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Spooky tales told here revolve around a ghost named Lucinda. She is said to have committed suicide by jumping off a cliff when her beloved failed to meet her to run away together. There are many reports of people seeing the ghost. Local urban legend also says that if you say her name three times she will appear, and if she drops a rose you will day the following day.

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Geographic Information

Stony Hollow Road
Burlington, Iowa
United States

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40.90711847865415, -91.0627782944357
Des Moines County, Iowa
Nearest Towns:
Gladstone, IL (6.1 mi.)
Oquawka, IL (6.3 mi.)
Gulfport, IL (6.6 mi.)
Burlington, IA (7.4 mi.)
West Burlington, IA (7.5 mi.)
Beaverdale, IA (8.7 mi.)
Mediapolis, IA (8.8 mi.)
Biggsville, IL (11.0 mi.)
Middletown, IA (11.6 mi.)
Oakville, IA (13.3 mi.)


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  1. Urban legend is exactly what this story is. I was born and raised in Burlington and that story never existed until the last few years.

    • I was born and raised there, and still live there.

      I’m now 48, and grew up listening to the stories of Lucinda, and Stony Hollow, and the ghost of Chief Tama, trust me, they’re older than a couple of years.

    • Doug is right. I graduated in 1988. I saw, well lets just say something down in that gulch by the water one night. I didn’t see a face or anything but did see a bright light on a tree covered road. The thing is, i was not scared at all, it was like she was protecting me. My friends also saw it. We explained it away as being moonlight on a big rock, until we went back in broad daylight and found no big or small rock of any kind. It is more than a myth and that’s all i am going to say.

    • That’s unfortunately incorrect. My mother who as born in 1949 in Burlington has known the story for all of her life. We live not far from the location.

  2. mechayla i want you to do me a favor read the ghosts of desmoines county. I have experienced a few things out there it is haunted. If you are sure that it is just a legend then you will not have a problem spending a few hours when the moon is full.

  3. I was here last night as I live close by, and I seen a shadowy silhouette walking behind us, my friends missed it, but we sat there with no headlights and with the hazards on, I saw the same thing on the second blink and they had saw what I had seen the first time too, we high tailed it out of there, and one of my friends I was with had been there before, said her radio acted funny after sitting for awhile, and her car turned off, and the reason this story only came up a few years ago is because it was recently found in old state records.

  4. This place is a local hotspot for illegal activities from shooting guns , to underage drinking to manufacture of drugs. It isn’t safe to explore there as most of it is.private property. The location is definitely Haunted. Lived in Burlington for over 30years.

    • The gun shooting comes from a private range located just to the north of stony hollow road, over on the east end down by 99. Nothing illegal about that part.

  5. Me and my friends were walking down from Highway 99 where she lived at the time, but we were walking and we heard a loud crash and we went to look to see what it was stupid thing to do. We saw “her” walking around or what looked like to be a woman in her twenties cover in blood. Ever since then we have gone there on the same night we were there and we lay a yellow rose down.

  6. Just today in the middle of the day my friends and I drove to the spot that she jumped off the bridge. We got out to look at the creek. We got back in and my friend started her car and put it in drive. We started rolling backwards and her brakes wouldn’t work. She then put it in park and shut her car off and it still was going backwards. We jumped out of the car and it went in the ditch. It was almost like someone was pushing on the car. We were parked on a flat surface.

  7. I have gone out to Stony Hollow ever since I can remember with my dad and brother when we were kids and shot targets. I have shot there since then in the late 60’s and early 70’s and spent many hours towards dark there and never felt anything was wrong. I was gone for 45 years and came home with my fiance this past June for good. We go out there almost 3 times a week for drives after dark and have no incidents at all. To Anna who wrote on Aug 28, 2016 at 3:02 pm. that you drove to the spot where she jumped off the bridge. You must have been smoking something really strong, as there IS NO BRIDGE in Stony Hollow. The closest bridge is across Hwy 99 east about 3 miles up the road. It used to be on Distelhorst property. I know Tom Lammers the individual who wrote the book about it.

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