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The three-legged lady is an urban legend unique to Mississippi. There are numerous variations of exactly who the three-legged lady was, and how she came by her three legs. They generally involve the death of a lover/husband which results in her sewing her dead lover’s leg onto her own body. Why? Who knows why, crazy people who make this stuff up don’t need to make sense. In any event, Nash road is said to be one of the most prime spots for viewing the three-legged lady. Maybe she and the Donkey Lady of Texas can get together for a race.

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Geographic Information

Nash Road
Columbus, MS
United States

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33.5104043, -88.46102129999997
Lowndes County, Mississippi
Nearest Towns:
Columbus, MS (2.2 mi.)
New Hope, MS (8.3 mi.)
Columbus Air Force Base, MS (9.1 mi.)
Artesia, MS (12.4 mi.)
West Point, MS (12.8 mi.)
Caledonia, MS (14.3 mi.)
Macedonia, AL (15.5 mi.)
Ethelsville, AL (15.5 mi.)
New Hamilton, MS (15.7 mi.)
Hamilton, MS (16.1 mi.)


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  1. Jessica Turner  |  

    We went on Nash rd one night at 2 or 3am and we didn’t feel nothing or see any orbs. I think somebody got really board and started some bs rumor.

  2. it is said that you go to the old abandoned church turn your lights off honk three times to summon her then when she appers you have to race her over a bridge

      • yea i live out there there isn’t a bridge though and if you go to the spot where the church burned down and go to the concrete slab and stand there while your buddy honks the horn she will pop up and chase you to the first curve just don’t take any wrong turns the people down there aren’t very friendly we went and an old man shot at my truck. but it does work we have done it and we saw something it was like a dark shadow then it turned into this white mist type of thing and flew at our car we had hand prints on the side and non of us ever touched my truck.

  3. I grew up in Columbus and went down that road many times. The honking the lights and horn is what we all did. Never saw her but quite a few kids got in wrecks trying to “run” from her. The road has a few sharp turns and cars/trucks were wrapped around the trees in those turns. Crazy and dangerous Urban Legend.

  4. We went down here tonight and they have torn down the old church and changed the surroundings a lot but the grave stone and fence is still there. Apparently a hunting club must have bought it. Also for anyone who decides to venture down thru there be careful bc the road tends to flood after heavy rains and it’s a narrow rd so meeting any another vehicle through there can be a little tricky.

  5. I had a friend who drove down the road after a few days of heavy rain and got the left half of his truck stuck, up to the bottom of the door, in wet gravel. At 2am. No cell service, at the time, so they had to sit there until someone came by at about 6am, on their way to work. That was the scariest story I’ve heard from there.

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