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An apparition of a man is said to walk through the halls and offices in the corporate office, opening doors and windows. He often whistles as he walks.

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516 Steele Hill Rd
Sanbornton, NH 03259
United States

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43.55191574292638, -71.57392627013905
Belknap County, New Hampshire
Nearest Towns:
Sanbornton, NH (4.4 mi.)
Laconia, NH (5.4 mi.)
New Hampton, NH (5.5 mi.)
Hill, NH (6.6 mi.)
Tilton-Northfield, NH (7.6 mi.)
Tilton, NH (7.6 mi.)
Meredith, NH (8.2 mi.)
Northfield, NH (8.3 mi.)
Franklin, NH (8.3 mi.)
Gilford, NH (8.4 mi.)

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  1. i stayed here many years ago when I was a probably 13 years old. I was up late watching tv and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth. As I was brushing I watched the door move slightly and then stop in the mirror. Then a second later it slammed shut so hard it shook the room. No one was Awake. The rest of the stay I felt as if I was being watched, and heard whispers around the hotel room. I didn’t feel right there.

  2. MYself and 3 others chk’d in on 3/09/15. For some end of season snowmobiling and the great rate off of Groupon. From the moment we stepped inside I said I didn’t feel right in there. we stayed for two nights in room 28A on the second night the door opened and slammed in the downstairs bedroom all night I could continuously hear knocking and felt as if someone was in the room. I’d like to also mention that we’ve never even heard of Steele hill resorts in till we stayed there however tonight I thought of googling the place because of being told it was built in 1700 and I was thinking of bad/creepy and scary feeling I had while there weather in the room or walking through the halls (especially in the halls). When I ever came across this information of a man opening doors every hair on my body stood up. I am so creeped out right now to know we had a ghost encounter.

    • Same! Wow I swear I went in and immediately felt anxious and depressed like something bad was going to happen. Sure enough later that evening I heard a door open and shut. I was in 7B. I looked through the peek hole and was shocked at what I saw-a dark figure of a man with what appeared to be 2 red horns sticking out of its head. I stared at it for about 20 seconds, thinking this is definitely a ghost it can’t be human. I turned away for a few seconds and when I looked back the entity was gone.

  3. I have been going there for 20 years and nothing happened until 3 or 4 years ago. We stayed up on the hill. My husband was in bed sleeping and I was sitting on the coach having a cup of tea and toast when I saw my husband run across the dark hall and into the bathroom. I got up and went to check on him and know one was in the bathroom. I went in the bedroom he was sound asleep. The next morning I told him what happened and we both were a little spooked. Then my cousin who is a captain in the Navy came downstairs and said you guys are not going to believe what happened to me last night, I was in bed and I kept seeing a guy pace back and forth between the bathroom and the hall. I finally yelled at him and turned on the light, he disappeared into thin air. He said he slept with the lights on. We think it was probably the same ghost, it was dark black and had the perfect shape of a man. I went down the hill and asked if anyone else had the same experience, they said not that they knew.

    • Sharon, I stayed at steele hill resort up on the hill in hotel room 7B, west side and heard a door slam which instantly prompted me to look out the peak hole, and I saw a dark black figure of a man with 2 red horns coming out of his head. The same ghost you and your family member saw and described. I stared at it for about 20-30 seconds, trying to figure out if it was a person playing a joke on me, but the more I stared, the more I realized this had to be a ghost. I glanced away from the peak hole to check on my daughter who was behind me brushing her teeth at the double sink, and I looked back into the peak hole and the figure was GONE. There was no way a human could have exited that small space, which was between room 7A and the doorway which led to the hall. Both doors were noisy to open and close, and the key card swipe made noise as well. This thing we saw I am 100% positive it was a ghost. The staff confirmed a man was murdered there in the 1980s and a dark apparition (which we all saw) wanders the halls. So true!

  4. We stayed in 29AB from 2-26-16 through 2-29-16 we had the whole thing. My mom saw a shadow out of the corner of her eye in the big bedroom. On the main floor bathroom light was always switched on even though I “swore” I had shut it off. TV turned back on on 2 different occasions right after it had been turned off. A bottle of liquor flew off the top of the fridge, no one was around, it didn’t break.

  5. i worked here for a few years in housekeeping. i will tell you room 28A is the worse. i refused to clean it after tvs, and radios would come on simultaneously, banging doors. sometimes we would have to clean the room as if a guest had stayed and nobody was there. beds all messed up. running showers. 29AB was another room i would be aware of. the tvs kept having to be replaced. they would just stop working. they turn on by themselves and the man who whistles in the night comes from that room

  6. I stayed here for 4 nights with my 4 year old daughter. It was just us two, we stayed in 7B hotel room, in which you needed a key card to enter, then you entered a little hallway that separates 7B and 7A, which leads downstairs. It was our first night here and my daughter was brushing her teeth when i heard the door outside our hotel room open and shut. I assumed the family/person staying in 7A were coming in. I looked through the peek hole and could not believe my eyes!-i saw a dark black figure of a man but with 2 red horns coming out of his head. It just stared at me from the doorway to 7A. I knew this was paranormal because i couldnt make out the face, and because it had red horns. I stared in shock for 20 seconds and turned away for 2 seconds to check on my daughter behind me. When i looked back thru the peek hole, the figure was gone. There’s no way a person could have vanished so quickly and besides the exit doors made noise when you scanned the key card. I shared my experience with 2 staff members, who confirmed it was haunted by a man who was murdered on site im the 1980s. Its an old site and this is definitely 100% haunted. I am not on drugs i know what i saw.

  7. Hi Tom, after I saw the dark figure of a man-the ghost who is notorious to this resort, (I stayed in room 7B on the west side, top of the hill) my cell phone died, it just stopped working. Also, my lap top also-I can not believe the TVs stopped working-this ghost clearly can manipulate electronics and it is not a positive entity unfortunately.

  8. My two adult daughters just stayed in room 206 this past Monday night. I am in the next building over staying for the week. I called them early Tuesday morning to wake them for our Mt Major hike ..When I asked them how they slept they said “OMG mom we slept terrible!! This room is haunted !!! They got their stuff together and came to my room .. I asked why they thought that.. One daughter slept on the couch and the other in the bedroom.. My daughter on the couch said she kept seeing shadows moving from the corners of her eyes. Then she was hearing steps in the room and sounds of someone trying to open the door. She checked and after looking around went to sleep in the other room with her sister.. They both were hearing the door knobs turning and sounds like foot steps in the room. They closed the bedroom door and one of my girls fell asleep and then my other daughter put the covers over her head to sleep because she was scared and felt like someone was standing over her . Then she felt as if someone was sitting on the bed .. She said her heart was pounding and got the courage to look and no one was there… A little while later she was hearing whispering in her ear… They were freaked out !!!! After they told me what happened I said google hauntings at Steele Hill Resort and sure enough it’s listed as one of the 10 most haunted places in NH. That was a scary night for them and one they won’t forget!

    • Hi Pamela,
      I am sorry your daughters experienced this. What helped me when I saw the dark entity (dark black shadow of a man with red horns) I knew it was evil. I immediately stared “In the name of Jesus I command you to leave.” I said prayers several times a day while there and whenever entering or leaving. This seemed to help although my cell phone and laptop broke. I also put on a Christian channel and let the word of God fill the hotel room.

  9. these stories are nuts because i saw the same thing. who is this ghost, does anybody know? What is the history of this hotel? Is it true somebody got murdered here in the 1980s? Did the ghost kill the guy or is the ghost the guy who was killed, seeking justice? this is so crazy. If anybody finds out more info, please post asap.

  10. My family just stayed in the East suites and my husband saw a figure of a man walk back and fourth on our first night. He asked our son in the morning and he said it was not him. He said the figure seemed tall for our 7 year old and asked if it was me. It was not. Then on our last night 2 of the 3 the wall ac’s turned on periodically through the night for mere seconds even though they were OFF. It’s winter. I unplugged the one in our room from the wall and it still turned on blew out cold air for seconds and turned off. I was too tired to really care until now. My husband insists he saw a ghost. : / I found this about the murder… could it be??

    • Hi Mama4. That is the unsolved murder indeed! As soon as I set foot inside the west side on the hill, I felt overwhelming impending doom. Another report from Brian, he said he didn’t feel right there. That ghost is not nice. Re: the AC, spirits can manipulate electronics. Read the report from Tom, a former Steele hill staff member who said brand new appliances would break for no reason, and turn on by themselves. My laptop and cell phone both broke our last night here. It was definitely the ghost. While there, I kept dreaming of the man getting shot by 2 people. He was begging for his life. Once I googled that cold case murder, every hair on my body stood up-that man was the man I saw in my dreams while staying there! Tell your husband I saw the ghost too. It was much taller than a 7 year old.

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