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Two spirits are known to reside in this hotel, and have been witnessed for more than 30 years. One is a Confederate soldier, and the other is a woman wearing an antebellum dress. Rooms 104, 106, and 216 are said to be the most often haunted.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    828 Toulouse St
    New Orleans, LA 70112
    United States

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    29.958012, -90.06710399999997
    Orleans Parish, Louisiana
    Nearest Towns:
    New Orleans, LA (0.5 mi.)
    Gretna, LA (3.1 mi.)
    Arabi, LA (3.7 mi.)
    Harvey, LA (3.8 mi.)
    Terrytown, LA (3.9 mi.)
    Marrero, LA (4.5 mi.)
    Jefferson, LA (5.2 mi.)
    Metairie, LA (5.4 mi.)
    Westwego, LA (5.8 mi.)
    Timberlane, LA (6.0 mi.)

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    1. We stayed in room 106 this past weekend. One girl from our group of 8 was awakened at 3:00 and saw a female figure walking through the back bedroom holding some sort of light. She assumed it was one of the other girls in the room and said “Hey”. Then the “figure” turned and started moving as if she was coming closer. At that point, my friend knew it wasn’t one of the girls and woke up the other girl in the bed with her and said do you see that? The other girl saw a figure that was thick enough (not translucent) that it covered the light on the TV on/off switch. They both left the room and would not sleep in the room again. 2 other girls traded with them and slept in the room with the light on and didn’t see anything the rest of the night. None of us believed in ghost or that any of the haunting stories were true until this past weekend.

    2. I stay here every time I come to Nola – I love it! Everyone there is so nice and the building still retains much of it’s antique character, unlike so many hotels down there which have been stripped and renovated entirely on the inside. Several times I have ended up in room 207 which features a persistent icy spot in front of the door, in spite of the complete absence of air vents in the vicinity. The spot is there winter and summer, and comes and goes on it’s own. When I stayed in another room there my friend and I were kept awake by an argument in the corner of the room, but whenever we turned the light on the voices ceased.

    3. I woke up in the middle of the night and smelled the scent of aftershave. My husband doesnt use it and the bedroom is upstairs, away from the hallway. We stayed 3 nights but that was the only time it happened. (Rm. 207).

    4. I was in a 2 level room with bed upstairs…could have been 104. My friend and i were awakened by a loud noise. The contents of my luggage was scattered down the stairs.

    5. My experience was minor.I stayed in rm.105. I had a migraine, so I went to bed as soon as we checked in. My husband walked to Pat O ‘Brien. I woke abruptly, bolted up with the feeling their was a soldier in my room (this happened in 1993 before I knew the history from ghost hunters). I never saw him, but the image of him flashed in my head. I ran out of the room with just socks on my feet and ran to Pat O’Briens to get my husband. Had my husband been next to me, I would’ve stayed and tried communicate if I could. I grew up in a haunted house.

    6. I “met” Madame Locoul in the middle of the night–first the room door was banging like someone was tugging on the doorknob (which woke me up). I thought it was a drunk person trying to get into the wrong room. Then the bed started shaking violently, which lasted for about 30 seconds. I’m used to ghosts, but this one really stunned me!

    7. Don’t remember that date as I stay in this hotel quite a lot, probably 2015 or 16. I was staying on the 4th floor, I woke up around 6 am and just laid in bed. As most know that at 6 am in the quarter you can hear a pen drop. While I was laying there, all of a sudden the bed started shaking for about 10 sec or so. I jumped as I thought someone was in the room. I got up and check the door. still locked and every thing in the room was in place. I checked with the owner and told him the story. He said he never experienced any thing like that but other guest have. He ask what room and then told me that all guest that experienced thes thing also stayed on the 4th floor.

    8. we just visited Nolo 10/22/21 and had a great time, Stay there in room 105 and absolutely feel in love with the room, having no idea we were in-between 2 mostly haunted rooms104 & 106. had an awesome stay.

    9. I have pictures of ghostthat we took this week when we were just walking around we had to slow down the video to pull them up but you can straight see through the man

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