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The Sacred Heart Mission was established in 1876 and later became a convent and a school for girls. The initial heritage site was destroyed by fire in 1901, but the mission site was rebuilt. Ruins of many past buildings are still visible today, and so are the spirits that haunted the church buildings and nearby cemetery. People have reported seeing the apparitions of monks and priests walking around the site, and also seeing animals that disappear and make strange noises late at night. A shadowy apparition has been seen in the basement of the mission, and cries, moans and screams have been heard in the vicinity of the church building. In the nearby cemetery, heavy breathing and ghostly voices have been reported, as well as the growling noises of animals when there is no one around. Strange lights have been seen floating around the graveyard late at night and in the early hours of morning.

(Submitted by Callum Swift)

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E1390 Road
Konawa, OK
United States

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34.99842870320255, -96.80979466473218
Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma
Nearest Towns:
Konawa, OK (4.2 mi.)
Saint Louis, OK (5.8 mi.)
Asher, OK (6.5 mi.)
Maud, OK (9.3 mi.)
Byng, OK (12.5 mi.)
Wanette, OK (12.9 mi.)
Bowlegs, OK (12.9 mi.)
Francis, OK (14.9 mi.)
Macomb, OK (15.2 mi.)
Tribbey, OK (16.0 mi.)


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  1. Jessie Addington  |  

    We caught some strange happenings at Sacred Heart a couple years back. People to this day say my photos are fake. But I know they aren’t. Ive been out to this place several times and each time has been creepy. We hear strange noises just like others have heard in the previous article. Unfortunately we did not get to go inside the church as it has boards everywhere.

    • I agree it’s a freaky place. But the freakiest thing about it is when you find the hedge maze. And when you go thru it you find a statue of an angel. But if you go back during the day you won’t be able to find it. But they say if you can ever find it and touch it then you’ll never make it back out and I did. But still never found it again when have gone back.

  2. Jessie Addington  |  

    And here is the cross in one of the cemeterys. Our friends camera caught this and as soon as he did his camera shut off and never came back on until after we was back home. People say this is fake and its just a reflection of Jesus on the cross. But I see a little girl. The animals and bugs all went NUTS after we took the shot. Took us three tries, but we got it. The crazy thing is. After we got back on the trail back to the road all the animals and bugs went completely silent. Now tell me that’s not weird? I feel sorry for the people who simply don’t believe.

  3. Has anyone found the baby’s grave yard? It’s harder than crap to find, and when you do…. It’s sad, scary, and so eery…..

  4. We went this past Saturday, as soon as I stepped into the cemetery immediately cold chills, goosebumps and I felt something around me. I tried to take pictures with my phone and it went crazy, making noises like shutter the the screen kept flipping around, I told my cousin Tammy to look and I said do you see and hear this , she said yes . When we left the cemetery area got back to my car I was able to use my phone just fine. I wanted to go agian my family members stayed in car , I started filming outside of the cemetery a fog was around me and phone went crazy agian, got to the fence the fog left me and got to my car and phone worked fine agian

    • jonathan Bonatti  |  

      Hey Toni, I am making a TV show called Oklahoma Oddities and this site will be on the show. Would you be able to tell me your story again and possibly use it in the show? My name is Jonathan Bonatti on FB, thank you!!!!

  5. Four of us ventured here yesterday. Three of us went inside the bakery,the cold inside was overwhelming (temp was 86 outside)! Didn’t matter where we walked,the bugs & wasps pursued us relentlessly..until we got on the trail to head back to our vehicle that is. Would love to go again at night,but won’t risk it as the signs say no trespassing after dark. Creepy place,but also beautiful.

  6. you may go there during the day but dont try it at night ! There is a man who watches the place very close ! If you even stop on the road he will come run you off !

  7. Rachael Robertson  |  

    My sister and I went and visited the site. We got no creepy vibes or weird feelings. But every now and again we caught the smell of smoke and fire. We did record our walk back to our car. When we got home and reviewed our footage, we seen a couple of white orbs that were moving around the still standing buildings. That’s is when I got chills.

  8. Zack mutha fucking k town Walker  |  

    Okay so me and my 2 friends just left from out there about 11:45 almost 12 and when we was there we hade the most freightening experience. So 3 times we had parked the car amd killed the lights and everytime we had a car that would come with lights on from a differant direction each time. Which is odd becuz that road is never busy at all and i woukd know cuz ive grown up here all my life. And especially that late at night. So the last time we went back we went back specifically to see if it would happen again. My friend trent in the back seat just starts opening the door and talking shit when we pull back up. I guess directed at the entities or whatever. Well anyways few moments go by with my lights killed and the car in park and i could feel this weird presence had arose but couldnt see anything at all. About that time i pressed on my breaks amd check my left rear view mirror in it i could see what looked like the arm of a man then i seen it move out from right behind my tail light and out from the side of my car So therefore i cocked my head and then seen a bald man with hollow black eyes. Wearing a grey shirt t shirt and blue jeans with the most eviliest smile on his face. And me and my friend camerons hearts just dropped and i thru that bitch and drive and got tf out of there. Really tho? Anybody might know anything abiut who it could be or why. Cuz my theory is he was right behind that taillight waiting to snatch trent cuz he had pressumed to open his door at least 3 times before and talk shit. The entity or whatever human idk. It was coming for him i assume.

  9. jonathan Bonatti  |  

    My name is Jonathan Bonatti and I am doing a TV show called Oklahoma Oddities and any of these stories I would love to include in the show. We need several camera interviews so any help at all would VERY be appreciated. Thank you!!!!

  10. Me and three of my buddies went out there around 11pm and once we go there we got a very unsettling feeling that someone was watching us. We all finally got out of the car ready to go but i had to stop and tie my shoe in front of the gate and it wasn’t even a minute later that we heard someone or something walking close to the gate and none of us had are flashlights on. After we heard that noise we got quite and i myself could hear faint talking real close to the gate and after we heard it move again we dashed for the car. We left for like five minutes up the road and came back to shine the car lights on the gate and what we saw was pretty unsettling. We saw something standing behind the gate and all you could see was the outline of the shadowy figure and eyes that reflected green. From hearing and reading stories from others, supposedly you can smell smoke around there when you walk around but when we had left after we saw the figure we smelt smoke in the car after it had been 15 minutes after we left. Someday I’d like to go back with some more friends because we never go to go in.

  11. My mother has pictures of my sister and her cousin that has ghosts of an elderly woman and a baby on the steps of the two story building.

  12. Does anyone know who to contact with regard to entry? I would like to go and investigate this location. Does anyone have information on who owns it now?

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