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This Super 8 has been the site of numerous strange happenings. Witnesses say the lights and air conditioning will turn on and off by themselves, doors will open on their own, and mysterious whistling can be heard. Clerks have experienced electrical malfunctions with the phone, such as all the lines lighting up at once or phone calls coming from vacant rooms. Some attribute the eerie events to a cemetery that lies adjacent to the motel.

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313 W University Dr
Macomb, IL 61455
United States

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40.47238922264855, -90.67353093621932
McDonough County, Illinois
Nearest Towns:
Macomb, IL (0.9 mi.)
Good Hope, IL (5.9 mi.)
Bardolph, IL (5.9 mi.)
Colchester, IL (7.0 mi.)
Sciota, IL (7.4 mi.)
Tennessee, IL (9.7 mi.)
Adair, IL (10.0 mi.)
Bushnell, IL (10.4 mi.)
Industry, IL (10.6 mi.)
Blandinsville, IL (11.6 mi.)

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  1. I’m not sure what year it was but it was between 2006 and 2011. We have stayed at this hotel several times, as my husband’s family lives nearby and it is actually a very well run hotel.

    One of my stays here though, I will NEVER forget. It was just my husband and I in our room and we were in bed winding down for the night. The TV was on and he was dozing off. I turned the channel and caught the middle of the movie the Exorcism of Emily Rose– which I had seen before. I didn’t finish the movie and ended up turning it off and going to bed shortly after tuning in.

    At some point in the middle of the night as both my husband and I slept I was torn from my sleep by my husband shaking me violently and as I came to I heard the loudest scream in my ears I have ever heard. Not knowing what was happening he turned the light on next to the bed and asked if I was aright. I was covered in sweat, and was nauseous. At any moment I just new I was going to be violently I’ll. At that point I knew the scream that I heard had come from me and I had been screaming over and over again in my sleep- I could feel it in my throat. But why?

    I have talked in my sleep before, but it isn’t often. Less than once a year, if that and when i talk in my sleep I wake myself up with talking and always know what i was dreaming about. To this day I cannot tell you why I was screaming. But I have NEVER been more terrified in my life. In fact I said to my husband and made him promise that if I started vomiting that he would take me to the hospital.

    I didn’t throw up that night, and I layer in the bed with the lights on the rest of the night. I slept with the lights on (bathroom) for months after.

    Later the next day while driving to St. Louis to catch our flight home we discussed the events from the night before and that’s when my husband scared me most. He said that He had a terrible time trying to wake me and while I was screaming it sounded nothing like me. He actually said it wasn’t my voice coming out of my mouth.

  2. This is a very spooky place. My wife and I stayed there several years ago. The hotel was pretty deserted and there was no one on our floor. It just so happens that I like to whistle but it drives my wife crazy. I went down to bring luggage up. When I got back my wife said, ” Please stop that whistling. I could hear you in the hallway and even from downstairs.” Dumbfounded, I told her I was not whistling at all. At that moment we both heard whistling coming right from outside our door. I went to see who it was but there was no one in the hallway but the whistling was loud and clear. The desk clerk later told us that it was just their ‘whistling ghost’.

  3. I worked here many years ago as a desk clerk and weird things happened all the time. There is a cemetery behind the motel so I don’t know if that is why or not. I worked 2nd shift at the time. Like David, I also would hear whistling when nobody else was around. This happened several times. Once in a while, the lights on the main phone would all light up and start flashing. The manager’s apartment was down the hall from the front desk (the front desk area was renovated in the late 90s, after I was there). At times, it was empty and I would hear the shower in the bathroom turn on. Then, it would turn off before I got to the bathroom door. Sometimes the main entrance door would open and shut with nobody there. A lot of these things happened when the motel was not at full capacity, like Sunday evenings. Not too long before I left, a woman committed suicide in one of the rooms on the main level. It was in one of the rooms that also had an outside entrance to it. I wouldn’t be surprised if things go on in that room.

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