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Guests at this haunted hotel have reported seeing the apparition of a woman on the fourth floor near room 408. Disembodied footsteps also have been reported, as well as glasses that move on their own in the hotel bar.

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Geographic Information

900 Madison St
Seattle, WA 98104
United States

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47.608954, -122.32677000000001
King County, Washington
Nearest Towns:
Seattle, WA (0.3 mi.)
Medina, WA (4.7 mi.)
Hunts Point, WA (5.1 mi.)
Clyde Hill, WA (5.3 mi.)
Mercer Island, WA (5.6 mi.)
Yarrow Point, WA (5.7 mi.)
Bellevue, WA (5.9 mi.)
Beaux Arts Village, WA (6.2 mi.)
White Center, WA (6.5 mi.)
Newport, WA (7.3 mi.)

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  1. My husband and I stayed here and this place is definitely haunted!! We were in room 301 and all night my husband hardly slept because of the footsteps….I finally fell asleep. He had horrible dreams were a lady was yelling at him and kept waking me up and asking if I was mad at him. The next morning my husband was all out if sorts and could barely get ready. He kept trying to dry his hair (3x!!) and the more he dried it it just kept getting wetter… He finally lost it and left the room and went outside while I packed everything. While I was packing I heard a scratching sound a cup of cherries I had from the day before slid across the dresser …. Needless to say I was ready to leave to! I would stay again 🙂

  2. In the early 1980s I lived in Seattle. I’d moved there from San Diego. A close friend from SD was coming for a job interview at a facility near Capital Hill. She’d asked me for a recomendation for a hotel, since the company was paying for everything, I suggested the Sorrento Hotel.
    I’d never been there, but I thought it was beautiful and it was very near her interview location, a short walk.
    I picked her up at the airport and went with her to check in and see the room. The inside was just as lovely as the outside.
    We went to her room, I can’t remember if it was on the third or fourth floor.
    We got to the room and found it, too was beautiful, but very cold. It was June or July and warm for Seattle. She called the front desk and asked how to turn the A/C off. She was told the building didn’t have A/C. They said the heat had been turned off so, she should open the windows and let the summer in. That’s what she did, and we went out for lunch.
    When we got back, I went with her to the room for a few minutes. I found myself becoming annoyed with, well, everything. I left with the promise she’d call when she was ready to go to dinner.
    I finally called the hotel at about 7:00 PM since I hadn’t heard from her. They connected me to the room, but there was no answer.
    I tried several other times, but she never answered. Finally, I was told they couldn’t ring the rooms after 10:00 or 11:00 PM.
    I tried again first thing in the morning. She answered right away. She said the phone had never rung and when she’d tried to call me, my phone would ring once then a dial tone. She’d reported the problem to the desk. They told her they’d checked the switch board, and it was working fine.
    We agreed to meet for lunch at a nearby place after her interview.
    At lunch, she told me she hadn’t slept well at all. She said there was an angry woman stomping up and down the halway, periodically yelling at someone.
    When she tried to call the desk to ask them to do something about it, the phone didn’t work. Finally, she decided to get dressed and either speak to the woman, and/or go to the desk and ask them to do something about it.
    When she stepped into the hall, there was no one in sight. She thought maybe the woman had gotten tired and gone to bed, so she went back to bed. She fell asleep right away, but was awakened again, this time the woman seemed to be right outside her door, crying.
    She put on a robe and opened the door, to nothing, again the hallway was empty.
    Back to bed, to sleep the rest of the night.
    There was no mention by anyone at the hotel of any untoward phenomenon.
    She said the room never warmed up and she asked if we could find her another hotel for the rest of her stay. She ended up at a brand new place a few blocks away. Even though it meant taking a cab to the second day of interviews.
    We were both healthcare professionals, who believe in what can be proved, but we both had strange feelings about the Sorrento. We joked about it being haunted, but I think we both were only half joking.
    I would have had her write this, since it happened to her, but she passed away 2 years ago.

  3. Venus gonzalus  |  

    It was just a year ago when I went to Seattle for some medical information for my brother and I was in room 408 and not gonna lie it was scary as hell I would hear disembodied footsteps there were knocks on the door and when I would go check nothing was there then not long after that I could hear a voice saying help me in my ear and I was just drifting in and out of conscious ness and what I accounted next was the scariest thing I was home after that week being Seattle and not long after I got home I heard the voice again saying help me I thought I was hallucinating but when I got into my room my dolls where moved in my closet my bed was messed up and I had cups on my floor and I make my bed everyday and I’m to short to do anything but I didn’t want to tell my mom. Because she would think I was crazy anyway when I saw all of that I looked up and surly enough on the middle bunk on my triple bunk bed was a little girl around the age of five saying help me not gonna lie she was gorgeous but her name was Olivia she was so cute and adorable that I had to ask her to help with she told me to help her find her mom that’s when I found out her mother Mary abandoned her so Olivia starved to death that’s how she passed so now I help her through anything that she is having a hard time with and a lot of the other dark and light figures in my room and house I am what you call a ghost hunter and spiritual guidance which is where you help guide the spirits of any kind out of there traumatizing event but while your doing that you build a good friendship with the other side me and Olivia are best friends I think of Olivia as my sister and as crazy as that sounds as a ghost my friend and sister well I like it that way and if you ever need to talk to me about this kind of thing go to my Instagram @babycatz or my messenger @lottie williams

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