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There are conflicting reports of who or what is haunting the Fallon. Some claim it is the ghost of a young woman, other that it is the ghost of a young mischievous boy who likes pulling pranks and playing with the guests’ children. Some people say that if you bring small toys, the ghost of the younger boy will move them as he plays.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    11175 Washington St
    Columbia, California
    United States

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    38.0336385, -120.4019844
    Tuolumne County, California
    Nearest Towns:
    Columbia, CA (0.2 mi.)
    Sonora, CA (3.6 mi.)
    Tuttletown, CA (4.3 mi.)
    East Sonora, CA (4.5 mi.)
    Vallecito, CA (5.5 mi.)
    Jamestown, CA (5.7 mi.)
    Cedar Ridge, CA (7.2 mi.)
    Mono Vista, CA (7.6 mi.)
    Murphys, CA (7.8 mi.)
    Angels Camp, CA (7.9 mi.)

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    1. We rented room 2 in the Fallon Hotel on July 19th and as everyone was sleeping I heard a distinct women’s voice kind of chattering in the distance.

    2. I grew up in Columbia. My parents were music teachers in the Sonora area. They held classes in the Fallon House Theater. At that time (1952), the building had not been “restored”, was uninhabited, and entry to the theater was through the hotel lobby. One night when I was 16, I went down to the Fallon House to be with with my parents while they taught. I sat in the lobby, on an old love seat (still there), engrossed in an old book about Hawaii. My parents took a break from teaching, and asked me if I’d like to go for coffee with them. I told them no, that I wanted to read, and they left. A bit later, there was rattling and banging on the door, and my father yelled “Let us in!”. I said “come on in!” My father replied “You’ve locked us out”, I hadn’t been out of my seat. I got up and went to the door to discover that an old rusted and painted throw-bolt had been thrown. It was so rusty that I had to knock it open with my pocket knife. It was completely unexplainable, there had never been any noise of its closing, and my parents would never have believed any explanation I offered. Yet even after an absence of fifty years and the depredations of the misguided State of California’s “restorations”, I still have a fond attachment to the Fallon House. Ed Swanzey

    3. Me and my boyfriend wanted to stay here so we walked in and were greeted by a nice gentlemen. He was busy doing something so he said we could go upstairs and check things out, we did and as I looked around I heard a giggle, sounded like a little boy. I figured it was someone in the lobby or outside and walked down to discuss a few of the downstairs rooms. When we were given a full size paper of emergency numbers and told that no one would be around if we needed help, we decided to go somewhere else. But if you are looking for a very spooky, beautiful place to stay, stay here. Sure to not disappoint

    4. My family decided to take a trip to historic Columbia and stay the night at the Fallon hotel. It was beautiful and definitely took you back to the 1,800’s. We were the only five people that stayed the night in the entire hotel! At first you would think this fun. However, it was pretty eerie….
      The hair stood up on the back of my neck when entering the parlor area upstairs. There were definitely unexplained cold spots throughout the hotel. My Dad and step mom smelled smoke in the hallway and in their room. No one was smoking… My hotel room door could not be opened after there were no problems whatsoever through the entire day. I tried three times and my father tried three times. It seemed like someone was holding it from the inside. It opened with ease on the 7th try and no problems since.
      All I can say is that my daughter and I experienced several things that night that can’t be explained. We were both asleep in the double bed and her cell Phone went off three times. There was no record of a text or call!. This started everything in motion. It felt like a child grabbed my feet in bed three times as he was walking around the end of the bed towards my daughters side. Shortly after a woman sat down next to me. I didn’t see her but felt her presence. My covers pulled down my back as if someone was sitting on them. Neither one of us could sleep and had trouble breathing at times. The room would get really hot and then cold. There were noises heard in the hall as well. What we first thought was a cat crying, ended up clearly being a child giggling. Remind you..We were the only people in this hotel and the youngest in our party was 17.
      There is no way that anyone could convince me that the Fallon Hotel is not haunted. We stayed in room 2.

    5. A friend and I worked at the Fallon House Hotel and Theater. We would often spend the night in the green room near the stage. In the middle of the night we could hear spirits rolling things around, talking and as if they were preparing a set for a play. We also distinctly heard spirits walking up and down the stairs to the green room. There is also a spirit who likes to play pranks on people using the costume room, the spirit will often lock the door on you even after it is opened to enter the costume room, as soon as you unlock it again, you will hear the door “click and lock” I have heard crying on the balcony of the hotel late at night, I assume this being the spirit of the mother who lost her baby over that balcony many years ago. Some say they see her apparition appear looking over the balcony for her lost child.

    6. Room 1 was haunted by an unfriendly male spirit with a documented name that I have since forgot, room 2 my friend’s daughter’s bf got smacked in the behind by a female spirit. The lobby my friend and I got touched and “electrically shocked” by an entity. Room 5 my friend’s wife saw light anomalies and room 4 was very active with a male spirit who said his name is Sam and he manifested as a shadow figure before my eyes and set off EMF / static equipment. I stayed in room 12 and did not find it to be very haunted, we got a few voices but nothing memorable. The cemetery and schoolhouse as well as City Hotel and a house across the street from.City Hotel are very haunted. We got a spirit saying he was the devil and cursing God and St. Michael the archangel. We also a spirit.that we later ID’d his grave in the back of the cemetery. The wagon station building and cottages are purportedly haunted as well but we did not investigate those.

    7. Jason Skinner- Silent Paranormal Hunter  |  

      Fallon Hotel- I had been Investigation in Room 1. I decided to take picture anywhere in room 1 and I’m surprising to see this picture with big ORB. I noticing there is most activities in corner that where dresser with mirror stand by the corner.

      • in 2016 when my family and me went inside the fallon hotel i had this weird feeling that there was someone or something with us so we decided to go and check out room 2 and before we opened the door we heard a women crying but when we opened the door there was no one there just a white dress in the bed just sitting there with a blue teddy bear i asked the gentle men if there was someone staying there and they said no then we went upstairs and we heard a little boy giggling maybe like an 8 year old it sounded but maybe younger.

    8. When my family and i visited the wagons there was a coffin still in the wagon we also smelled like there was something dead there but there was nothing then we went to the haunted school and we heard kids giggling,laughing we heard steps, i actually liked it and want to go back.

    9. This was taken in 2010 in the theater during an investigation by MAPS (Montana Association of Paranormal Studies)…details of this are in the text of the images…apologies for the incorrect date in the actual image, but we had forgotten to set the date and time in the camera. We had many more audio and video experiences that night also, including a very loud growl in one room of the hotel heard by the entire group.

    10. My friend and I decided to spend the night at the Fallon hotel to celebrate our birthdays. We had booked the room (room 2) months in advance. On the day to go up there, it was raining. It made the experience much more eerie. The spookiest experience was when we were on the balcony enjoying the rain when suddenly the balcony door to the room next to us (room 1) loudly swung open. We looked over the balcony into the room and saw the bedroom door was also open but the lights were off. I decided to go to the room and close the door because it was rainy and windy. My friend was too afraid to go in. I took a video but didn’t see or hear anything. We I formed the lady at the checkout desk and she said that made the third day of that happening and that both doors were locked. She said it must be the captain. I should have asked more about the captain but I didn’t. I also heard a dog bark and it sounded like it was in the hallway. The lady at reception said there weren’t any guests with animals. We also experienced cold spots and creeking noises. Definitely haunted!

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