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Those who stay here should be warned: Room 19 is said to be haunted. A hotel employee reported hearing voices from the room when it was vacant, and guests staying there have claimed to feel they were being watched by an unseen presence.

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124 W Austin St
Jefferson, TX 75657
United States

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32.75605170000001, -94.3450148
Marion County, Texas
Nearest Towns:
Jefferson, TX (0.1 mi.)
Nesbitt, TX (12.9 mi.)
Uncertain, TX (13.4 mi.)
Marshall, TX (14.6 mi.)
Avinger, TX (15.8 mi.)
Scottsville, TX (16.1 mi.)
Linden, TX (17.7 mi.)
Oil City, LA (21.7 mi.)
Hallsville, TX (21.9 mi.)
Ore City, TX (22.0 mi.)

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  1. I know 100% this place is haunted. I didn’t really believe in that stuff. But my friends and I were staying there for Mardi Gras (Jefferson is well known for) and it was late, and we still hadn’t checked into any hotel. Well they said the only one available was the one next to it, and we were just like “Okay, so? We’ll take it??” So we got settled and were just generally goofing around, until me and one of my friends were thinking “If this place is so ‘haunted’ why don’t we just stick our head up against the wall and listen?” So we did, and I regret it. We heard a loud scratch sound on the wall, there is absolutely no other explanation.

    • Cassie Armstrong  |  

      My mom and I went here in August. We were the only ones in the entire hotel! On top of that we got the most haunted room, 19. I was asleep and out of no where I felt someone’s nails scratch my foot. I distinctly felt each finger! I jumped up and asked my mom if it was her (she was no where even near me) of course she said no? That really was freaky. Especially since the bed that a woman supposedly hung herself above and was attached to had been moved to 19. Another strange thing was there was a “Do Not Disturb” sign on room 8. The room where people report feeling uneasy. We asked the workers that were there about i and they all said that wasnt up there before and no one had been up there since the rooms had been cleaned. WhenI was going down the stairs I felt like someone was right behind me, to the point I turned around to see, but no one was there obviously. The computer even turned on and off right before our eyes. My mom also said she saw a white mist glide by in the down stairs hallway. We were pretty scared, but I would love to go back. I feel this hotel is definately haunted from our experiences.

  2. I stayed in room 19. My boyfriend and I were the only ones there for the first night, and it definitely felt creepy when we walked upstairs. That night when I was asleep I woke up scared, and then I felt a hand tickling up and down my spine over and over I waited for about 10 seconds just to be sure I felt it. Then I turned over and asked my boyfriend if he did that and he said no. It was great!
    Oh and also, the scratches mentioned in the previous post… If you look at the walls up and down the upstairs walls just right you can see scratches all up and down the whole thing, like someone scratched over and over. I took many pictures of this! It is definitely haunted! It was really fun and I’d definitely go back.

    • My wife and I stayed in a room on the first floor, I think 23, not positive, she had a similar experience, lying in bed she felt a finger run down her back, kind of crazy, it was August 2013

  3. We stayed there on 9/6/2014. One of our friends wanted to celebrate his birthday there. We stayed in room 20, 21, and 22. No activity or little in room 22. My wife, son and I stayed in room 20. I took a short afternoon nap. When I woke I told my wife to tell that little boy to stop bothering me. Several times that evening and night I would smell sweet cigar smoke in the room. About 2:30 I woke my son and wife screaming. I evidently was sleeping, and I hear a growling dog in the bathroom. I felt it come out of the bathroom and sniff the bed. I slept on the side next to the bathroom. I then felt it jump on my legs and growl at me. I screamed, ” help me it is on top of me, help it has me.” my wife told me to wake up I was having a night mare. We also got some freaky photos. Oh yes, We were below room 19, and it sounded like furniture was hitting the floor all night.

  4. I was down there in September 2013. There is a “clicking” phenomena that is described in some of the literature at the Jefferson hotel.

    My wife and I got there late, after midnight, and we decided to go into the hotel before we got our stuff out of our vehicle which we parked right beside the motel. There was absolutely no noise when we went back out to get our luggage and as I got about 30 feet toward the car I began to hear something directly behind me clicking along the ground. I literally stopped and looked behind me and didn’t see anything. When I stopped… the clicking stopped.

    I continued to walk and the clicking started immediately until I got to my car. Both my wife and I heard it and when I initially stopped we both looked at each other like “What IS that?”

  5. We stayed in room 5 on July 25,2014. My husband felt uneasy as soon as we stepped foot inside the hotel and had that feeling the entire stay. There were certain rooms that he would just walk past and all of his hair would stand up. Personally, the only thing that I actually experienced was the water turned itself off and on in the bathroom. I absolutely want to go back.

  6. I stayed in the hotel almost 10 years ago. Don’t really believe in the paranormal, but reading the guestbook in the room of previous experiences did make me wonder. Later in the evening, I dozed off watching TV. During the night, my cellphone “dinged” like I was getting a text message and as soon as I awoke and picked up my phone, the TV went completely to snow. I was pretty freaked out to say the least. I waited a few seconds and checked my text messaged and when I did, the TV came back on. It was like something was saying “hello, I’m here….”

  7. This hotel is really HAUNTED !!! One night it was really late so I pulled over and got a room. Not knowing what it was I went to sleep. Then in the middle of the night I heard a voice. it said “mine”. Me being the brave strong man that I am I continued to sleep. 30 minutes pass by and i felt something touch me. it rubbed up my leg and i was scared so i play dead. Next thing I know it was fingering my asshole . I will never go a day forgetting that i was rape by a ghost.

  8. I performed multiple investigations into this hotel during the 90’s and can verify that virtually the whole hotel is haunted. Room 19 was especially interesting, but to get the full picture on this hotel you should read the Jefferson Jimplecute articles that are always published around Halloween.

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