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Construction began on an electronics plant on this spot in 1982, but it was never completed – all that remains are several concrete “domes” that are now a local hotspot for ghost hunters, teenagers and vandals. The domes are starting to cave in, and this is all private property, so its not advisable for people to go in without proper permission.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    The Domes of Casa Grande
    South Thornton Road
    AZ 85193
    United States

    Get Directions »
    32.8125348, -111.77371140000002
    Pinal County, Arizona
    Nearest Towns:
    Chuichu, AZ (4.2 mi.)
    Casa Grande, AZ (4.7 mi.)
    Arizona City, AZ (7.1 mi.)
    Vaiva Vo, AZ (11.0 mi.)
    Stanfield, AZ (12.0 mi.)
    Eloy, AZ (13.3 mi.)
    Tat Momoli, AZ (15.7 mi.)
    Picacho, AZ (17.5 mi.)
    Sacaton, AZ (18.4 mi.)
    Blackwater, AZ (18.7 mi.)


    Please note: It is your responsibility to acquire appropriate permissions before investigating any location listed on this site. Private property should be respected at all times, as should all posted signs concerning trespassing, hours of operation and other local regulations. Many "ghost hunters" have been arrested because they failed to contact property owners and/or local authorities ahead of time.

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    1. So my friend, her friend and i went to the domes recently. My friend and i have gone 3 more times before with nothing to show so we weren’t expecting much. We walked through the first, space ship looking one and the second with nothing unusual, but once we got out of the second i noticed i heard footsteps behind me and felt like i was being watched. I turned around frequently expecting to find another explorer but found nothing each time. so i assumed i was hearing the other girls footsteps. As we entered the 3rd dome i continued to hear footsteps on gravel despite the fact we were all on the cement. We all turned our flashlights to the outside area but found nothing. on our way back i decided to suggest to spice things up, so we were not left empty handed again. ” when we get to the space ship looking dome we will turn off all our lights.” i said. i turned to them as i suggested this. when i turned i heard a quiet, “hey” from behind them. they obviously heard it too cause they turned around and flashed their light behind them. When we saw there was nothing we ran all the way to the car in panic, and like every cliche horror movie the car wouldn’t start! Lets just say my friend when 90 down that freeway when we did get it to go.

    2. Let me just start out by saying that I made the mistake of checking out The Domes of Casa Grande by myself. For one reason or another, I thought that this site was sort of like a park. Gosh, was I dead wrong! The place is deserted. I mean, the paved road doesn’t even go out there. As soon as I got out of the car, I just feel that the place had a sort of negative vibe. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but something about the place just didn’t feel quite right. I started out by going to the biggest domes. As I was walking through the structure, I felt like I was in a vacuum. Everything echoed; it was a lot like being underwater. Nothing weird happened in the first done, but I still felt sort of uneasy. Soon after, I went to the second done, which is the saucer-looking one. That one also felt really uncomfortable. The air around me felt heavy, oppressive. The fact that I was completely alone didn’t make me feel any better. I also walked around the surrounding area for a bit. It was extremely unsettling to be so far out in the desert. As I went back through the structures, I started to get the feeling that I was being watched. I know, I know, that’s a pretty stereotypical thing to say, but it’s truly how I felt. Although I was, in literally every sense of the word, alone, it just didn’t feel that way. After being there for only about fifteen or twenty minutes, I left. It just felt way too uncomfortable to be there. Would I go back? Ehh, maybe. I certainly wouldn’t go by myself. I’m still surprised that I felt so afraid. This isn’t my first visit to a haunted place. I’ve visited insane asylums, schools and hotels, and it’s out of character for me to get so scared.

    3. I live close to the domes and I’ve had many haunting experiences n the deserts but this one is caught on video. I’m in the back some joking about the mouth of he’ll due to graffiti of a mouth on the front door. As I chuckle you can hear the voice of a little child chuckle right after. It’s incredible

    4. I’ve been here before with my father and brother, my dad has almost thirty years in service and he was constantly scanning, just looking. Sometimes you get that feeling in your gut that something is wrong near you, you get that feeling in full force at that place, we were only there for about fifteen mins before we punched the hell out.

    5. Oh my goodness, Mr. Callum? If you had actually spent the time to go to these spots, the majority of them would never be posted. I have been investigating for 30 years here in Arizona, and these spots are nonsense, and that’s a shame.

    6. Just another bored summer night in Casa Grande…Myself and a car full drove out to The Domes because that’s the most fun to have in Casa Grande. It was around 2 AM. What happened next is bone chilling! I wanted to prank everyone so I acted as if my car had died. Big mistake! Let me add that when the car was off it was completely silent other than the usual vibrations. 7 to 8 figures caught our eyes, they looked as if they were dressed in all black. They were swaying back & forth in this weird motion. We thought we may have been seeing things until a light turns on & shines right toward us. Who parties on a early Thursday morning in the middle of the pitch black desert. We interrupted a satanic ritual tonight, there’s no doubt about it! One of my most scariest experiences. I don’t find ghost being the issue here, but things really do happen out there and it’s truly unbelievable and frightening.

    7. I came here with my mom last summer. I live in Phoenix and i was really interested in this after i found it in weird Arizona. We drove out there and it is in the middle of nowhere. We parked across the road and started walking through all of the domes and taking pictures. I have never felt more on edge or creeped out in my entire life. We were the only people there, but I constantly felt as if i was being watched. We both had a constant uneasy feeling. The domes were cool, but i had a negative vibe with me the entire time. I heard voices in and outside of every dome. My mom did too. We walked around the entire place and heard voices the entire time but never saw one other living person. We also heard footsteps behind or in the distance numerous times. We turned around looking for people constantly but never saw anyone. We booked it after that and right after we left our car got stuck on the side of the road and we had to call for help. A genuinely freaky experience that i will never forget.

    8. Michael Leonard  |  

      I lived 500 feet from the domes, and been in there over 50 times, never heard or saw anything anything weird. The only thing that I ever saw was a big place for partygoers, and vandals. I lived there 15 years and saw the cops there hundreds of times chasing people out, or rescuing idiots that got hurt or died there being stupid. Anyway they are not haunted as far as I could tell.

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