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Poltergeist activity has been reported at this theater for many years. During 1994 renovations, something unseen played pranks and frightened the workmen, causing several of them to quit. Employees and visitors still notice odd occurrences here.

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Geographic Information

9360 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy
Beaverton, OR 97005
United States

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45.486434, -122.77241989999999
Washington County, Oregon
Nearest Towns:
Raleigh Hills, OR (0.6 mi.)
West Slope, OR (0.9 mi.)
Beaverton, OR (1.5 mi.)
Garden Home-Whitford, OR (1.7 mi.)
Cedar Hills, OR (1.8 mi.)
West Haven-Sylvan, OR (2.1 mi.)
West Haven, OR (2.2 mi.)
Metzger, OR (2.8 mi.)
Cedar Mill, OR (3.2 mi.)
Tigard, OR (3.8 mi.)


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  1. This is my favorite theater in the world. It’s owned by decent people and run by even better ones. That being said, I have seen, felt, and talked with the ghosts in the building, no kidding. The dominant spirit  in the building is not maligant nor tries to scare, but seems very curious and is protective of the theater. I’ve ran into other haunted places in Portland and if youare sensitive to spiritual presences you know a nasty ghosts from a curious one. What’s funny is that thismain ghost at the Vally doesn’t like people sneaking food or booze in. …really. Sneak in some hooch and it will either spilll on the floor, spill all over you, or you get caught and thrown out! The night before my father died, i was at the show there and the ghost came right to me and told me to pray for my father. It was eerie, but not scary and i knew then it was not ever going to hurt me, harm me, or follow me home like other ghosts have tried. Go to the theater, be respectful, and look to the corners. .. maybe you will be visited as well!

  2. I went at one point with my friend, and I felt a distinct but not unfriendly presence when we entered. I chalked it up to my anxiety, but it went away when we left, and I’m pretty sure it was a ghostly presence. Also, later on, I’d find out that I had somehow lost half of the pack of gum I had in my purse. Matches with the description here, but take from that what you will. 🙂

  3. Nice brewpub in the mid-2000 teens, Serving decent pizza and beer. The beer caught up to me mid-movie sending me to the men’s room. I did have a slight buzz, which could have been a factor. I am sure that I heard and felt the presence of something in the restroom. But of course, no body physically present. I did said out loud, “how’s it going?'” In hindsight a stupid thing to say, but a guy thing anything. Nothing more after that. Maybe simply acknowledge was enough (or then again, it could have simply been the beer).

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