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One ghost who haunts this inn is said to be a little girl named Augusta. She is around 8 years old and frequents the third floor. She moves objects and touches guests on the cheek while they are asleep. Another haunt who resides here is that of a man who smokes a pipe. The inn is a nonsmoking establishment, but apparently no one bothered to tell the ghost!

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1016 W Warner Ave
Guthrie, OK 73044
United States

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35.881403, -97.43730099999999
Logan County, Oklahoma
Nearest Towns:
Guthrie, OK (0.7 mi.)
Cedar Valley, OK (7.1 mi.)
Cimarron City, OK (9.2 mi.)
Crescent, OK (10.1 mi.)
Meridian, OK (11.0 mi.)
Langston, OK (11.1 mi.)
Coyle, OK (12.5 mi.)
Mulhall, OK (12.8 mi.)
Cashion, OK (14.7 mi.)
Edmond, OK (16.0 mi.)

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  1. i stayed at this hotel in the mid-90’s, they tell the story of Augusta at breakfast after people have stayed. I was in a coverted home across the street which is also part of the inn. I saw a blue light in one of the upstairs windows. I asked the inn keeper about it the next day and she had no explination. It could have been a cell phone but it was the mid-90’s so maybe not.

  2. I stayed here in the early 2000’s. It was so nice doing the murder mystery but bedtime was another story. I was kept up all night because I could hear movements in the room and a quiet mumbling that sounded like a child. My husband thought I was paranoid until we watched Ghost Hunters. You can hear that same voice speaking to Grant. Whoever it was, she definitely wanted my attention. I still dream about her.

  3. I stayed there and the minute my mother in-law and I walked in, we were greated by a woman loud laugh. Other experiences included making eye contact with a man setting in a chair at the bottom of the stairs smoking a cigar (I thought it was actor for the horrible murder mystry thing), we had two doors leading into the hall with sliding locks both doors was cracked open the next morning, a conversation being heard between a man and woman in our room. The next morning the owner talked about other people experiences in the house which included a woman’s loud laugh at 4:30, a man setting in a chair smoking a cigar, and doors that are opened doing the night.

    We know Augusta did not die in the house by being poisoned, she died in her 80’s in Texas. But after my research a child (girl) was announced on a census, and newspaper. When Augusta got married in the house a few year’s later this child was not mentioned in the article about the wedding, and the following census she was not mentioned. I understand why Augusta is connected with a poison story, she was indeed connected to a poisoning just not her own. Augusta had so many huge tragedies in her life, more than anyone deserve. The other’s in the Houghton family as a whole had tragedy after tragedy. Including Houghton children dying young, lost and gain of fortune, and the house was pasted down so many times to the children. Add the short time it was a funeral home, you have BEAUTIFUL haunted location. I would move into that house in a instant.

  4. Me and my wife stayed in the wedding suit and it was a full house a couple in every room. We all played the midst mystery that night and we all would smell the pipe smoke in the parlor and hear footsteps on the upper floor. But at around 2:30 me and my wife woke up to the sound of like marbles or pearls being dumped on the coffee table. And then a little later the tea dishes we heard moving on the fire place. After getting spooked pretty good cause all the action that night I was able to fall back asleep with my head under the covers this time. Well I was woke up again with someone or something playing with my feet and I jumped up told my wife something was grabbing me and of course she laughed and right after she laughed the toilet flushed. So if you want to get the crap spooked out of you yes stay there it’s for real!! And get the weeding suit.

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