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Two ghosts are said to visit Washington Avenue Grill: one, a young woman who died in a car accident in front of the establishment, and two, her beau, who committed suicide out of grief upon losing her. It is said that the woman’s ghost comes out of the cemetery next door and walks through the restaurant, and the man’s ghost is known for touching customers and workers. The site was featured on the show Creepy Canada.

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15782 Marine Drive #5
White Rock, BC V4B 1E6

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49.0162746, -122.78539430000001
Greater Vancouver
Nearest Towns:
White Rock, BC (1.8 mi.)
Blaine, WA (2.3 mi.)
Alluvia, BC (6.2 mi.)
Cloverdale, BC (6.2 mi.)
Colebrook, BC (6.9 mi.)
Birch Bay, WA (7.0 mi.)
Langley, BC (8.4 mi.)
Surrey, BC (8.5 mi.)
Custer, WA (9.6 mi.)
North Surrey, BC (13.0 mi.)

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  1. my mom works there and owns pure beauty she says sometimes the music changes and a customer came one day and said the young women’s name is gloria we still don’t know the guys name though.

  2. Ashley Wheeler  |  

    Went in for dinner tonight had a real heavy feeling in my chest. It got thicker and heavier and turned into feeling of sadness as we walked up the stairs. We were seated and I Went into the bathroom and felt like someone was holding onto my wrist. Came out and looked at my boyfriend who was also feeling the thickness and asked if he wanted to go. When we were driving away i looked at my wrist and had a thumb imprint on my wrist that was red and burned slightly. Came on to read about the history and read that the young man is known to touch people. Really cool experience.

  3. I grew up in White Rock and have spent a lot of time in and around the building. The building sits on Semiahmoo First Nation land and the cemetery you wrote of is theirs. My childhood friends, who are from the reserve there, used to tell stories about the cemetery being built on ancient burial land that includes where the old mill is. I was also told that the ghost in the restaurant part of the building is a young girl /teen from around 1915.
    I have never seen her myself, but have seen ‘movement’ out of the corner of my eye. I’ve also felt a heaviness and the hand holding feeling in the women’s washroom upstairs on the restaurant side. On the other side, in the basement when it was Haven hair, I saw more poltergeist like activity that seems to be only in that side (east I think). I’ve had a hot curling iron jump off the counter and in to my lap as well as witnessed glasses of water fall for no reason. One time I was there as the receptionist was cashing out and a quarter rolled off the counter, hit the floor and started spinning. It kept spinning for a crazy long time (well over a minute or two without slowing down) and after the receptionist looked at me to see if I had noticed it too, she quickly stomped on it with her boot to stop it and the room felt colder. She closed up and we ran outside.
    In the late 90’s, the arcade was upstairs on the main floor in the east building (it was previously downstairs before Haven hair). It was owned by an amazing woman named Shannon, who was writer W.P. Kinsella’s daughter. I was there almost every day. My best friend used to work for Shannon and I would sometimes stay after closing to drive her home. Weird things would happen all the time, but we didn’t pay much attention as we were teens. Pool balls would jump off tables when no one was near, drinks would fall off tables, arcade games would glitch and the jukebox would act up (that might have been normal). The scariest thing I experienced in the arcade was one fall evening as my friend was closing up, we had just turned off all the machines and she was locking up the register. Suddenly one of the games turned back on. This happened some times and we always jokes about it being ghosts. I turned it back off and headed towards the door as she grabbed the garbage and started to follow me. As she got close to the same machine I had just turned off, it flicked back on again. I think she said something about messed up wiring and bent down to unplug it. She looked back up at me and her eyes were huge. I asked her what was wrong and she said “It’s not plugged in”. We both screamed and ran outside. I can’t remember if we drove away or if we ran up the outside steps to our friend’s apartment above the arcade, but I know she didn’t work there much longer. Shannon closed the arcade pretty soon after that.
    Pretty much everyone I know who grew up here in the 80’s or 90’s has a story or two to tell about the old mill.

  4. My wife and I used to get free meals on our birthdays from them. Over the years never even saw a curtain move. But would like to have.

  5. the hot iron is kept in a secret compartment upstairs. it is very scary and may wreak havoc if it is let loose one day. it flew out of the washing machine and seared my left hand medium rare

  6. My mom used to know the owners of the place, and she was told they created the ghost stories to drive up business. Free advertisement, they said, without any work on their end.

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