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There is a small graveyard owned by the church located across the road with tilted gravestones melted by time. Some of the gravestones date to the early 1700s and are barely readable.

In 2015, two new houses were built immediately next to the graveyard. At the time the second house (which is closest to the graveyard) was being built, neighbors spotted a glowing figure standing in the graveyard or just outside the graveyard’s border next to the new house. This has happened on several occasions. The figure has a dim green glow that can be seen for a distance and appears to be dressed in loose clothing, sheets or rags. It moves about for a short time then disappears.

Someone has some photos taken in October 2015 I can provide. I’m trying to get her to send them to me.

(Submitted by Ruth T)

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Geographic Information

1565 Sleepy Hollow Rd
Spinnerstown, PA
United States

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40.434248633161275, -75.4413524418851
Bucks County, Pennsylvania
Nearest Towns:
Spinnerstown, PA (0.4 mi.)
Milford Square, PA (2.2 mi.)
Trumbauersville, PA (3.7 mi.)
East Greenville, PA (3.7 mi.)
Pennsburg, PA (4.0 mi.)
Red Hill, PA (4.7 mi.)
Quakertown, PA (5.3 mi.)
Hereford, PA (5.9 mi.)
Coopersburg, PA (6.0 mi.)
Richlandtown, PA (6.8 mi.)


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  1. I’ve been here multiple times and every time I’ve always encountered something. The first time I went there. The feelings were so intense. I did a EVP session and got multiple spirits whisper “help us”. Another of a spirit sighing. And a women screaming. Some of my friends have seen shadow people walking around. This is a truly haunted place.

    • Definitely haunted try to video tape it would not let me video but you can hear my voice during the whole video it went I know video with all scrambled but you can hear me talk to her

  2. I’ve heard a spirit talk to me at this cemetery and tell me not to leave until it sent me a sign. Only to see it leave an imprint of a car in the middle of the street. This place is definitely haunted.

  3. Well I just recorded me being there and you hear me talkin but it freezes on any of the grave sites it will not show any of them but you still hear me talkin and my husband and I just watched the video and then we try to watch it again and it says error will not play so whatever is up there it’s true 100% cuz it was messing with my phone I want to go back he doesn’t want to go back and I went up during the day and and recorded

  4. I made a video you can hear me through the whole video but my screen goes out like you could still see the graveyard but you don’t see me moving it stays in one place and it will not play the video again my husband got to see the video and then I left the video would not play said error would not work so something is definitely up there thank you for and there was also flowers that were at a gravesite which I was looking forward then I got chucked across to another grave

  5. This place is haunted I did a video yesterday and it would not play the video but you can still my hear my voice and also get worse in the shot in the video there was no flowers in front of me and I walked up there was flowers done across in the video but the video says error will not play anymore who played ones for my husband and I and I would not play again something was missing with my husband who is sitting in the car so if you want to come up and try to video chat see if you get the same response I didn’t

  6. Definitely haunted try to video tape it would not let me video but you can hear my voice during the whole video it went I know video with all scrambled but you can hear me talk to her

  7. This is the video that I shot it will not let you play the video again this place is definitely haunted if you take your phone and record you will not get anything on there the screen will freeze but you can still hear yourself talk

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