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The spirits at this historic hotel are said to be friendly, but mischievous. Two of the most often seen ghosts are Petey and a gold miner. Petey is the ghost of a young boy who may have been in the care of the Sisters of Mercy for whom this building was originally erected in 1898. He is known to take objects from guests at the bar. And the second ghost, the gold miner, is seen and heard walking on the back stairway or sitting on a stool in the office.

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303 3rd St
Cripple Creek, CO 80813
United States

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38.748790258176214, -105.17667835947577
Teller County, Colorado
Nearest Towns:
Cripple Creek, CO (0.2 mi.)
Stratton, CO (1.4 mi.)
Victor, CO (3.3 mi.)
Goldfield, CO (3.5 mi.)
Midland, CO (7.6 mi.)
Divide, CO (13.4 mi.)
Florissant, CO (14.9 mi.)
Green Mountain Falls, CO (15.5 mi.)
Manitou Springs, CO (15.9 mi.)
Cascade-Chipita Park, CO (16.4 mi.)

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  1. So a little additional history I got from the hotel staff was that this hotel was at one time a hospital as well as a mental asylum. Nothing truly spooky, but we were staying in the room they indicated was the ‘surgical’ room. Which was creepy. Anyways we were drinking and having fun, and the window, just kind of slammed shut in its own. And I mean slam, like not ‘gravity’ but like it was forcibly shut closed. Which definitely creeped us out.

  2. My husband and I stayed here several years ago. We had drinks in the pub, then took our cameras and started exploring the hotel, snapping random pictures. When we downloaded the photos to our laptop, some photos were normal, but others had various size orbs in them.

    Later while watching TV in bed, we heard footsteps right in our room, on the hardwood floor. My not quite believer or a husband turned to me, sitting right beside him, and he said, “Was that you?” His eyes were wide open at that time! LOL

    The next morning he came from the bathroom to the bedroom area and sat down on the bed. About 2 minutes later we heard a thud in the bathroom. His denture case had gone from the sink to the tub! He was for getting out of there at that point. I loved the experience!

  3. We stayed here around 2007 or 2008. In the middle of the night I was dreaming I was looking down a dark hall and felt annoyed that somebody was banging or moving furniture and making alot of noise. In the dream I started yelling, “What’s going on. Who is making all that noise” repeatedly. That’s when my wife woke me up saying I was moaning a “Who” sound loudly in my sleep. It was a weird occurence and not something I ever do. It gave us both a strange feeling. A couple days later in Denver as I thought about it more and looked searched St Nicholas Hotel and haunted. The part about furniture being moved made sense then. Strange experience.

  4. I had stayed overnight 2 summers ago. Being a paranormal investigator, I had permission to roam the building in the middle of the night. Since the 3rd floor was dark, I proceeded there. I walked all about the hall and into the narrow hallway leading to the emergency exit. It was very creepy yet nothing really happened. When I came down to the 2nd floor landing where my room was, I heard footsteps in the 1st room on the right by the stairs and thought that my walking and making the wood floors creek had woke up several guests. They paced for about 1 minute or two and all was quiet again. I found out the next morning there were no guests on the 3rd floor! The recreation room with the pool table also has a very creepy feeling at night, as if something is lurking there.


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