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As urban legend has it, a mud monster, or Mud Man, lives under the bridge. Some say the Mud Man is a spirit lingering from a fatal car accident that once occurred in the mud near the river; the body was never found. Others assert the tale was created by those who wanted to discourage teens from hanging out at the bridge or in the surrounding park at night.

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Geographic Information

Neptune Street
Southwest of Metz, Iowa
United States

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41.65842798174175, -93.14897482602538
Jasper County, Iowa
Nearest Towns:
Lambs Grove, IA (4.7 mi.)
Colfax, IA (5.1 mi.)
Newton, IA (5.9 mi.)
Prairie City, IA (6.0 mi.)
Reasnor, IA (8.5 mi.)
Monroe, IA (9.7 mi.)
Mingo, IA (10.2 mi.)
Valeria, IA (10.3 mi.)
Mitchellville, IA (10.8 mi.)
Baxter, IA (11.6 mi.)


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  1. My grandfather told me when he was growing up, he saw the Mud Man. From what I’ve heard, the Mud Man is almost like a sasquatch creature. Both about seven feet tall, both matted in hair, and both humanoid in appearance.

  2. I went there alone one night in the fall of 2014. I had a camera but caught nothing on it. I was trying to coax a spirit to contact me some how and asked that they show themselves or throw something into the water so I could hear the splash. About 30 seconds later I thought I saw something move across the road at the south end of the bridge. I was in the middle of the bridge. As I started walking that way, I heard a splash in the water. I peered over the edge of the bridge, and looked with my flashlight and saw nothing on either side. It could have been a fish, however, and I did some deer by the water about 15 minutes earlier. I walked to the south end of the bridge and saw nothing.

  3. My family and I go fishing and we have not encountered any such spirit and my mom ,my sister, and friends of ours and I use to go there back in the 70’s and I was just a kid and of course the adults were always trying to scare the daylights out of us but we loved going there to hangout however I can remember footprints in our yard and my dad put both of his feet heel to toe in one footprint and couldn’t touch heel to toe of it so I believe that back in the late 60’s early 70’s there was a Big Foot

  4. Dorothy Graham  |  

    I was walking past the drive in theater of Jasper county. I was at the bottom of the hill right there and it’s super late at night. I noticed there was something standing at the top of the hill just standing there and I could tell it wasn’t looking at me. I froze. It had to have been 12 foot tall. Like pumpkin head. I turn around and start walking back towards town while looking behind me. At one point I look behind me I noticed this thing bent down and got on all 4s and was sprinting. I ran for my life!!! Never got me so apparently it wasn’t headed towards me. But idc who who are. But I KNOW what I saw.

  5. 100% Urban Legend. Probably as a warning to kids due to high banks that get very slick when it rains. I’ve fished from that bridge all night for years. Worst this I ever saw lurking around were racoons and possoms.

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