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On the third floor, rumor has it that a female student once jumped out the window after playing with a Ouija board. Her ghost causes the lights in the shower room to flicker at the same time every night, at the exact time she died. Her apparition has been seen at the end of the hall, wearing tattered clothing. It is also said that around 2 a.m. residents on the south wing hear her footsteps run by, and one of the elevators is reported to always skip the third floor, where the incident occurred.

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Geographic Information

110 Griffith Blvd. East
Nacogdoches, TX
United States

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31.618392018765853, -94.65086585285462
Nacogdoches County, Texas
Nearest Towns:
Nacogdoches, TX (1.1 mi.)
Redfield, TX (4.3 mi.)
Appleby, TX (7.3 mi.)
Redland, TX (15.4 mi.)
Garrison, TX (17.0 mi.)
Cushing, TX (17.6 mi.)
Wells, TX (19.2 mi.)
Chireno, TX (19.4 mi.)
Lufkin, TX (19.9 mi.)
Mount Enterprise, TX (20.8 mi.)


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  1. Christie Hamilton  |  

    My friends and I lived in the last two rooms on the 3rd floor in Griffith in 85. We all saw spirits separately and as a group. The spirits were benevolent and almost seemed to be joking with us. Trying to scare us but then smiling and fading away. I’m afraid that we might have been the cause of the ouiji board rumor as we tried to contact them but they wouldn’t talk to us but did react to noninvolved parties who were probably freaked out. If you want to know more details you can email me @
    Btw this is all true and there are 3 others that will back me up.

  2. I lived in Griffith on the third floor for one semester in 2006. You could feel the heaviness in the hallway and I refused to go to the showers alone after a while. The reports of lights flickering is definitely true. The elevators would randomly come up without the button being pushed. I had friends on other floors and never felt weird visiting them, but when I’d go back to my floor it just felt heavy and depressing and like someone was always right behind you.

    • Can you give me more information because I’m currently attending school in SFA and I’ve been having nightmare and it’s weirdly connected to the same story and I’ve googled it and somehow it very similar to my nightmare and I need to find out more and why

  3. A friend of mine from high school and I were roommates at Griffith on the third floor in 2012. Funny enough, we didn’t even know about the haunting story when we moved in, but we instantly knew that something wasn’t right about the place. A few months later, when we were trying to figure it out, we found out about the story. Neither of us liked going to the showers alone at night, so we’d always make sure we timed them for the morning.

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