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The 1889 Algonquin Resort is home to many ghosts. One is an old bellhop who has been known to assist guests to their rooms, telling them about the hotel and town, but disappearing before he can be tipped. The hotel also has a phantom night watchman whose keys clank as he makes the rounds, an elderly lady who rearranges the dining room settings at night, and a bride who cries in Room 473. Rooms 308 and 373 are also said to be haunted, as well as the tower, which is home to a ghostly woman in white and mysterious lights, even though it has been closed for years. Ghost children play throughout the building, doorknobs turn by themselves on floor 2, and objects disappear on floor 4. The site was featured on Creepy Canada.

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184 Adolphus Street
Saint Andrews, NB
E5B 1T7, Canada

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45.08076699999999, -67.0551701
Charlotte County
Nearest Towns:
Saint Andrews, NB (1.4 mi.)
Robbinston, ME (2.7 mi.)
Perry, ME (7.4 mi.)
Letite, NB (7.9 mi.)
L'etete, NB (7.9 mi.)
Richardson, NB (8.2 mi.)
Waweig, NB (10.1 mi.)
Charlotte, ME (10.2 mi.)
Pembroke, ME (10.2 mi.)
Saint George, NB (12.2 mi.)

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  1. My adult son was working for Garda Security at the time and was sent from Ottawa Ontario with his staff to oversee a union strike taking place. Two nights in a row, he said someone was continuously knocking on his door. It was very late and he decided to ignore it. The third night, it happened again. He thought it was one of his staff playing pranks. He opened the door and saw a little boy walking down the hall. He decided to follow the boy to his too to talk with his parents. As the boy reached the end of the hall, he made a left turn to continue walking down the hall. When my son made the left turn, the boy was no where in sight. My son called me the next day asking me to research the hotel. We both discovered the hotel was haunted. (Note: My son has seen spirits since he was a baby.)

    During the same time, he was sitting on the front porch of the hotel after an evening dinner talking with some union members. One of the members complained about being very tired as he hasn’t been sleeping well for two nights. He said he kept hearing a woman’s voice which sounded as though she was crying. He decided to go to her room and see what was wrong. When he approached the outside of the door, the crying stopped. It must of been the bride that people have mentioned who also haunts the hotel. This all took place in 2010.

    • Would like to know if this experience with the boy happened on the 4th floor
      I was a guest in 2010 attending my nieces wedding and upon leaving my moms room which just happened to be the room next to the rm 473 that of the ghost lady .. i heard children laughing .. loud . Heading in my direction and was thinking ok they are running becareful coming around the turn ..2 boys .. one went quick but the second i got a look was bouncing a ball and kinda looked up at me with a smiling face .. i continued to walk and as quick as i heard these boys .. it was dead sound no laughing and thought wait .. where did these boys go when knowing its the end of hall ..only room that being my moms and a locked 473 i looked in little kitchenette across from moms rm .. nope ..doors to stairs ..nope .. they just vanished ..

  2. I stayed in this hotel and was fascinated of the mirror in the elevator. It reminded me of the old movie “poltergeist “. I was the only one in the elevator that night, now being a few years later I was showing my friend this picture and she says ” the mirror is cool! But who is behind you??” Omg I have never noticed this until she said it, but who is behind me?? Creepy! Could it happen to be the bell boy?

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