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This 1899 building was originally a bank, but it also was a storage area for the bodies of those who died during the winter when the ground was too hard for burial. Now that it is a hotel, the haunts have come to stay. The 4th floor, where the bodies were stored, is said to be very active with voices, footsteps, and apparitions. Also, a ghost named Eddie haunts room 301 since he fell down the elevator shaft, and the elevator is said to open and close all by itself.

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321 Victor Ave
Victor, CO 80860
United States

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38.7102434, -105.14092820000002
Teller County, Colorado
Nearest Towns:
Victor, CO (0.1 mi.)
Goldfield, CO (1.0 mi.)
Stratton, CO (2.6 mi.)
Cripple Creek, CO (3.2 mi.)
Midland, CO (10.3 mi.)
Manitou Springs, CO (15.9 mi.)
Divide, CO (16.0 mi.)
Rock Creek Park, CO (16.3 mi.)
Green Mountain Falls, CO (16.9 mi.)
Cascade-Chipita Park, CO (17.8 mi.)

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  1. This is complete BULL!! I am very sensitive to spirits and I haven’t seen or heard anything in the 2 months I’ve lived here at the Victor Hotel. Wherever you folks are getting your info couldn’t be more wrong and btw the morgue was in the basement.

      • I bot only had ab encounter with a mimer rhat fell to his death in the elevator shaft, but had an angelic spirit walk through my body there. I can attest to this.

    • Ghosts aren’t jukeboxes are they? Just cause you don’t feel or sense anything there doesn’t mean its not haunted! Research, then investigate.

  2. I’ve stayed here 4 times. The first visit, nothing happened. The second time I went was with my boyfriend. We took a spirit box with us, dowsing rods, a video camera, and a voice recorder. A little too much info… but we kinda hooked up in the room and then later while we were using the spirit box we heard “watching you” and there was a faint tapping on one of the windows. I checked to make sure it wasn’t the heating system but nothing. The iovilus app also had some interesting words pop up about things that occured to me during the day. Things only someone would know if they were with me. We were on the fourth floor in winter. Snow everywhere. 11PM. No explanation for the tapping on the window. I spoke to a male presence there who was answering questions using the rods. He spoke to us for roughly 40 minutes. I got the feeling that there are multiple spirits there that are trapped. I am sensitive to spirit and have seen spirit since I was 6 years old. With this place it seems the spirits come out in the winter. Other seasons there was little to no energy at all.
    Last I checked, this hotel is under construction so should make for an interesting investigation if the energy is being stirred up.
    I recommend only going in the winter.

  3. Graves Paranormal  |  

    We had our Paranormal retreat here was a great success and every one had a experience in the place. we caught this apparition in the attic as well.

  4. Linda Armstrong  |  

    My husband, myself, my daughter and her friend stayed there two summers ago. My husband caught a mist figure at the foot of our bed when he was just messing with his camera on his new phone. My daughter and her friend had a chair move from an area of their room to right beside their bed in the middle of the night. We figured it must have been a nurse because my daughter had a headache and didn’t feel well. Both girls were pretty shook up that next morning. My husband didn’t see the mist on his phone until we were looking the next day. We enjoyed our stay though in spite of our two interactions.

  5. My friend and I stayed at this beautiful Victorian hole,in the about 2005. We were part of the Marine Corps wives doing an event and ‘The Victor Hotel’ was our only option to stay(only a short time away from Cripple Creek)…
    We had numerous events happen, like my eye glasses went missing the second we came in to bring our things in. We had no idea of the hotel’s past, but things kept glasses suddenly re appeared after tearing the room and our belongings apart…when we put the room and our thing’s back together, my glasses were neatly sitting on,the freshly made bed???
    Then we had some thing’s happen in the elevator…it wouldn’t take us to our floor(3) and stop on 4 where we heard footsteps, come to find out, no one was staying on the 4th floor…OR THE 33RD floor(where we were…)
    The phone rang 5 or 6 time’s and when we answered no one was there…the toilet(old Victorian style) would flush, and noises came from the very old radiation system, as well as curtains moving with no explanation…so, we mustered up the energy and went down the back staircases(as the elevator would not work) and asked the clerk if the place was haunted. She said yes, and explained the various things that had happened there…
    We went back to our room, and not even 10 minutes later we heard heavy footsteps walking down the hall…I jumped up quickly to open the door just to see if I could catch someone playing a prank…or worse….but, Nope! No one there! After I closed the door(not even 15 seconds later) we heard tsp tap tap on the door.. Jumped in bed and didn’t move all night!
    We heard wispers, voices, laughter, footsteps, screams, tapping, saw our curtains moving and had items disappear and reappear, plus the old elevator moving all by itself!!!!
    I wish more paranormal investigators would go there! I would sign up right away!!

  6. My wife and I stayed in room 301 July of 2011. We were unaware of the history of the hotel when we checked in. Our first afternoon there my wife decided to shower as we had been traveling all day. I turned the tv and starting watching a movie. I wasn’t 5 minutes into the movie when I dozed off like I usually do. Upon her return from the shower my wife asked me if I decided to watch something different since the tv was on a different channel. I did not change the channel, nor did my wife. We really didn’t think much of it until we went down stairs and the desk clerk told us the history of the hotel and told us that “Eddie” likes to change the tv channels from time to time. This made the hair on the back of necks stand up because we had not made mention of our experience with the tv.

  7. I had a terrifying experience on the fourth floor. When falling asleep I was attacked and was kicking and trying to scream to get him off of me. Felt like attempted rape. I have not had any other occurrences the other nights I have stayed there.

  8. Rick Sheridan  |  

    A friend and I were visiting Victor a few years ago. I was walking down the street and had a chat with a man who came out of the Victor Hotel. Later, I was in the hotel lobby and I could see him through the window sitting on a bench right outside the hotel. In the couple of seconds it took me to exit through the front door, he was gone! I looked around and could not see any alleys or other places from him to vanish.

  9. Stayed at the Victor hotel July 2023 in room 204. A little upset because we weren’t on the “haunted 4th floor,” but knew it was a gimmick anyway. Felt nothing, didn’t think about anything, just excited to go White Water rafting the next day. Was starting to fall asleep and felt one of my nephews tapping my foot very hard with two fingers. I figured that he wasn’t feeling well due to the altitude, so I looked down at the bottom of the bed, but no one was there! My nephews were sound asleep in the bed and couldn’t have been tapping on my foot then running past my eyes as I sat up towards their direction. I totally forgot that the place was “haunted” and when I laid back down confused, I remembered, Holy crap, this place is reportedly haunted! I woke up two other times that night with a feeling of a presence messing with me, but I never physically felt or saw anything. Side note- my bed was right next to the back of the elevator shaft. No clue if it had anything to do with the whole “Eddie deal,” but I found it interesting. I’m a huge skeptic of all of this, but you can’t discount something that literally happens to you physically. It wasn’t a foot spasm or phantom “touching,” it was legit. I feel that my experience should be documented and not ignored as it does add to the body of evidence at the Victor Hotel so far.

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