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At this site once stood an inn that was haunted by ghosts of various children and adults, including slaves. The old inn may once have been a stop on the Underground Railroad. It is said that during 1970s renovations, underground tunnels and a skeleton were found. Phenomena that then began include moving furniture, flickers and orbs of light, water taps turning on and off, the piano playing by itself, shadowy figures, napkins that folded and unfolded by themselves, and much more. The ringleader of the ghost, as determined by a seance, was Tom, an escaped slave who had accidentally killed a woman, and for that was brutally murdered. Tom was a religious man, tales say, and his spirit was not at peace. Later, psychics stepped in and calmed the spirits, but the owners were by then tired of running the inn. The place changed hands a few times until it burned down in 1985.

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Geographic Information

Near 6587 Miller Dr.
Edwardsville, IL
United States

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38.86656190432629, -89.96007424594609
Madison County, Illinois
Nearest Towns:
Edwardsville, IL (3.8 mi.)
Holiday Shores, IL (4.0 mi.)
Bethalto, IL (5.2 mi.)
South Roxana, IL (6.1 mi.)
Hamel, IL (6.4 mi.)
Roxana, IL (6.4 mi.)
Rosewood Heights, IL (6.9 mi.)
Wood River, IL (7.4 mi.)
Hartford, IL (7.7 mi.)
Worden, IL (7.9 mi.)


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  1. My BFF lives near the Three Mile House. Once I was hanging out with her and I was using a ghost app on my iPod, the people with us were her mom and her nephew. The app was completely calm until we were near the Three Mile House. The closer we got, the less calm it got. Soon, my app was screaming, “GET AWAY FROM MY HOUSE! GET AWAY FROM MY HOUSE! GET AWAY FROM MY HOUSE!” Then we got to my BFF’s house and we were in her basement (which is where her room is) and it said my name, then her name, then her nephew’s name, and her mom’s name. We were all scared for the rest of the day.

    • The Three Mile House no longer exists. It burnt to the ground many many years ago. However, back in the 80’s I had the extremely unique pleasure to perform there. While playing in the dining room, I was allowed a tour of the old theater that used to be on the top floor of the Three Mile House and even started talks with the management of refurbing the old theater and producing shows up there.

      Sadly, the beautiful building burnt down not long after. But we definitely had many strange things happen in the house, especially in the kitchen and basement areas. Some still give me goosebumps even today! None quite as imaginative as Kharma’s, but certainly more real.

      By the way, the gazebo in the cemetery still stands and can be visited.

      • Mark,
        I performed and worked with the East Bank Players back when Doug and Bev Elliott were operating the Three Mile House. I remember the footfalls and whispering children clearly. Tom’s personality was almost tangible at times and I remember how he used to vex Bev and the kitchen staff. I was working the lighting and special effects booth in the third floor theatre for an extended production of “Dracula Baby” and throughout the workups, I would hear light footsteps coming toward me and feel what I supposed was a young girl stand by me. The footsteps were natural sounding. I know this because one night, I heard the familiar footfalls, only this time I caught a flicker and turned to see a willowy figure coming my way. My heart had skipped about two and one-half beats before I realized that one of the actors had slid behind the wall to escape from the crowded changing room and wait for her next scene. It was a memorable night.

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