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Locals tell a tale of a newlywed couple who swerved off the road in the 1950s or 1960s. The car went down an embankment, and the man went for help. When he came back, his new wife was gone, never to be seen again… alive, anyway. People say she can still be seen, in ghostly form, walking along Brownville Road (Route 11) and the Green Bridge at night.

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Geographic Information

Route 11
Millinocket, Maine
United States

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45.637217623533445, -68.77387958782492
Penobscot County, Maine
Nearest Towns:
Millinocket, ME (3.4 mi.)
East Millinocket, ME (9.7 mi.)
Medway, ME (11.9 mi.)
Seboeis, ME (19.2 mi.)
Stacyville, ME (20.3 mi.)
Chester, ME (20.6 mi.)
Mattawamkeag, ME (22.0 mi.)
Winn, ME (22.1 mi.)
Lake View, ME (22.9 mi.)
Lincoln, ME (23.0 mi.)


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  1. Years ago my husband and daughter, and myself were road tripping in that area, driving to see what was around. We stopped and explored the brush on the side of the road looking for turtles. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a figure in whispy billowy white, like a tattered sheet, then it was gone. It was a few feet in the woods on the edge of the road. There was the rusted out wreck of an old car half burried in the brush too. This was long before I knew the place was haunted, and my husband (friend at the time) said that I had just seen the ghost. I didn’t believe him at the time. Now I know, it was the lady.

      • South side, just after the big green bridge, set off in the woods a good ways. Weird thing is, we have gone back there, and I cannot see it, so don’t know if it is overgrown, or was an apparition as well.

  2. I too have seen the whispy spooky white lady of the green bridge on route 11 west of Millinocket. Granted we went looking for her. And she showed us she was real. Up until this point in 1996 I did not believe in ghosts.

  3. Rachael Perry-Robbins  |  

    Some friends and I used to go looking for the white lady, I never saw her but we did see an early times railroad worker with an old light who disappeared into thin air….it was creepy. Nonetheless, we never went looking again!!

  4. About 16 years ago or so me and few friends sat up near green bridge alot people would go parking, have few drinks hang out up there and i remember one night we say this white women walking down side road about 250-300 yards away, i said u see that and there were speechless we even went and checked it out and there was no one else around except the few people that were with me, still makes hair on my back my neck stank up when i think about it.

  5. My father and I saw a woman dressed in white walking the Brownville road one night in the 1970’s. I don’t know if she was a ghost or just a woman who wore white to be seen by oncoming cars.

  6. I’ve been fishing up there during the day and have heard rocks being thrown and what sounded like large sticks hitting the sides of trees. No one was around.

  7. My family’s cabin is on S. Twin and I’ve been fishing this area since I was a kid. One time I was kayak fishing on the Quakish side at the bridge and hooked what looked to be about an 18 inch smallie. She surfaced and turned over at the bridge and went across to the other side and my line snapped. Pretty sure it was the ghost that did it.

  8. Oh I live in Boston and perhaps see too many ghost and heard of them but my story is stranger is to tell who is a ghost or not a ghost on SONAR when you hear murmuring and not keep up to date like that Harderet Lady

  9. I went to Millinocket this winter and did not see her. But I still believe she’s there. There’s such an odd, eery, yet calming energy.

  10. Sounds like a job for Adventures With Purpose, I’m sure they can find a lot of decade old missing people up there, especially if they wanted to survey the Penobscot waters. I always connected that story with the one in New York about the White Women of the Genesee and always thought it was a tale carried a long way.

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