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Built circa 1874 by Colonel Skene and believed to be haunted by his wife, Skene Manor is a castle of a place, built of stone and open for guided tours. When the colonel’s wife passed away, according to local lore, the colonel chose to keep her body nearby. Some say he kept her in a lead-lined coffin in the basement; others say it was under the grand staircase. Furthermore, when the place became a restaurant, the coffin was behind the bar with a stone fountain around it, said to remain to this day. Witnesses claim to have seen an apparition of a lady in a Victorian gown near the fountain, wearing a large ring.

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8 Potter Terrace
Whitehall, NY 12887
United States

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43.5558653, -73.39916360000001
Washington County, New York
Nearest Towns:
Whitehall, NY (0.2 mi.)
Fair Haven, VT (7.2 mi.)
Hampton, NY (7.7 mi.)
Poultney, VT (8.6 mi.)
Fort Ann, NY (10.7 mi.)
Benson, VT (11.3 mi.)
Castleton, VT (11.6 mi.)
Granville, NY (12.4 mi.)
Bolton Landing, NY (12.8 mi.)
Wells, VT (13.7 mi.)

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  1. Wasn’t it at this house that a family tied a rare dog breed outside and forgot about it? They were arrested but the judge just gave them a slap on the wrist even though the dog died a horrible death. A UPS man found the dog half dead and frozen to the ground. I used to live that far upstate and too many of the people there are ignorant inbreds with no respect for animals.

    • Your comment is very disrespectful to animal lovers who care about their pets. If it is true about the pour dog you talk about, it is an extremely rare individual who would do this. Most people in Northern NY value and cherish their pets. Your comment is very ugly and very unwarranted. Shame on you.

      • Disrespectful? Shameful? This is a true story and it did happen at this castle. What’s shameful is shaming someone for remembering an animal that had no one to love it. I remember this case and still feel such sadness and love for him.

    • Ana, sounds like there is a lot of inbreds downstate where you live with the enlightened inbreds, who elect progressive democrats who are destroying the Empire state.


    This story is true!!! The dog was sick so they tied him, SHAHIN, to a tree, with no food, H2O or shelter, during one of the coldest winters we’d had in yrs. They said they thought the dog would die in the cold during the nite, but, the 2 SADISTS & THEIR YOUNG CHILDREN walked past Shahin at least 2x everyday FOR WEEKS…. DOING NOTHING BUT WATCH HIM SUFFER & DIE A LONG & AGONIZING DEATH!! It happened that something was wrong with their woodstove or something, & when someone came to look at it, they saw Shahin frozen to the ground… still alive!!! They called police who came up to Skene Manor & got Shahin to a vet, where he died hrs, or a day, later!!! These people went on trial in Whitehall (where animal loving towns people were literally ready to lynch them!!!) They did only get a slap on the wrist & told not to have any more animals!!! WoW!!! They ended up having to leave Whitehall, bcz of the endless harrassment!!! They moved to Rhinebeck, NY & I contacted the Humane Society there to let them know & maybe keep an eye on them so they would never OWN another animal!!! As of this day, I have no idea where they are? But, the story us TRUE & one if the saddest… people who were moving, gave SHAHIN to them thinking he was going to a good home!!! These people heard about what happened to Shahin on NAT’L NEWS & (I believe) came back to Whitehall to confront the SADISTS, but I think they’d already moved!!! I couldn’t even imagine what I’d do if that happened to my dog & I saw the people responsible!!! I’d prob be doing serious TIME!!!

    • Thank you Carol for the information, I had just heard tonight in the ch. 13 news at 6:00 that Bob Kovachic mentioned that Mark Moholland lived in the Skene Manor as a kid. He had a huge family and they ran a restaurant there. The one thing that stuck in my mind about Skene Manor was that most horrible story about the poor dog. I looked up to see if there was anything in order to be more accurate in telling my boyfriend and found what you had written, so thank you and thank you for following thru on letting the next place they lived know about those sick people.

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