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The Seneca Hill ghost is an apparition of an extremely frightened woman in her late 30s running along the road in her old-fashioned nightgown. She has a young girl of about 6 by the hand, and the child also wears period sleepwear. They disappear at the crest of the hill.

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Geographic Information

Cty Rt 57
Minetto, NY
United States

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43.40064635265922, -76.47028967724611
Oswego County, New York
Nearest Towns:
Minetto, NY (0.4 mi.)
Oswego, NY (4.3 mi.)
Fulton, NY (6.0 mi.)
Hannibal, NY (7.7 mi.)
Mexico, NY (12.8 mi.)
Fair Haven, NY (13.0 mi.)
Phoenix, NY (14.5 mi.)
Sand Ridge, NY (15.7 mi.)
Red Creek, NY (16.6 mi.)
Meridian, NY (16.6 mi.)


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    • Darlene tassie  |  

      When I was little I seen the woman every night but with no little girl she would stand across from my house by the mailbox&wait for this car to pick her up the car would stop to get her and always have his dome light on and drive her down the road were the cemetery is and you could see her get out of the car.. it was like he kept taking her back to her resting place.this happen every night.And outside my home you could here knocking all around the house every night also and my mom had can tomatoes in the cellar and we would here the glass breaking but we would look in the morning and see no glass broke..Also in the house the ceilings would get a cross markings in one bedroom. And in my mom’s bedroom she would see a ghost she would try to keep her door closed but it always opened up by its self. So she would just leave it open but kept seeing the ghost but never tried to harm her . Our land lord name was Mr. HANEY AND he still lives next door to were I lived

  1. I grew up around here. I’m 48 now. Over the course of my life I’ve seen her twice. Once after passing through Minetto on 48 heading toward Oswego, I saw her along with another driver who pulled off the road the same moment as I, both of us in shock staring at one another. She was alone, long skirt, bonnet on her head and arms whisking back and forth very airy like. Years later she was seen again, by herself walking on the road parallel across the river. My mother and I saw her in shock. Dressed more for Christmas, walking on a sharp bend with heavy traffic, she paid no attention to the cars and how close they were to her. It was like we and the traffic didn’t exist to her. Same long skirt and bonnet on her head. No child in hand either time. Not only did I recognize her as the lady seen years earlier, but that airy whisk to her arms was again very evident which led me both times to believe she was indeed a ghost.

    • Jenny, since the tale of this ghost has been around so very long, do you think someone is dressing up in costume doing this? I am from that area originally and I’m almost years older than you. When I was little, we were told it as a fact that the lady and her children had perished in a house fire near there decades before. It’s probably in the old papers.

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