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St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish is reported to have several ghostly presences who manifest as apparitions, objects that move by themselves, an elevator that works on its own, footsteps in the halls, screams in the game room, voices in the restrooms/halls, toilets that flush by themselves, and, in particular, a ghostly nun who appears at Gilmora Hall.

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Varsity Cir
Antigonish, NS

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45.616576692514265, -61.995598196808714
Antigonish County
Nearest Towns:
Antigonish, NS (1.4 mi.)
Antigonishe, NS (1.4 mi.)
Marshy Hope, NS (9.4 mi.)
Lismore, NS (14.3 mi.)
Goshen, NS (16.1 mi.)
Tracadie, NS (16.7 mi.)
Livingstone Cove, NS (17.3 mi.)
East River Saint Marys, NS (17.5 mi.)
Merigomishe, NS (20.3 mi.)
Merigomish, NS (20.3 mi.)


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  1. Hi,
    i lived in a single room in the Gilmora adjacent-Mount Saint Bernard Dormitory on the 4th (top) floor at the farthest end of Camden hall during the 2010-2011 StFX academic school year.
    It was a coed dorm with each floor split with a general “boys” end and “girls” end. I was wrongfully placed at the “girls” end of the hall.

    All of my immediate neighbours moved out within the first few months, and i remember being scared of the noises id hear every night but by christmas time i felt more “protected” than “haunted”

    My experiences include:
    Asking my neighbour if she needed to talk to somebody because i could hear her loudly crying through the wall.
    She had no idea what i was talking about.
    The crying persisted almost every night for about a month, apparently no one else hearing it. I assumed the girls just didnt feel comfortable talking with their guy-neighbour about their feelings.

    Over time the crying stopped and was replaced with creaking and banging noises coming from my closet. I remember being so frustrated at first because the noise seemed to stop almost instantly every time id slide the door open.

    I gave up investigating this quickly after realizing i could stand in my room all night every night sliding my door open and closed. The buildings plumbing ran through my closet, but i was so confused about the timings of the noises. I didnt tell people about this noise, figuring theyd laugh it off as plumbing. I sort of did too.

    This is close to when i accepted to myself that i wasnt alone despite having no neighbours left in the hall, and Id be driven mad by whatever was living with me if i wasnt careful

    Id see shadows under my door out of the corner of my eye while just trying to watch TV before bed, and when id dart my eyes to my door the shadows would take off, though someone had just been caught with their ear to my door. Every time i checked the hallways and stairwell id find nothing.

    This happened almost every night leading up to Christmas vacation, and again up until reading break at the end of February. It stopped immediately upon my return and i chocked it to being stressed about first term finals, midterms, and my eyes “playing tricks” on me.

    Toward the end of the school year i found my dorm room was the only place i could feel truly at peace. I found it extremely insulated from “negative energies.” There were no cries, no strange plumbing noises, no shadows underneath my door.

    Often id return to my (always unlocked) room to find one of my male friends still living in the building enjoying some video games on my PS3 or watching a show on netflix. When id inquire as to why theyd be in my room specifically, id always be given a response like “i dont know really, your room is just really comforting for some reason. I feel like i can actually relax in here,” followed by a confused scan of my relatively bare walls.

    My second year id lived off-campus with a few friends and it was one of the worst years of my life so far, getting sick with mononucleosis, Bronchitis, diagnosed depression, having a cyst lacerated from my closing throat after an ambulance trip to a specialist, and placed on academic probation at school. I felt very anxious at the time and i look back on that time of my life wishing id still lived under the tested protection of the infamous “blue nun” of Gilmora hall.

    All of this is true, and it chills me still to think about.

    • Hey Ryan. My name is Kelly McMillan. I host a podcast about the paranormal in Canada called Canadian SPIRIT. Could I use your story as part of our presentation on SFXU? I’d really appreciate it!

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