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The Chamberlin was once a historic hotel that welcomed the likes of George Washington. However, it has been renovated and is now a senior living facility. The top floor, according to rumor, is closed because of the many apparitions that freely roam there. One story about this building tells of a fire here at one time, which claimed the life of a teenage girl. She had been looking for her father, not realizing that he had already gotten safely out. Her ghost has been spotted near where she passed away on the seventh floor, banging on the walls or peering out the windows.

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2 Fenwick Road
Hampton, VA 23651
United States

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37.0010968, -76.31310739999998
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  1. My buddies went to this hotel when you still could freely walk through it at night, and let me tell you that lil girl looking for her dad is no bull Sh!t ! Long story short one of the 3 went out for smoke and when he turned around there was a lil girl standing there, she said she needed help finding her father. So he reached for flash light and turned around again and she was gone… So on the way home they kept feeling a cold spot in between the 2 people in the back seat, they dropped first person off in back and the other guy said the cold spot scooted over when the first guy got out. Basically the lil girl followed the driver home, door in his house would open by themselves, but creepiest part was he said he woke up one morning to a txt editor open on his computer and it said “take me home”. So he runs to his car, opens all the doors and ask if she’s in the car. All the doors slammed shut, in his mind he said he was thinking holy shit I go. Basically they drove back to the hotel opened all the doors and asked if she was out, nothing happened, so they jumped back in car and went home and said they would never go back again.

      • This story is about me. Strange how these things spread. Her name was Helen. There were four of us the night we took her home. When this happened, we were in our early 20’s. 2 of us passed away in strange accidents before 25. While 2 of us remain. After these events, we would never venture back and our pursuits of paranormal have ended. Word of caution, sometimes you get more than you asked for while “ghost hunting”.

  2. George Washington could not have possibly visited the Chamberlain as the original Chamberlain Hotel was built after his death. It burnt in the early 1900’and rebuild and open about 1925.

  3. I was an elevator operator at the Chamberlain in the early 80’s. The 8th floor known as The Roof Garden, is haunted. I was doing a walk through around 10 PM up there and was halfway across the ballroom floor. I heard running behind me and turned to see wtf and was knocked flat on my back…if it was a ghost of a little girl, she’s mighty strong. Room 300 is haunted as well. A major for tradoc was staying there I took him up to the 3rd floor. A couple hours later I got a call on the 3rd floor. When I opened up the doors, the major, in his pajamas, with his briefcase calmly asked me to take him to the front desk. I asked him if everything was alright and he said that he had set his briefcase on the bed and went to shower. He came out and it was in a chair next to the bed. He thought he had mistook where he had set it. He put the briefcase on the floor and had gone back in the bathroom. When he came out, it was on the bed. Still he put the briefcase on the floor and went to bed. He was awakened a short time later by the bed being jostled. He witnessed his briefcase going from the floor to the chair to the bed. He said he sat up and it fell to the floor. He got out of bed, grabbed his briefcase and walked out of the room..
    I had to gather the rest of his stuff and take it to his new room.

  4. Little girl is ok. I keep eyes on her and share my lemon cake with her when she scared. We are sorry for the doors but sometimes they won’t shut unless we push real hard. She think its funny and laughs

  5. when I was a little girl my mom worked in the chamberlain briefly she brought me with her she said I use to fallow a woman on the stairs cause and would talk to her but she didn’t see anyone when she came to carry me and picked me up she got a chill every time in that same spot. I also played with a girl on the seventh floor. I was afraid of the elevator and liked to sit across the street and wave at the people inside some of the guys had bandages on their heads and there always nurses but I could only see them from the outside.

  6. Never witnessed this my myself, I used to live in Hampton years ago. My parents still live there, anyway a friend I work with told me he was stationed there while in the army. Every so often they would have to do a walk through of the hotel and he said nobody rented a room on the 4th floor. He said it stayed cold year round. He would say he would do a quick run and get out.

  7. I worked there banquet set ups 1983 84 85. Seen many bizarre things my brother and several high school friends worked there as well all witnessing apparitions objects moving on there own when we worked large 2 and 3 day events they would let us sleep in the 2 rooms on 3rd floor they could never keep occupied. Was there when the cook got trapped in” marys kitchen” on bottom floor all the way to the left and beat up by flying objects which we as staff went down pushed through one of the two barricaded doors to get him out as items coninue to move as if thrown and the cook/ flower arranger was hiding under a metal table

  8. Richards story is true the elevator operator because ut was myself and rodney that had to go to the officers room to get the rest of his stuff

  9. I was a contractor working on the renovations in 2008. The only reason I remember the year is because I was about to get married. Nevertheless I ended up having my very own experience and I’ve told this story maybe 1000 times and it still gives me chills. When I first arrived to the project it was already 1/2 complete. I spoke with a few other co-workers on site that were talking about stories they have heard about the place being haunted and we all joked about wanting to see it for ourselves. Fortunately for me I did, and I’m a true believer in ghost now. During the renovations the 3rd floor was the first floor to be completed. There was still work being done on the upper floors and the 2nd floor lobby areas but the 3rd floor was the 1st of living space to be completed. Once completed all the entry doors into the units were locked as there were ready to turn over to the owner and no one was allowed on the 3rd floor unless authorized by the general contractor. I was asked by the superintendent to patch a hole in a mechanical closet in the 3rd floor hallway. I made my way up there and again there is no one on the 3rd floor but me. As I was patching the hole in the wall I could hear a tapping on the wall right next to my head. I remembered I stopped to listen and the noise stopped. As it was toying with me. So I completed my work and started down the hall back to the elevator lobby. There was plastic carpet covering installed on the floors in the hallway so as I walked you can hear plastic crinkling beneath my feet. I walked into the elevator lobby and stopped midway in. To my surprise I hear 3 slow walking foot steps on the plastic covering right behind me. I started to turn around and mumbled to myself “what the f*ck was that?” Before I could make a complete turn I heard foots steps RUN out of the elevator lobby and across the hall to one of the units and the door opened and shut in a split second. AGAIN. ALL DOORS WERE LOCKED. I slowly and cautiously walked back out of the elevator lobby and into the main corridor to see if anyone was there. There was not. I then walk to the door that I heard open and close abruptly and grabbed the door knob. I opened the door about 6” and closed it to see if that’s what I heard. It was! I ran out and back to the 2nd floor and never returned back to the 3rd floor for the remainder of the project.

  10. Maybe not the hotel but it sits 0.4 Miles from fort Monroe. It probably was all once the same property so Washington could have been there

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