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Smalley’s, originally opened in 1852 by James Smalley, was rebuilt in 1924 after a fire burned much of the city. It’s now an Italian-American restaurant and is rumored to have been haunted for many years. When the tombstone of a little girl was recently found under the basement steps, it was determined that the grave belonged to Elizabeth Smalley, who was killed as a toddler. Paranormalists determined that the ghost was Elizabeth, and witnesses say their clothing has been tugged and apparitions of not just a child but a man and a woman as well, have been spotted. Elizabeth’s apparition is said to peek out from around a certain pillar in the basement, and has spooked several workmen who were trying to build a sports bar down there. One time, every cell phone in the restaurant went off at once, and each call came from inside the building.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    57 Gleneida Ave
    Carmel, NY 10512
    United States

    Get Directions »
    41.427136, -73.67923489999998
    Putnam County, New York
    Nearest Towns:
    Carmel, NY (0.2 mi.)
    Carmel Hamlet, NY (0.9 mi.)
    Lake Carmel, NY (2.4 mi.)
    Brewster, NY (3.8 mi.)
    Brewster Hill, NY (3.9 mi.)
    Mahopac, NY (4.7 mi.)
    Heritage Hills, NY (6.1 mi.)
    Peach Lake, NY (6.7 mi.)
    Shenorock, NY (7.3 mi.)
    Putnam Lake, NY (7.3 mi.)


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    1. I worked at Smalley’s around 2001, the basement was my most feared destination. I would hear key jangling, like old heavy keys, and hear my name whispered. Check out the liquor room if your ever there, it feels like there are 100 pair of eyes on you. CREEPY!

    2. I have used the PSB7 here on numerous occasions, with astonishing results. I have posted the more noteworthy ones on YouTube, which can be easily found.
      Also, here is an apparition that I captured in August, 2013. All of the information has been documented and notarized, and has been given to the owner.

      • daniella castrovinci ❤️  |  

        l am very good at history l like this because I was thinking about that Smalley it was a bigger problem about this in years ago all years . what to know about it thanks

      • There is no longer an Inn, just a restaurant / bar , in October they have tons of Halloween decorations and all the staff in costume, definitely worth a visit if you’re in carmel. The food is good !

    3. I visited Smalleys few years back. Everyone very friendly and good food. I didn’t notice anything strange at all when I was inside. I was with a group of guys about 12 and were excited about seeing something. As I was leaving I noticed a reflection on mirror, very faint but you could certainly see the reflection of people walking and of this man with a long top hat. I grabbed two of my buddies and asked them If they could see what I could see and they just froze.. hairs on the back of my neck stood up!… I just walked out calmly and never spoke about it. Pretty creepy & I never went back again

    4. My wife and I went there for dinner with some friends who had never visited Smalley’s before. I started to tell them about some of the Smalley’s Inn history. As soon as I said the word “haunted” the salt shaker at the empty table next to ours fell over. The table was empty and no one was walking anywhere near it. There was no visible reason why that salt shaker should’ve fallen over.

    5. Another apparition captured, this time by my wife on 12/26/18. As I was using the SLS X Camera in the dining room, she was using a cybershot digital camera. We were calling for little Elizabeth Smalley to appear, and I believe that she did ( she appears to be a very shy, little girl ).

    6. Elizabeth Smalley was never actually buried there. The tombstone was found on a side road and given to the inn thinking it was a relative. The hauntings are from probaly from the fact that it served as morgue and sherriff’s office back in the 1800’s. Is it haunted? Yes I believe so. I’ve lived in Carmel all my life and unfortunately never had an experience any time I’ve been there.

    7. We just visited for the first time tonight. The owner was very entertaining, giving us and the couple at booth 21 a long history of the inn and the haunting. He had a lot of photos he showed us. One of them on the page above was in his collection. The pictures are definitely something to consider if you like paranormal activities. Even if you don’t, the food was excellent and the service very good. Nice rustic atmosphere inside.

    8. I hung out there on and off for a few years with my brother back in ’94-96′ and loved this place as a watering hole. I remember their wings being awesome. While I never saw any ghosts there, I, myself have ghosted many woman there before making bad mistakes. LOL
      Now I’d like to go back knowing this is part of their history and maybe investigate myself being a paranormal investigator.

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