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At this inn, Room 17 is said to be haunted by Charles “Chick” McGee. He was found stabbed to death here in the late 1980s, said to have been killed by a waitress who was angry because he didn’t leave her a tip. The ghost reportedly moves the Bible from the drawer, hides the TV remote, and disturbs the little bottles of shampoo.

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Geographic Information

32711 Michigan Ave
Wayne, MI 48184
United States

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42.282967, -83.36238400000002
Wayne County, Michigan
Nearest Towns:
Wayne, MI (1.2 mi.)
Inkster, MI (2.8 mi.)
Garden City, MI (3.4 mi.)
Westland, MI (3.4 mi.)
Romulus, MI (4.5 mi.)
Taylor, MI (5.6 mi.)
Dearborn Heights, MI (5.9 mi.)
Livonia, MI (5.9 mi.)
Canton, MI (6.4 mi.)
Redford, MI (7.7 mi.)


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  1. In May of 2014 we were dining in the main restaurant, I was facing the bar and both of the light were swing opposite of each other. This continued for about 20 mins or so and as we were leaving we look to see if there were any vents or ceiling fans that could have done this and we did not see any.

  2. About 6 years ago. I was going threw tough times and got a room at the red apple, right accross from the laundry facility on the second floor. So after about two weeks of having the room and harley staying there. I come home one night around 3 am. I laid down and at 4:19am the light fixture flew from i front of the bathroom door and shattered in front of the tv which is 15′. The rest of the week I drank my ass off and as soon as my week was up I was gone. I’ll never forget that it was the scariest most unsecure feeling the next few days after that event.

  3. I’ve heard that the Red Apple motel (in Wayne, MI) is haunted, and at first did not believe it until I stayed there myself. Embarrassingly, I stayed there one time with a friend to test this out (in Room 117, formerly #17 before they added a second floor), and nothing happened. But then I tried it one more time, alone this time, and I kid you not, some weird, although non-threatening, things happened. The first thing was that the bathroom light turned on while I was watching TV. I got up to turn it off, and then I felt an immediate coldish breeze pass around me and thru me. It didn’t turn on again. But in the middle of the night I woke up because I heard a loud clap, like the toilet seat fell down. When I checked, the toilet seat was down. And I know I kept it up, cuz I knew I’d have to pee again later on. I know these seem like dumb incidents, but they freaked me out. I wanna stay there again and maybe bring a Ouija.

    • I would love to be in the same room as you were because me and one of my friends are going to stay that hotel (maybe) and book a room to stay at, thank you so much for giving me this information.

  4. I actually stayed the night there last week and some freaky stuff happened. I specifically asked for room 17 because I had know prior that there was a murder there and i just wanted to see if it was actually haunted. The scariest part was when i was in the bathroom taking a deuce and as i was standing up, my terd started to float in mid air. I got the local preist from St. Marys to come down and also the witch docter that lives by the bridge by the rouge

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