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Reports differ as to the reason for the hauntings at The Broadmoor. Some say there was a fire here in the past, others say there wasn’t. Regardless, some employees have seen a lady in 1920s clothing walking around the main building. They speculate that she may be the ghost of Countess Portales, the wife of the Count who built the original casino building, torn down in the 1990s.

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1 Lake Avenue
Colorado Springs, CO 80906
United States

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38.791312399269785, -104.84963178634644
El Paso County, Colorado
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  1. Michael McCrary  |  

    I actually know a lot about this haunted location, due to the fact that The Broadmoor hotel was actually owned my my family on my mother’s side. I was told that the person that haunts the Broadmoor Hotel is in fact Julie Penrose. The original Owner’s wife. The story went that she went missing and a week before she died, she was found naked in the forest behind the hotel. She didn’t know how or why she was there or naked. She is said to be haunting the penthouse where she lived. Lights would turn off and on, some things would be misplaced, and even some of the staff wouldn’t go in there due to the paranormal activity. The Hotel(my mother told me) has even went to the extent of hiding some of the details. If you have any questions feel free to email me at

    • My husband and I have stayed here a few times, but my experience was in one of the lake house rooms in between the main hotel and the pool. It was probably about 3 in the morning and my husband went into the living area to sleep since he gets heartburn. I never sleep in the dark. But I felt like someone was in the room with me, and the telephone buttons started to glow and “dial” beep on their own. I picked up the phone and the button lights turned off. And then they started doing it again. I said , ‘please get out of our room, I’m just trying to sleep, and enjoy or time here” then it stopped.

  2. well i am an employee at the Braodmoor and i am a night cleaner. When you go into the basement you can hear somthing walking behind you and you turn around there is no one there. You can also hear what it sounds like people talking but no one is down there. While working it seems like i see a person and i look again an there is nothing. You can she the dark shadow out of the coner of your eye, Like it is following you no matter what building you go into, But its always in main, You see a person walking in the west buliding,. its reallly creepy some nights i dont want to be alone while cleaning.

  3. I stayed in the penthouse suite on the newer side about 5 years ago. My family was asleep and I heard a women’s voice with an accent say my name and it felt like someone grabbed my feet harshly. It was the scariest experience of my life!

  4. I stayed at the Broadmoor about 10 years ago. I didn’t know the hotel was haunted until after I shared my ghost experience with some friends. I had went to bed and I was woken to three ghosts standing on the side of my bed they had actually pushed me which is what woke me. Their images were clear but sort of Gray and white but you could see through them. They appeared upset as if I was in their space. I had an overwhelming feeling as if I was not welcome.

  5. I’ve worked at the broadmoor for over 10 years in various jobs and deeply believe it is very haunted, most likley by Julie Penrose. At one point I was the cashier at the coffee shop in the main hotel. There are many books and magazines on the right side of the room that would often fly off of the wall. This happened multiple times around customers, who would give me a strange look and walk away. One time this happened in front of an elder woman and she looked at me and said “she likes to annoy you”. On another occasion we had set up a display with a bottle of red wine. We closed and the next morning the bottle was shattered on the ground…the scary part was that there were footsteps coming out of the wine. The shop is monitored 24 hours on camera so we made a visit to security to see if someone had broken in. They reviewed the footage from that night and immediately turned pale white. The footage shows the bottle slamming on the floor by itselfs and footsteps walking through the wine. I wish I could get my hands on that footage again, but security was so frightened none of them would talk about it again.

  6. I stayed there one night during the summer a few years ago. Windows open, the room was about 70 degrees or so, in bed it was totally freezing. I closed the windows, turned on the heat, the bed was still freezing. While laying there, something extremely cold passed through my body from the mattress upward. I gathered my belongings and ran down to the front desk to check out. Clearly seeing that I was scared, the clerk asked if I had a “sighting.” I went back for breakfast the next morning and several employees told me that kind of thing happens all the time.

  7. IWhen broodmoor was closed me and my partner had to go cleanup as a dishwashers well we went to go get supplies and we took the elavator…. We went to the floor we pressed and then the elevator kept on going the doors opened and we were in the kitchen floor it was dark and u can feel the chills on your back we pressed the floor 1 and the elevator closed and went back down

  8. Last weekend I stayed at the Broadmoor Resort in the main part of the hotel. I was sleeping on my side and felt three light fingers touch my shoulder and tap me lightly. At first I thought it was my long hair over my shoulder then I pulled it around to my other shoulder and then I felt the same tapping once again, so I cover my entire body with the sheets and didnt turn around afraid I might see who was tapping me. It wasnt scary tho. After that it stopped. The next night my boyfriend got up in the middle of the night to use the restroom and felt someone watching him, when he went into the bathroom the scale on the bathroom floor made sounds of someone stepping on and then off of it right in front of him in the dark!!

  9. I stayed here in 2016. I woke in the middle of the night freezing. My jaw was shaking I was so cold. When I tried to get up, I couldn’t. I was frozen and could not move. I tried repeated times to try and move and could not. Then I heard a voice. It was a woman, and she said they are going to kill me. Then about 10 seconds later I could move and was not longer cold. The next night I had a roommate. She woke me in the middle of the night. She was saying are you okay are you okay. I said yes why. She said you were struggling for your breath like you were being choked. Okay.. That was enough. Time to go!

  10. I work in housekeeping at the broadmoor and sometimes when I knock on people’s doors I’ll hear footsteps walking to the door as if someone’s coming to answer. Every time this happens I find that the room is vacant. One night, I was working on the seventh floor and I was almost done cleaning the rooms on the floor. I just got done with the seventh room and noticed that the lamp next to the door in the hallway was flickering. I didn’t think to much of it and went to start in the eighth room. The moment I stepped into that room I felt uncomfortable, like someone was watching me. I went to take care of the bed and noticed the light above the door started flickering. Every time it flickered I was afraid someone or something was going to appear under it. I hurried up and finished the room and moved on. In the next two rooms I did, I felt the same uncomfortable, unwelcome feeling. It was as if whatever was watching me in room eight decided to follow me into my last two rooms. It definitely creeped me out and I even asked a fellow employee if she had experienced anything like that. She told me she had,but never in the south building, only in the West one.

  11. I bought a beautiful table on facebook marketplace. The person I bought it from says it’s from the Broadmoor from 1920. I have had this table in my house for 1 month and since that time we continually hear children talking and laughing and a cat. I have a photo of the table in my dining room and many people agree there is a small girl in a blue dress holding a cat. I have never experienced anything like this in my life.

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