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This beautiful historic hotel was erected during the gold rush era, and is rumoured to be numerous spirits from bygone days. Disembodied footsteps and ghostly voices have been heard, and a white apparition has been seen drifting the hallways late at night.

(Submitted by Callum Swift)

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Geographic Information

306 Canon Avenue
Manitou Springs, CO
United States

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38.8596038, -104.91763209999999
El Paso County, Colorado
Nearest Towns:
Manitou Springs, CO (0.0 mi.)
Colorado Springs, CO (5.5 mi.)
Cascade-Chipita Park, CO (7.4 mi.)
Green Mountain Falls, CO (7.5 mi.)
Stratmoor, CO (9.5 mi.)
Air Force Academy, CO (9.7 mi.)
Fort Carson, CO (10.9 mi.)
Rock Creek Park, CO (11.6 mi.)
Cimarron Hills, CO (11.8 mi.)
Woodland Park, CO (11.9 mi.)


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  1. A friend of mine experienced a shadow walking around her bed and her coworker had her shower turn on by itself. Summer 2016

  2. On our second night at the hotel I awoke to a shadow figure standing over me. I yelled at it, telling it to go away, turned on the lamp and it disappeared. A strange knocking, which could have been noisy pipes(VERY noisy) started shortly after and continued again the next night. It got to the point where it was so loud we had to change rooms. Room 303. January 2017

  3. We stayed in Room 304. I also woke up like Dustin did with a white apparition standing over me. I gasped and it left quickly. We also heard noises coming from the closet in 302. At first I did not think this place was haunted until I was awoken by the spirit. Definitely something there. This was October 14th.

  4. Rick Dalrymple  |  

    During a stay in the Clark Gable Suite, I experienced the bed shaking at night and witnessed the Apparition of a man walking past the fireplace and window early one morning.

  5. Samara Presley  |  

    Stayed here recently and had to google whether this place is supposed to be haunted given our experience. The first night we realized the lamp light was on when neither of us had touched it I chalked it up to turn down service and thought maybe they left lights on. Upon returning to our room the second night, our vanity mirror light was on. Again neither of us had touched it. I turned it off only to realize the chandelier light was on. As we lay in bed and debated who would get back up to turn it on, it got noticeably brighter. It was on a dimmer switch and it was like someone turned it all the way up. Fortunately for us, we had been enjoying some of Denver’s special treats so we didnt really care. Tough night for the ghost. Win for us. Room 408.

  6. I was staying at the Cliff House with my husband. I woke up in the middle of the night and saw a man standing across our room. I promptly wedged myself underneath my sleeping husband and shut my eyes. A couple seconds later, I felt something grab my forearm – in all my dreams for the rest of our stay I had a hand print on my forearm. My husband convinced me to stay the second night because we had planned a weekend getaway. I didn’t have any experiences the second night.

    • While staying in the Clark Gable Suite, I was getting ready in the morning and looking in the mirror. I have a gold necklace that has three locks on it and in order to take it off you must undo all three. As I was talking to my girlfriend and getting ready the necklace just popped off of my neck and all three locks were unlocked.

  7. While staying in the Clark Gable Suite, I was getting ready in the morning and looking in the mirror. I have a gold necklace that has three locks on it and in order to take it off you must undo all three. As I was talking to my girlfriend and getting ready the necklace just popped off of my neck and all three locks were unlocked.

  8. Kristina mcclure  |  

    I only ate dinner at cliff house with my boyfriend and bestfriend for New Years and we went outside to smoke and while I was standing by the fireplace. Not too close I might add I caught on fire. Legitimately caught on fire. My jacket went up in flames. We finished dinner and RAN out of there. Definitely a vacation for the books

  9. Vanessa Montoya  |  

    We stayed in the celebrity suite and while we were sleeping we kept hearing footsteps outside our door but there was never anybody there, and the only room next to us was a storage closet. We had a feeling that we were being watched while we were sleeping!

  10. Staying in 401 Harvey Young. It’s our 10 wedding anniversary and I feel like this is a face in one of our pictures. First night here wish us luck!

  11. While in room 205 we heard a restless spirit in the middle of the night. While it may have been restless, it radiated positive energy that made us feel good inside and sleep better!

  12. My husband and I stayed here for his birthday, and while in the jacuzzi tub I saw a shadow of a head around the corner then disappeared. I heard a faint knock at the door and no one was there, Also our bathroom door shut on it’s own and there was no draft that could possibly shut this door as the door was held by a door wedge and is a heavier door. The entire night I felt like i was being watched and struggled to sleep. My husband said he felt uneasy as well. The closet in our room I refused to use as I just had an uneasy feeling from it, as I also saw that shadow appear from this area. Our room was 411. Just sharing my experience on here.

  13. 2023 room 212 water kept dripping in middle of the night was asleep with two children and then all of us started vomiting in the middle of the night felt like hell then next day comes we go down stairs to the LL felt like i was in a titanic 1930s horror time loop but i did enjoy my stay was great service (:

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