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Reports say a ghost who appears at the hotel every night around midnight is the spirit of a man who jumped to his death from the tenth floor.

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1000 Boardwalk
Atlantic City, NJ 08401
United States

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39.3599268, -74.42025569999998
Atlantic County, New Jersey
Nearest Towns:
Atlantic City, NJ (0.3 mi.)
Ventnor City, NJ (3.3 mi.)
Brigantine, NJ (4.6 mi.)
Margate City, NJ (5.0 mi.)
Pleasantville, NJ (5.9 mi.)
Absecon, NJ (6.2 mi.)
Longport, NJ (6.4 mi.)
Northfield, NJ (7.0 mi.)
Linwood, NJ (8.4 mi.)
Smithville, NJ (9.5 mi.)

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  1. In October of 2005 when the Rolling Stones canceled the show to do a show for president Clinton’s birthday, I went to bed around 12 midnight .My friends went out to the casino .. I just had my thyroid taken out a few months before so I wasn’t feeling to great . I was almost asleep when I felt someone breathing down my neck . I sat up and looked around , but saw nothing . Then tried to go to sleep when I got this chill down my neck to my shoulder and felt my skin pulling from my shoulder bone . I was laying on my stomach with my hand between my chest and the bed and suddenly there was 3 to 4 inches of space between me and the bed .I was elevated with just my knees and toes touching the mattress .. I sat up so fast and was inside this white cloud . As fast as I sat up is as fast as this cloud went to the end of the bed and just sat there . With my eyes bulging out of my skull wondering what the hell it was , the cloud turned into a 6 ft circle and started to spin really fast in a counter clockwise motion ,then backed up a foot or so then zoomed across the room like a hundred mph and hit the window and got knocked out and fell into my buddy’s luggage .then I went to sleep. My friend wasn’t in the room at the time , but when I told him what happened , he laughed and said your full of shit ! . I said , I’M TELLING YOU ! He wouldn’t believe me until he got home and the dish washer was going on by itself, his lights were going on in the living room , he felt someone get into bed with him , his girlfriend saw an old man and a little girl standing in the closet doorway ,he took a picture of the firewood , a cord that he bought for $150.00 and the cloud was in the picture . The ghost left his house and went to his girlfriends house where she had encounters also . the ghost moved on ..

  2. I was gambling one time on the floor playing black jack. A cloud appeared above the dealer. The dealer got possesed and passed out and the chips went flying every where along with all the cards. The dealer never woke up.chairs fell back wards .security came down and shut it down

  3. I used to hang out in Taj Mahal Casino almost every day for a few years. I never seen anything but the feelings I felt in certain places were crazy. By the payphones next to the door that led to the boardwalk I would feel people around me just staring at me but no one was around and if there were they werent paying me any mind. In the hallway leading to the Poke Snack Bar I felt people walking past me or just standing in the hallway but never seen anyone. I hated walking in that hallway.

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