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Famous folks such as Al Capone and Woodrow Wilson stayed at this 1927 swank establishment, and it is from one of its windows that Adolph Coors of brewery fame jumped to his death in the 1929. Also, the previous owner is said to have shot himself in the hotel. Reports say that an elderly African-American gentleman stands watch at the top of the sixth floor to dissuade people from climbing up there. “You don’t want to go up there. There’s ghosts up there,” he says. There is also a ghost cat that is said to rile the guests.

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4201 Atlantic Ave
Virginia Beach, VA 23451
United States

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36.869465, -75.98378000000002
Nearest Towns:
Virginia Beach, VA (1.2 mi.)
Chesapeake, VA (16.5 mi.)
Norfolk, VA (16.7 mi.)
Portsmouth, VA (17.5 mi.)
Portsmouth Heights, VA (21.6 mi.)
East Hampton, VA (22.4 mi.)
Hampton, VA (22.8 mi.)
Newport News, VA (25.7 mi.)
Moyock, NC (26.1 mi.)
Poquoson, VA (26.5 mi.)

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  1. I have worked there for a year as banquet worker needless to say i’d be there till 2 or 3 in the morning. As i’m sure a lot of people know the Caviler was used in World War 2 as a base of operations for the Navy were the bell of the clock tower magically vanished. One time I was working late at a party in the hunt room as I was setting up I saw a man in a old school Navy Chef outfit walk past me toward the fire place.
    My mother and my grandmother have both worked at the Caviler from teens to retirement And I’ve always heard about the story of the little girl that drowned in the pool in the rally lounge trying to save her cat the cat survived that not the same cat that hangs out in around the hotel we believe that that’s a man that owned a cat that came to the hotel every year and said he’d never leave. but the little girl is also believed to live in the hotel and every once in a while you can see her little wet foot prints leading to the first set of stairs. I believe it because my mother and grandmother saw it several times eating lunch they would even appear when the pool was drained.
    There used to be all kinds of shops and even a grocery store in the basement of the Caviler. One time i had to walk through it to get to a few tabled and chairs we needed and I didn’t get them because I saw a man that apparently appears all through out the hotel standing at about 5″7″ wearing 20’s style cloths standing there motionless. Needless to say I never went down there. again.

  2. While considering this location for a wedding venue the sales woman took me down to the hunt room. On the wall hangs a painting of a woman. Story has it a gaurd was patrolling one night and walked in front of this painting. The painting changed face as he walked by. Noticing he he slashed the painting and never came back. They had to mail/give him his pay check… Anyways, while looking at the painting you can tell it has been repaired. And walking by it before knowing the story… her eyes do follow.

  3. In 2003 I was working for a company that serviced the kitchens at these hotels. I stop at the new one and was directed that the equipment I was called to repair was at thew old hotel across the street. I had been there but I was told the normal way to get to the kitchen was under construction and I would need to cut through laundry. I was carrying my tool bag and common parts to repair gas equipment. As I entered the laundry I seen no one but the equipment operating. I crossed the room and entered through a door that I thought I was directed. It brought me to a narrow hall way that had another door way. As I proceeded through this door I entered in to a room that had a 1930 over look with tables and chairs covered in sheets and a small stage. The room was lite enough to see two doors across the room, but there were no electric lights on. I started top cross the room, the door I closed behind me locked as I closed it, I was about 1/2 way through this room when felt a cold chill, a faint sound of music, and the hair on my neck was standing straight up. I did not look back but walked to the second door [ not sure why] and opened the door to another passage way. I closed this door which locked behind me. I walked for about 12 ft opened another door that took me straight to the kitchen. When I finished the task the construction workers had returned and let me out through the normal back door to the kitchen.

    • I was on travel and had no idea when checking into the hotel that it was haunted. I was given a room on the sixth floor. As soon as I arrived to my room I had a strange feeling come over me. I felt like someone was in the room with me. After going out to dinner and returning to my floor…I knew I could not spend the night at this hotel. I decided I would check out and drive the 4 hours home. The man at the front desk told me to try the 3rd floor since it was just renovated. I decided to give it a try and it had a completely different feel to it, so I stayed. Once I returned home I goggled the hotel to see if others had complained and was shocked to ready the story of how the hotel is haunted. I was never a believer in haunted houses until that night.

  4. My daughter and I took the elevator up to the top floor, the doors opened, we stepped out and to the right and immediately started hearing the door handles shaking….it was kinda loud and sounded like more than one…we stopped in our tracks we listened for a few seconds, then turned around and got back on the elevator and could still hear the shaking noise as the elevator doors were closing…goosebumps all the way down to the lobby….I love The Cavalier Hotel, the history, the hauntings, can’t wait to visit again…

    • Was there this year, 2019. I was talking to the catering director in the Raleigh room. I was asking her about the ghost stories of the cavalier. She told me her coworker was working late one night and he thought she was still there. I believe she said he heard a womens voice and movement but he was the only one there. He even called her phone and she told him she had already left for the evening. After she told me the story, we started to discuss the catering for an event. As we were talking, the lights throughout the raleigh room started to flicker up and down, bright then dim and each light seemed to be doing its own light show. After all the lights flickered, the light behind us went dim for what seemed like a minute and then slowly came back to normal. After the lights in the raleigh room were normal, the light by the elevator flickered and then went dim. It stayed dim for maybe a minute and then was normal again. The director said she had never experienced anything like that before. Of course I said it was probably a ghost walking through the raleigh room, stopped at out location and continued towards the elevator.

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