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The cemetery is said to be haunted by the spirits of restless Native Americans and Mrs. Henry Lott, the wife of a man who was known to cheat the Native Americans and steal their horses. She was killed while trying to escape from angry Native Americans seeking revenge, although her husband survived. It is said that the grounds were once an ancient Indian burial site, but the bones were moved to make way for the white cemetery.

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Vegors Cemetery
Webster, IA 50557 ‎
United States

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42.3173261, -93.94289739999999
Webster County, Iowa
Nearest Towns:
Stratford, IA (3.3 mi.)
Lehigh, IA (6.3 mi.)
Dayton, IA (7.5 mi.)
Stanhope, IA (7.8 mi.)
Duncombe, IA (10.9 mi.)
Pilot Mound, IA (11.2 mi.)
Kamrar, IA (12.1 mi.)
Webster City, IA (12.3 mi.)
Harcourt, IA (12.5 mi.)
Coalville, IA (12.9 mi.)


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  1. Lott was too afraid to involve the Sioux, who only frightened the woman, but his young son, Milton froze to death trying to catch up with his fleeing father. His mother took ill and died of consumption and likely a nervous breakdown, or was killed by her own fears…as she was not supposedly harmed physically. Lott later killed a small village of Sioux in revenge and set the wheels rolling toward the Spirit Lake Massacre, some 33 whites were slaughtered by related Sioux braves a few years later. More information can be obtained about this indecent if needed.

      • Yes. Vegor’s is very old. Quite unkempt at last travel there. Because of its age, you will see gravestones that list death as a result of a massacre. Native American Tribes (most notably The Boone Indians) did retaliate as white man took their land, their lives, killed their women and children. This is a cemetery, like many others. If you are fearful and apprehensive, you may feel a sense of haunting. In truth, young one, think on this: Earth is a graveyard.

  2. Grace Lee Phillips  |  

    This place is crazy lots of noises in the woods, you feel like your being followed by something..loud screams in woods..definatally worth it..;)

  3. My old team investigated this cemetery quite a few times. The surrounding woods have figures roaming in them some that sound like a huge man is coming out at you, we have caught photos of half spirits walking through the cemetery. Voices, unexpressed emotions taking over you. There is on tomb that has a mouse the family puts tubes of toliet paper on the grave and the mouse can been seen running in and out of the tube but the mouse only visits this tombstone no other. It was one of my favorite spots to visit as its never short of paranormal experiences.

  4. I came here when I was in high school with my boyfriend. He lived close to it and went there often as he found it calming. I however had a different experience. Before we got there, my breathing because labored and heavy, and difficult. When we arrived it was seemingly better until we started to walk closer to the road side of the cemetery. I got to a certain spot abd my body froze. I physically could not move forward from that spot. I could move backwards but no further forward. Years later, a friend and we’re driving around. I really wasn’t paying attention to where we were at, when suddenly it became hard to breathe, And a heavy fig appeared. He was worried because I suddenly stopped talking and I asked him if by chance we were by Vegors. We were. He was going to stop there but I couldn’t breathe. He kept driving. Never in my life have I experienced such push back from a spirit. Not sure why, but something doesn’t want me there.

  5. About this time last year, a friend and I attempted to go out to Vegors. Once we hit Stratford, her GPS started rerouting every block or so, starting with where it originally told us to turn first by the school. We started to get this feeling of being chased; both of us had the hair on the back of our neck standing up and my eyes were dripping tears, but I wasn’t crying. The GPS rerouted so many times that we ended up on the Dragoon Trail, almost to Lehigh. At one point she mentioned that her biggest fear is going over water that she can’t see through. Not even five minutes later we were going over a bridge that was under construction, and the guardrail on our right was not up yet, only traffic cones. We managed to get turned around in Dayton, and ended up back in Stratford. At that point I broke open a cigarette as an offering to any spirits to help guide us home, and we headed back to Jewell. I refuse to go back. Something did not want us there for any reason.

  6. Just found out I have 4-6 direct relatives buried there.

    A heavy storm broke out the first time I went to visit when I was a kid. It was completely clear that night but as soon as we got out of the car it started pouring heavy rain and lightning/thunder.

  7. My friends and i took a ouija board out here once and set it on a grave of a recently deceased man, we got the board to work and asked him to talk to us and the board read “no, please leave im at peace” so we respected that answer put the board back in the car and left. Another time we visited at night we pulled up but there was a red truck parked there we didnt want to be there while other ppl were there so we left to drive around til they left. Well everyone knows vegors is on a gravel road, with not many driveways, we pulled back up to the entrance of the cementary when the red truck sped out, so we followed them, they were driving at least 50mph and we lost them, it was weird b/c we were right behind them, no dust from the gravel road was flying up like it was behind us, we could see the tail lights then all of a sudden the truck vanishes….we drove up and down that road for like 30min looking for this truck and couldnt locate it, weird, so we went to the cementary looked around, walked around and started see shit in the woods, and hearing voices, we all took off running to the car, my friend 250+ pound male pushed me out of the way so he could get in the car first he was so scared….

  8. Few friends and I went here last summer, we walked around and we all felt a creepy feeling, then all of a sudden it started to get foggy and there was this cold chill, two of our friends got scared and got back in the car and drove down the road, two o my friends and I stood there and walked back to the front, then sat on a bench and as we sat my friend stood up and screamed as if he saw something, the two in the car drove back to us and we ran and got in the car afterwards driving into town my friend who saw the figure started to react strange his breathing was off and he was foaming out of the mouth, his eyes were rolled back into his head and it was the scariest thing I’ve ever seen. This place is crazy.

  9. My dad,sister,Brianne, and I decided we wanted to do something really scary one day going to Terror bridge, oaks grove, and a witches cemetery. Nothing happend at those places and so we decided another day to go to vegors. We were looking at graves and seen the amazing view of the sunset and trying to get pictures of orbs. I had to turn on my flashlight at one point and we went to the Native American grave there was a dream catcher and some money.Some fell and Brianne decied to pick it up and put it back on the grave.
    “It’s haunted money!” Yelled my sister.
    Brianne freaked and threw it at my sister then she picked it up and threw it back Brianne picked it up and put it back.
    As we were leaving I got the chills and felt that feeling when someone’s watching you. Then my sister decided she wanted to do something stupid sense her friends call her Satan, she rolled down the window and yelled.
    “All hail Satan!” Brianne chimed in to.
    On the way back my dad and them started saying we should’ve took the quarters for laundry and they could use some chang.
    We got back and I felt strange the next day was Sunday and we were going back to my moms. Brianne got a new house and grace was going to help unpack.The house was strange the attic was painted shut and the storm windows were broken looking like someone tried getting out that way the basement was even more weird chains on windows and scratches on doors but they didn’t really mind. Grace came home and we went to my moms. School was the next day so we went to sleep at 10 or 11. I woke up around 3 am feeling strange like at the grave yard and my dads. I didn’t have my phone so I tried getting back to sleep it was a good 20 minutes till I turned and by my door in the hallway was a person dressed wired and had purple eyes and cat type ears my cat lives down stairs and doesn’t dare coming upstairs and plus this looked human. I hid under the covers it would jolt back a forth hiding behind the wall.I worked up the courage and went to close the door before that I looked around the hallway nothing. I decided I could get some more sleep so I layed down and fell asleep immediately. I went to school and my sister had track the next day and started complaining about how she woke up at 3:40 and had 3 scratches on each leg I relized that 3 was a consistent number here. Then I got a call it was Brianne, she said her sister was talking to air and when ever they asked her she said Tammy doors windows and the oven door would open and close lights would turn off and on and hear knocks around the house. We concluded that her house was haunted I tried getting details on the house but only found positive things I rememberd that a realator doesn’t have to tell you the dark past. Well I asked her if she had any scratches on her leg she had 3 on each then I knew something was up I told my dad we had to go back but every time we tried we couldn’t cause something would come up we had to wait 4 weeks till we could go back. After we went back we had better luck and the ghost went picking flowers (found the light) we’ve been all doing better and we are planing on going to more places in like Boone.

    This is all true, the ghost would do things during the 4 weeks I talked to my friend she thinks since I was there I was having to go through it to. Please do not go pick up the chang this was really weird and scary. If you do go there enjoy the view it is called the stair way to heaven.

    • I forgot about Brianne she found some one that knew more about the house and she said a girl briannes age committed scuicide and Brianne thinks that she wanted her to follow her foot steps

  10. Last year me and one of my buddies had gone through the cemetery when we started hearing large footsteps as if we were being watched and followed. We got scared and left. A few days ago me and that same guy, as well as another friend of ours went back to Vegors. We got through almost the whole cemetery when we read a headstone of a dead child. The child had only live for 18 days and was born in the late 1800’s. When we got to the end of the cemetery we saw a little path and when we were about to head down that path we heard the crys of baby. We immediately ran back to the car. When we’re getting our gps set up I set it up to go back to town, but every time it routed us back to the cemetery. Something wanted us to come back there, for a reason unknown to us. Hope we are able to find out why soon.

  11. I grew up in a small town less than 10 minutes away from there. In high school, a bunch of kids would go there at night, and sit on the ‘grave that was always warm’ including the headstone, even in cold temps of the Spring and Fall. Some would take a Ouija board, and sit on the grave, and say they would hear voices and see “spirits.” I only went once during the day, because I was too scared to go at night. There were many kids in my school that feared going there as well, but I wanted to see what it was like. It is a very nostalgic cemetery when viewed in the daylight. Vegors was well-known that you would experience something when visiting after the daylight hours. Tempted to return as an adult to get a new perspective.

  12. Our team Mt Hope Paranormal went up in April as one of our first big investigations. Reading through the other peoples comments I can say alot of the same happened to us. Right at dusk we were greeted by the sound of a pack of coyotes not less than 1/8 mile a way. That set the tone for the rest of the night.
    We would see shadows and couldn’t tell if our eyes were playing tricks or not. There was definelty something walking around the perimeter in the woods. I was trying to go solo but had to turn back around. It made sense in my mind that Indian spirits would be more inclined to stay hidden in the tree’s, true to their ways of war.

    We didn’t have much in the way of EVP’s or video evidence but myself and one other person witnessed first hand what I consider to be a spirit animal. With out a sound I saw a pale figure of a rabbit zigzagging through the air at knee level right between us.

    Even though Vegors seems secluded we had several vehicles come up the road during our investigation. One car full of teenage girls were apparently looking for something fun to do. They made sure to drive up and down the gravel road yelling and screaming out their windows (insert eye roll).

    It’s a beautiful place with kind of an ironic twist of Mrs. Lott being killed by Indians and then being buried among their mounds. I would recommend stopping out for an investigation.

  13. My son took pictures on his Ipad at Vegors. We walked up to the tree with feathers and dteamcatcher. My son tapped the feather. When we went to look at pictures, the feathers hanging by the dreamcatcher MOVE! This was a photo, not video. Everytime we pull up these pics, the feathers move.

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