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The Witch House, aka Jonathan Corwin House, was the home of Judge Jonathan Corwin and is known for being the only structure still standing in Salem with direct ties to the 1692 Salem witch trials. It was Corwin who investigated the claims of witchcraft after the accusations arose, which resulted in sending 19 folks to death. The house museum is open seasonally and was featured on TV’s Ghost Adventures, where investigators experienced equipment malfunctions, felt a cold breeze and a touch on the arm, and heard a child’s voice.

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310 Essex St
Salem, MA 01970
United States

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42.521603, -70.89889590000001
Essex County, Massachusetts
Nearest Towns:
Salem, MA (0.2 mi.)
Peabody, MA (1.6 mi.)
Marblehead, MA (2.6 mi.)
South Peabody, MA (2.7 mi.)
Beverly, MA (2.7 mi.)
Beverly Cove, MA (3.2 mi.)
Swampscott, MA (3.6 mi.)
Danvers, MA (4.0 mi.)
Lynn, MA (4.6 mi.)
Wenham, MA (5.7 mi.)

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  1. I’ve visited Salem several times and hadf nothing in this house but it is a 17th century struicture with old creakt beams, small tight little room and dark colors. it is the sort of place that would make us uncomfortable. Add to that the history of the place and it is easy to imagine there is rather more going on.

  2. I’ve only visited once, but was unaware at the time that there were rumors of anything paranormal about this place. My girlfriend kept getting weird vibes in one of the upstairs bedrooms, and she stated it several times while we were in the room. We later found out that this was the area of the house that has been claimed to have the paranormal activity. So, I don’t know maybe there’s something going on there, but not sure.

    • I visited a few years ago during the Summer and was fine throughout the entire first floor of the house, but once I got upstairs, I took a couple of pictures in the bedrooms and then got a strange/anxious feeling and became lightheaded, to the point that my boyfriend and I left. Didn’t know about any alleged hauntings at the time, aside from the obvious fact that were in Salem.

  3. The Ghost Adventures crew also got a female voice come threw on the “spirit box” they asked what`s your name,and the female voice said “BRIDGET”,then they asked What`s your last name and in the exact same female voice she said “BISHOP”.So for those who don`t know Bridget Bishop was the first woman out of thirteen ever accused of witch craft in 1692 and hung.

  4. I toured the house this September with two of my friends. Upon walking through the gift house into the dining room I felt dizzy and light headed. I thought maybe it could be from how the house had settled and everything was a tad wonky. I also had he feeling of pressure on my chest which made me feel like it was hard to breathe. Once we had left the house I was fine. One of my friends that was on the tour is a huge skeptic of anything paranormal. I was talking to her later that night about the tour and she mentioned that she had the pressure on the chest feeling while walking through the house.

  5. We visit Salem every year. I’ve been to the Witch House twice, and both times I lost feeling in my fingers while I was in the kitchen near the hearth. The hairs on the back of my neck stands up, and my skin tingles on my arms. I have family ties to the Witch Trials and I believe that this may be a reason why I am so sensitive to this place and this area. I love it and I’m drawn to this place.

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