and the demonic can come into the physical if they take the bodies of humans, (read Genesis 6), and they can appear as angels of light, read 2 Corinthians 11: 14-15) “Even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. So it is no surprise if his servants, also, disguise themselves as servants of righteousness”. Read your Bibles. There is a Great Deception coming, and if you can’t recognize the little ones, you certainly won’t be aware of the big one, in fact, the Lord says that he will cause those who do not believe in Christ to believe the lie…read 2 Thessalonians 2:11.
    The Man of Lawlessness
    …10and with every wicked deception directed against those who are perishing, because they refused the love of the truth that would have saved them. 11For this reason, God will send them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie, 12 in order that judgment will come upon all who have disbelieved the truth and delighted in wickedness.

  10. I worked there and Roxanne and Patty Gates owned and operated the store. It was a beautiful store and they were really nice people. I believe it was the early 90’s when I worked there. Nothing unusual happened…seen no ghosts…but a lot of theft from employees and when I went to work there the murders had already happened and I was tiny small for a woman and was told if we are robbed you are small hide in a piece of furniture or get out if you can…go out a window and I was told robbers usually target management. Owners were Patty, Roxanne and Kathy Gates…Patty left and went to the Carolinas to manage another Antiques and Christmas Store….wonderful people.

  11. Most definitely something here and I’ve visited several “haunted places” with no luck of an experience. I was out and about at the local flea market on i75 and decided to travel north and stopped here… This is a gorgeous place inside. I was fine downstairs. I felt great. As soon as I made my way upstairs that’s when I felt sick to my stomach and got very dizzy several times almost knocking over precious antiques.. felt like I was on a cruise ship getting sea sick. As soon as I left I was perfectly fine again. I really do believe something was heavily trying to attach itself to me..

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