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Reports say Virginia Intermont College may have ceased operations in May 2014, but if it truly is haunted, a ghost probably wouldn’t mind. The historic college is rumored to be haunted by a former student named Vera who, as legend tells, became pregnant through an affair with a professor in the 1800s. The distraught girl hanged herself after the professor left her on her own, and in doing so, she knocked over a lamp and started a fire. Witnesses say that although the building was fully restored, at times the room she then occupied appears to revert back to its past charred state.

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1013 Moore St
Bristol, VA 24201
United States

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36.605124439604175, -82.17610880104979
Nearest Towns:
Bristol, VA (0.9 mi.)
Bristol, TN (1.0 mi.)
Fairmount, TN (1.4 mi.)
Walnut Hill, TN (5.1 mi.)
Blountville, TN (9.7 mi.)
Bluff City, TN (10.2 mi.)
Tri-Cities, TN (11.6 mi.)
Abingdon, VA (13.2 mi.)
Hunter, TN (16.2 mi.)
Nickelsville, VA (16.7 mi.)


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  1. So crazy my friend who i went to school with back in 2004 we were just talking about the breezeway being haunted. We would always feel uneasy about being nearthat area. Her room was close to the breezeway area. There was for sure paranormal activty going on.

  2. Went here to see my grandma graduate, the last graduating class there was. As I was sitting there listening to all the speeches, I started having panic attacks. I don’t know why. It felt like someone or something was holding my chest. Like someone was hovering over top of me. I couldn’t get myself together so I walked outside to get some fresh air. As soon as I hit the outside it was instant relieve. Then when I went back to sit down it happend again. But it got worse. Its like I could feel someone pressing down on my shoulders. By that point I was completely freaked out and I had my mom come pick me up. That night my mom ended up taking me to the hospital and all they could say was it was a panic attack.

  3. I went to school here in the early/mid eighties and when I visited the college to audition in 1983, I was wandering around exploring and found this room. The door was ajar and I walked in. It was very big… gutted, ladders around etc… and sure enough, there were charred marks all over the walls. I had no idea what the legend of the room was and when I went back to my friend’s room to ask, they seemed very surprised that I got in as the door was always locked. I went there for two years and that door was never once unlocked. Very odd.

  4. I also went to school at VI in the mid-eighties. I remember you Preston, I was in dance. My first year my room was on the 2nd floor of Main facing the mountains. I thought it was a beautiful old historic bldg. with the tall windows. I hung my life-sized posters of all my favorite rock bands Led Zepp, Jimmy Hendrix etc, but by far my favorite was of Jim Morrison. My girlfriend and I were obsessed with JM and The Doors. One evening, shortly before Halloween, I went to bed and fell asleep. I awoke with the distinct feeling of heavy pressure on my chest-It was if someone was laying on top of me. The terrifying sensation turned strangely pleasurable as I experienced my first sexual encounter with -I can honestly say- the ghost of Jim Morrison. Laugh if you want but it so unnerved me that I finally said something about it and a psychology major calmly explained it as an incubus nightmare-very matter of fact. Looked it up and it was exactly as I had experienced it! My room kinda creeped me out after that. Getting through Halloween was unnerving. The breezeway was especially unsettling. I never experienced anything in my third floor room. It was that room on 2nd floor Main. Bridget Flaherty

  5. I attended in ’92 as a freshman and moved from Intermont Hall to a private room in Main Hall after a few weeks because of roommate issues. I always got an eerie feeling walking that breezeway and the door to that room was always locked, though it was possible to peer in. There were indeed, blackened looking walls, and a ladder among other things- but those two I remember distinctly. The wing on the other end of the building was also closed off, for reasons I can’t recal. There was also a story about the old original swimming pool in the basement of Main that a professor’s daughter or someone like that drowned in.

  6. I attended in 1979-1981. I was in room 212 in Main Hall. My friends and I ran through the breezeway often to visit our friend in East. I always found the breezeway creepy so we always quickly ran through it. Strangely, I never heard tale of Vera while I was a student. I visited the college last weekend reminiscing. A nice security guard met me on the grounds and let me look around. He is the one who told me about Vera and pointed up to her room with the outside door that goes nowhere! He said he has seen her several times on campus, mainly looking out of a window. He said she was an attractive brunette and was dressed differently every time. He is not scared of her and said he talks to her while on duty. As I was leaving he said his shift was almost over and he was going to tell Vera goodbye. There was a cool breeze blowing through campus during my visit setting the ghostly mood.

  7. I attended 1976-1980. I lived on 4th East my freshman year, then Intermont Hall after that. I remember talk of a rumored ghost of a student who died, but I always heard it was on 5th East. I never heard anything about a specific room that was locked with charred walls, and I never experienced anything odd walking the breezeway, ever. What I did experience, along with other classmates, was seeing a blue light in one of the windows on 5th floor. We would be walking up the drive from the parking lot after dark and would see this blue light. The only way to describe it would be as if you had a regular incandescent light bulb, only blue and a little larger, and what that would look like if you were looking at it from the dark outside, and with it also dark inside, through a semi-transparent curtain. It was a little hazy. When we asked our house mother about it, she said she didn’t know anything about a blue light and that there was nothing on 5th floor. After seeing it more than once, we were insistent that if she had a key and had permission to let us have a peek inside we would stop bugging her about it. We got to go in the room during daylight hours, and sure enough, it was just a huge open room. It would have made a great space for an art studio!. Anyway, we saw the light a few more times after that and when we would run inside to gather more students to be witnesses, of course by the time we got back outside to show them, the light was gone. In this photo, it would have been either the dormer window partly blocked by the top of the lamp post, or the one just to the right of it. Also, I must be missing something, but could someone describe to me where in this photo there is a room with a door on the outside going to nowhere, or is that on another side of the building?

  8. I went there today not knowing anything about it just wanting to take pictures of a beautiful old building that I was fearful would be torn down. Apparently the Chinese businessmen has purchased it and will be turning it back into a school. The first three years it will only be available to Chinese students, until the school achieves accreditation status again. I spoke with the caretaker there and he told me the story of Vera, Young girl who supposedly committed suicide. I wonder if it was suicide or the professor had something to do with getting rid of her so she would not be an embarrassment to him. Either way, the caretaker said indeed it is haunted and he has had numerous experiences in his employment there. It’s a gorgeous campus and I’m so glad that it’s going to be saved

  9. I attended Virginia Intermont College in the 1970’s. That story was going around back then too. And it is quite TRUE! My friends and I had rooms close to the breezeway. We would sometimes go there at night, especially around midnight. I even gathered up the nerve to venture into Grace’s room one night. It did smell as if it had burned. We also saw lights coming from her room, which was further evidence of it being haunted, since there was no electricity to that part of the building at that time In addition, I don’t doubt that other parts of VIC are haunted as well! I would love to go on a ‘Ghost Hunters’ tour of the building sometime!!!

    • Do you know who she is and all full details of her and what happened to her?! Did she really took her own life! Could be the person who was more involved with her that did that’s jus my ? Like what her last name and age at the time and the teacher name too that was involved with her!?!!

  10. A group of friends and I ventured up to the college to explore. I’ve always known about the stories and wanted to show them the room and see if we could conjure up some paranormal activity. After ascending the stairs in the main hall, we made it to the third floor. We walked down the hallway, passing a locked door on the left. A little further down there is a large metal fire door, which I’ve always found as odd. This is the hallway where Vera’s room is located. After a few steps you will find her door on the left. It was always locked when I explored there before, but this time it was unlocked. So we started snapping photos with our phones. One of my friends was determined to get into the locked door that we passed. As we were leaving he gave it a couple good kicks to try and break it free, but no luck. We told him that the noise may attract the attention of police. So he stopped and we went down to lower halls to explore. The whole time he kept saying he wanted in that room. Finally, I told him to give it one more kick and see if he could get in there.
    He went alone up to the third floor hallway. My friends were on the second floor and I was standing at the first floor stairs. Out of nowhere he started screaming “Nope!” Nope!” Get the fuck out of here guys!” And we bolted. After we vacated we asked him what exactly happened… Here is his encounter.

    He explained that he went up to the locked door, backed into this little cubby corner and was getting ready to put all his force into kicking the door in. As soon as he placed his left elbow against the wall three loud bangs came rushing towards him from the direction on Vera’s room. He said the energy was so strong he thought whatever it was, was coming to hurt him. He explained to me that he didn’t know exactly what it was, but it DID NOT want him there. With his aggressive demeanor, I could understand. He explained that it was three hits and a quick rushing.

    As we left I turmed back and took a picture of the building. I was standing down by the ampitheatre. When I got home I zoomed in on the photo and discovered something in the window (view photo above) Comments??

  11. My fiance is currently working security at the old vi campus under its new owners. I needed out of the house today so I went and sat in the car as he made his rounds. Located on the back side of the main. I thought I seen movement so I took a photo (this building is boarded shut to prevent homeless from doing farther damages than they already have.) Once I seen what I seen, I started searching and well it led me here.

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