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This renovated hospital has sat on this property since the late 1800’s. There have been countless deaths natural and otherwise on the propery and in the building. The building now occupies 4 apartments. Reports of loud noises stemming from the basement all times of the day and night. Voices, objects moving, and electrical appliances malfunctioning. Reports of children living in the apartments talking to “imaginary friends”. All describing the same man and all getting at least his last name correct, although some children did mispronounce the name. A doctor reportedly lost his life after falling down the elevator shaft in the hospital.

(Submitted by Devon H.)

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Geographic Information

101 W Plain St
Eaton Rapids, MI
United States

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42.5062009, -84.65656419999999
Eaton County, Michigan
Nearest Towns:
Eaton Rapids, MI (0.2 mi.)
Springport, MI (9.1 mi.)
Potterville, MI (9.5 mi.)
Dimondale, MI (9.6 mi.)
Charlotte, MI (10.0 mi.)
Holt, MI (11.7 mi.)
Mason, MI (12.0 mi.)
Leslie, MI (12.0 mi.)
Olivet, MI (14.4 mi.)
Waverly, MI (16.2 mi.)


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  1. I grew up in Eaton Rapids and I have been in all 4 of the apartments…. There’s no doubt in my mind there is definitely something there and I’m not sure it’s anything good. I witnessed a little girl talk to a “man” many times that she said was her “friend” she would talk to the “man” daily. I’m not sure if the “man” is harmful it seems he just really likes children, however there definitely is something dark hanging around that place.

  2. Hospital overflow used to be housed at 620 hall st and since I have lived in Eaton Rapids almost 23yrs no one lives there longer that a few months any recorded or reported history?

  3. I grew up in Eaton Rapids and was always interested ghost stories around Michigan. I still visit there several times a year. I know people who have lived in that building and I’ve done work in that building and I have never once heard any stories about anything weird happening in that building that would indicate that it was haunted.

  4. Yea my buddy lives there on the 1st floor and his tv shuts off and his air conditioning unit with turn off and on. Its a pretty creepy place.

  5. I lived there when I was 12(1997). Our tv used to randomly change channels(from music videos to cartoon network) it was the old style that said the channel number on the front, the number never changed. Things we put a certain place were always moved. Things disappeared a few times. The stove was switched on several times when we came home and no one had cooked all day. We heard strange noises regularly.
    That place is definitely haunted.

  6. As someone who group up in Eaton Rapids and had an Aunt & my mother who worked at the hospital for many years;, I visited the hospital many times. I never heard any noises and never heard any stories form anyone about ghosts, noises, etc. (This would have been in the 50’s.) Please put up an accurate picture of the hospital..

  7. I took a tour here in 2018/2019 and there were loud banging and knocking noises coming from the walls- especially as you passed through like something followed. Definitely haunted!

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