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St. Mary’s is apparently a very active haunting site. Numerous and varied claims of sightings have been reported. Many of the stories revolve around the elevators, especially people entering the elevators before disappearing. However the most famous of the ghost is that of a nun who walks the hallways and is rumored to attempt to alert the nursing staff when a patient is in trouble.

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1601 W St Marys Rd
Tucson, AZ 85745
United States

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32.227431, -111.00016499999998
Pima County, Arizona
Nearest Towns:
South Tucson, AZ (2.7 mi.)
Tucson, AZ (4.3 mi.)
Flowing Wells, AZ (4.6 mi.)
Tucson Estates, AZ (6.0 mi.)
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Catalina Foothills, AZ (6.8 mi.)
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Summit, AZ (11.4 mi.)


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  1. when you are inside the hospital. one of the hallways leading to the kitchen there is a wall with a bunch of pictures of the hospital from back in the 50-60’s i believe. there is one picture that actually has a bunch of nurses working. in the back ground there is one nurse working you just see her uniform like someone is in it. but if you look closely she has no legs and the uniform is up right. i worked there when the prison had a wing for inmate prisoners being treated. so when i was posted there again i took a magnifying glass and took a double take at that photograph behold there are no legs or a stand holding the nurses uniform up. I believe it is a legit photograph of a ghost there. if anyone works there and reads this post please take that picture its before you go to the cafeteria.

    • They took the old photos down during the most recent remodel. I had a photo of it but lost it years ago. It was such a disturbing picture. I asked one of the security guards where the pix went but she didn’t know. I also took care of an elderly lady who was a surgical nurse there back in the day. She agreed that the place is totally haunted.

  2. my father was at St marys in his final time of life. I had driven down to see him from Phoenix. I was walking into the hospital to see him, and an older lady in a long white dress was walking beside me and said your dad will be okay, IT is coming to be his time he is at peace with what is to come. I turned to thank her and she was gone. My wife was walking several feet behind me asked me if I was alright and I aksed her where the lady went that was walking beside me. She said there hadnt been anyone beside me, She thought I was just thinking out loud…

  3. My friend is a nurse at this hospital and she worked on a wing of the hospital that hadn’t been used in years and that was the time that Tucson Heart had paired with this hospital. My friend had been hearing people walking after visiting hours and the people who were in this wing of the hospital were very sick and were cardio patients meaning they couldn’t walk. So my friend then kept hearing the footsteps and so she didn’t want to turn around so she used her phone to take a picture of what was behind her and found that there was a ghostly nun behind her.

  4. I went to saint Mary’s Hospital for chest pains, i talked to a entinty that said he had to check my EKGs, a female doctor came in who said she was the only doctor working,the room got really cold.

  5. My mom is here on 3rd floor. Staying here with her now. Last nite had to go potty around 1am went to pottys by waiting room by elevator. Was washing hands door opened nobody came in got paper towel went out right away because i figured that maybe they thought potty in use since one stall but when went out nobody around. Then noticed someone standing outside in patio area that says you can’t go out to. Got chill down spine & hairs on arm stood up. Couldn’t make out face just dark shadow. I put some speed in my step & hurried back to my moms room. Still here today & not to sure bout going to restroom by myself. This place always creeped me out as a kid. Still does. Told my bf and said—their coming to get you Barbara….ugh >:/ told him wait till he needs to go to the potty. Keeping me eyes straight & down & using the potty in my moms room. Dont wanna see anymore or hear anymore ghosties.

  6. My mom was a patient here in the mid-1990s, and I spent a great deal of time visiting her at all hours of the night. I have always been interested in the “paranormal” and was aware of the stories that circulated about the hospital even then. I was actually looking for any evidence of ghostly goings-on but I saw/experienced nothing out of the ordinary. The place may very well be haunted – but I can honestly say that in the many hours I spent there (going up and down in the elevators, walking through empty, darkened corridors during the night) nothing unusual happened.

  7. My grandma was there for almost 2 weeks, they located her in the Cardiology wing that os a section just for patients like my nana (grandmother) she suffer a heart attack & wasn’t in good condition. I have never been to St. Mary’s untill that ocasion. My Father, my 2 brothers & me have medium & psychic ability’s; so at the parking lot entrance I started feeling anxious, scared, observed & very paranoid, I am trully scared of nuns I do not like them at all I have no idea why… My father started getting chills & felt like a whole bunch of people was staring watching observing us. We went into the lobby to visit my nana, at the elevator there is a sighting towards the patio which is so weird & you feel like there is someone who is very protective of the patio. In the elevator was my momther, father, youngest brother, me & my two sons, all of us were just very atentive to this electric/magnetic type of feeling whent thru the elevator & simply left like if it was in a rush. I knew my nana was going to be ok, but at the Hospital itself you get a sad, depression, anxiety, fear, emptyness sorrounds you I mean of course it is a Hospital people have suffer & died there. My Dad was joking with me about the nun, but as soon as you go into the patient rooms you feel the presence of a nun which is mercyful. But you can also get the mean, over protective & intimidation feeling. By the way if any of the spirits likes you enough trust me they will attach & go where you go.

  8. Was on my deathbed there in 1993 for Viral Meningitis, Pneumonia, and Valley Fever. For 3 nights at exactly 3am. I was visited by shadow people that would ealk around my bed and whisper strange words. Granted I was on strong painkillers and orher drugs it would seem I was delusional but it was most definitely real. On the 4th day I was given my “last rights” by a Catholic priest because it seemed hopeless for me; I told the priest about my visitations, he told me that they were spirits and that more people seem to die at 3am. 5 hours after my “last rights” I made a miraculous recovery and finally started to eat hospital food, which at that time, thought it was the best food ever after starving for 5 days. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! <3

  9. Patricia A Felix  |  

    I have been employed by StMarys going on 39 years never experienced any paranormal activity, but I did gather with my Family last evening and My Brother stated a friend was admitted there not sure what unit, the Patient stated he saw a Nun standing by his bedside two nights in a row! And stated that he had to get out if there!!!!I as an long standing employee have met Many of the Nuns that were there in the 80s and I really miss them.

  10. I work at St. Mary’s hospital and have experienced a few scary events there. Once I was walking down the hall on the 3rd floor towards the elevators and felt a strong energy behind me and then all of a sudden the soda vending machine started shaking violently!! It scared me so much! It moved all over, back and forth, like someone was shaking it! The next day I asked the vending machine supplier if the machines shake sometimes from electrical shortages, and he said no, never.. they shouldn’t do that. That confirmed what I already knew.. the energy of the ghost was mad..a very powerful energy. So now I am scared to walk near that soda machine. Another time my coworkers and I were sitting in our office on the 5th floor and we heard knocking on the door and no one was there and the radio kept turning to silent and a mans voice was coming through and speaking quietly. We could not understand what he said. Sometimes our office gets really cold during these events. Most of the time I feel safe there though. The most memorable time was when I was alone in my office and a gold light shot through the floor and through the ceiling, I still believe to this day that is was a spirit going to heaven… it was beautiful…

  11. I worked at St Mary’s from 2005-2006. Once, while I was on the third floor, walking in the hall toward a patent’s room, I saw a brown translucent figure of a man walking in the hall in front of me. I was shocked, but went to treat my patient and then back to the nurses station. Once I was back at the station, two of the nurses were talking about seeing the ghost. I hadn’t said anything to anyone about what I had seen, so I knew they weren’t playing a joke. I asked what the ghost looked like and they described what I had seen. It was in no way scary. Just kinda matter of fact. Okay, I saw this, it did nothing dramatic, just walked through the hall and around a corner. Other people see it too. It’s never done anything scary or angry. It just comes around.

  12. my nana was staying in this hospital i spent a couple of days there with her. One night i went in the elevator to go to the cafeteria well when the elevator doors opened it was not the cafeteria it was a pit black large ball room with a very large beautiful chandelier i put on foot out the elevator looked around it was all dark and to my left was a light down a long hallway and i heard someone vacuuming i instantly got scared and put my foot back in the elevator and went back to the 3rd floor where my nana was staying. The next day i got in the same elevator hit the floor for the cafeteria and it was nothing like i had seen the night before i was so shook .

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