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It’s an eerie looking tower standing all alone in a field. Of course people will say it’s haunted. It pretty much has to be. Rumor has it that it is haunted by yet another jilted bride, who either died of a broken heart, hanged herself in grief, or possibly had an accident on the way to the wedding.

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Geographic Information

Taylortown, LA
United States

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32.38606824844493, -93.59455027829591
Bossier Parish, Louisiana
Nearest Towns:
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Haughton, LA (11.4 mi.)
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Bossier City, LA (12.0 mi.)
Shreveport, LA (13.2 mi.)
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Comments (7)

  1. I grew up in bossier and went by the tower on plenty of occasions with my grandparents and tale is it used to be a church and that’s all that remains of it……a bride was at the church on her wedding day awaiting her groom to be and entertaining the guests when an officer came up to her with a folded American flag and told her of her future groom dying in the war she was so upset that later that night after everyone left she hung herself in the tower and if you stop on the road in front of it at midnight you will see her spirit crossing the road forever in search of her groom.

  2. In 1974 and 75, my family and I lived in the old Mercer house across the street and my bedroom window looked at on the bell tower. We heard the same story, a forlorn bride hung herself, but we never saw a ghost, although I did get bit one night by a copperhead snake…

  3. Tengo varias cosas que comentar pero lo primero es tener respeto por la Historia.
    Yo vivo aquí casi en frente de la torre tengo tiempo viviendo en Elm grove y si Es sierto las cosas empiezan a suceder desde octubre y durante el transcurso del frio, y no soy la única que a experimentado este tipo de cosas , Emos escuchado El grito de una Mujer muy muy fuerte que escalofrío nos dio y mi hijo se asustó tanto que no pudo dormir y lloro mucho mi vecina me llamo para saber si abia escuchado lo mismo y si fue muy escalofriante, también se escucha el tintineo de la campana y al parecer la torre no tiene campana , y también se escucha martillazos en los rieles del tren que pasa frente a mi casa eso quiero pensar que es por el frío que alomejor haci truene por la madera vieja pero cuando empezamos a echar gritos de personas como si les pegaran ya no nos gustó, también emos visto personas que están vestidas como esclavos solo nos voltean haber y nos apuntan hacia el camino old hwy 71 también pasan personas vestidas ala antigua ivitando ala iglesia y cuando vamos a subirnos al carro para ir con ellos ala iglesia no encontramos las personas ni la iglesia que nos dijeron … Yo no tengo miedo por eso porque mi Abuelita me enseñó a tenerle Respeto a los Fallecidos y orar por ellos, pero el grito de la mujer ese si estuvo escalofriante … Un Dia estabamos asando carne en la parte de atras de mi casa y mi hijo tomo una foto, y despues la checamos para ver como avia salido , miramos una cara muy formada en el el umos que salia del asador eso si estuvo de miedo solo que no le quisimos decir nada a la familia esa noche para que no se asustaran, son varias cosas que emos visto y escuchado .
    Gracias por dejarme comentar mi Historia y mis Respetos para Elm Grove ,Taylortown y sus alrededores.

  4. Well i too grew up here and I heard the stories ..but it is to say …not so much a tower anymore as most of it has deteriorated away

  5. Translation of comment: I have several things to comment but the first thing is to have respect for History.
    I live here almost in front of the tower, I have lived in Elm grove for a long time and if it is true things start to happen from October and during the course of the cold, and I am not the only one who has experienced this type of thing, We have heard The cry of a very very strong woman who gave us a chill and my son was so scared that he could not sleep and cried a lot my neighbor called me to see if she had heard the same thing and if it was very chilling, you can also hear the tinkling of the bell and at the It seems that the tower does not have a bell, and you can also hear hammering on the rails of the train that passes in front of my house. They hit us no longer we liked it, we have also seen people who are dressed as slaves, they only turn us around and point us towards the old hwy 71 road, people dressed in the old way also go by going to the church and when we are going to get on the car to go with them to the church we did not find the people or the church that they told us … I am not afraid because of that because my grandmother taught me to have respect for the deceased and pray for them, but the woman’s cry was chilling … One day we were roasting meat in the back of my house and my son took a photo, and then we checked it to see how avia came out, we looked at a very formed face in the umos that came out of the grill that if he was scared alone that we did not want to say anything to the family that night so that they would not be scared, there are several things that we have seen and heard.
    Thank you for letting me comment on my Story and my Respects for Elm Grove, Taylortown and its surroundings.

  6. Does anyone know who to like contact about trying to go there to go ghost hunting? I’m part of a ghost hunting group on YouTube and this sounds like one of the kind of places we could go.

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