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Locals have several names for it: Santa Clara House, Big Green House, Carlo Hahn House or the Candlelight Bar and Restaurant. Whatever you call it, it is rumored to be haunted by the ghost of a former resident named Rosa. Rosa was an unhappy woman who was forced into marrying a man she didn’t love. She began an affair with an Italian man who left her when she became pregnant, then hanged herself from a ceiling beam. Her ghost has been seen looking out of the round second-story window, and unexplained noises have been heard in the upstairs women’s restroom. Also, some witnesses say they felt as if someone were pushing them down the stairs.

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Geographic Information

211 E Santa Clara St
Ventura, CA 93001
United States

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34.2798019, -119.297437
Ventura County, California
Nearest Towns:
Ventura, CA (0.3 mi.)
Oxnard Shores, CA (6.9 mi.)
El Rio, CA (8.2 mi.)
Oak View, CA (8.3 mi.)
Saticoy, CA (8.4 mi.)
Oxnard, CA (8.9 mi.)
Channel Islands Beach, CA (9.4 mi.)
Mira Monte, CA (10.6 mi.)
Port Hueneme, CA (10.8 mi.)
Meiners Oaks, CA (11.6 mi.)


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  1. We were at the Tavern during the day and I was standing on the landing of the stairwell near the bathrooms and was pushed hard like something checked into me and I had to put my hand on the railing to catch my balance. I felt cold immediately and all the hairs on my body stood straight up. Very cool experience!

  2. When i was 14 I worked at the Big Green House. I am a sensitive (did not realize that at the time) and was constantly bombarded by energy at this place. I used to have to go upstairs to work the banquet room and it was like walking into a wall of jello. The ladies bathroom always had a “air” about it that was odd. I did not last there very long. I was raised in Ventura and there had always been a legend of the place being haunted. After working there i will agree. It was a beautiful old Victorian Mansion that had been transformed into a 6 room restaurant. Every room had its own theme and they served “Chicken, Steak and Chocolate Cake, All you could eat.”

  3. My family and I simply LOVED going to dinner here when it was The Big Green House. But when I would use the upstairs ladies’ restroom, I felt so creepy, like someone was watching me. It was an overpowering feeling that had me scanning the flowered wallpaper, looking for some sort of illicit peephole. Many years later, I heard the house was haunted and about how the young woman hanged herself near the area of the ladies’ room. It still gives me chills to remember that feeling I had. This was the only place I ever felt something like that.

  4. I went there in the 80’s when it had the bar in the front and food in the back, I went to the bathroom upstairs alone and was standing in front of the mirror that was right in front of you when you opened the door putting on lipstick, when the door opened and there was a girl standing there staring at me and she looked like she had hickeys on her neck, I just kinda looked at her in the mirror for a few seconds and she kept staring at me, so I turned around to confront her and there was no one there and the door was closed!! Kinda freaked me out, I soon found out about the story about Rosa and really freaked out because I totally believe it was her!!

  5. creepiest place ever. This apparition was there one minute and then gone the next. We didnt notice it until later we put the disc on the computer to look at the photos, also there was no one sitting behind us. The ghost of Rosa popped up in both my friend in this photo and my dreams for several weeks later, it was pretty frightening since we both described seeing the same lady.

  6. I was a young girl perhaps about 10 and went to the Santa Clara house with a large table of visiting family and the only child present. I went upstairs to where the bathroom was but stopped at the landing to let a beautiful dark haired lady wearing a voluminous dress and black lace.

    I was awestruck and she smiled at me when I said she was so beautiful. When I came down she was on rhe landing by thw window, she gave me a slight nod as I said hi and then I told my family about the pretty lady in an old fashion dress. No one saw her but me and the staff denied any costume part going on.

    Many years later when a mother myself I picked up a book about haunted Ventura and read about Rosa. It said she most often showed herself to children.

    I never knew she was a ghost till then.

    • The adult members of my family asked several staff members about the woman I described and they all denied the presence of anyone matching the description I gave. The dress was definitely from another era as was black lace on her head. This was a good 50 years ago.

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