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Built in the 1890s as a memorial for Civil War soldiers, this building has housed a public library, an armory, and now the Round Town Players theatrical group. An apparition of a Civil War soldier has been seen reflected in the mirrors at Memorial Hall.

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165 E Main St
Circleville, OH 43113
United States

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39.600924886174106, -82.94280593098847
Pickaway County, Ohio
Nearest Towns:
Circleville, OH (0.2 mi.)
Logan Elm Village, OH (2.2 mi.)
Stoutsville, OH (6.1 mi.)
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South Bloomfield, OH (8.4 mi.)
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  1. Michael Chopin  |  

    Circleville is named for the large Indian earthworks that once existed there for over 2000 years prior to 1830. The white savages came along and destroyed them and this they called progress. At first, wise men incorporated the earthworks into the layout of their town. Over time (about 30 years), the residents complained that the layout of the town was not suitable to them and caused them problems…so, they then completely leveled the earthworks and fashioned the layout into the modern “grid” fashion seen today. Originally, the streets radiated outward from the center of the circle until they reached the square and the ran parallel to the square (you can see this in an 1836 map drawing of Circleville). The only evidence now left is that all the east-west streets today run parallel to the northern and southern boundaries of the square. The walls of the circle component were at least 20 feet high when first constructed and it is suspected that the walls of the square were at least 15 feet high originally.

    I have never heard of a Civil War spirit at Memorial Hall, but there is an apparition that appears there about every 18 years. It is an Indian Spirit called “Nepaii Kishux” (pronounced Knee-phi Key-shoo[ugh]). Nepaii and his people lived on the Scioto river (pronounced “Zi-on-tah” by the Wyandot peoples) meaning “river of palaces and forts” over 2000 years ago. It is said that the ghost of Nepaii was very upset that the ignorant white savages invaded and destroyed the work of his people, the ancient monuments, and so every 18.6 years the ghost of Nepaii will rise from the mound on Watt St. in the northern middle part of the square. At about 9:00 p.m. the ghost stands on top of the Methodist bell tower and peacefully protests the destruction of his people’s work. Then, the spirit slowly rises into the heavens vowing to return once again to the same spot. The last time the ghost was seen here was in June 2006, so he will not show himself again until April 25, 2025. Mark your calendars and be sure to be there!

    Attached are a couple of diagrams showing a survey map of what the earthworks used to look like as well as an overlay on a modern satellite image to the correct scale. These works were massive. The survey map was drawn either for or by Caleb Atwater prior to 1820.

  2. Michael Chopin  |  

    Eww, it looks like the building up of Circleville since the days Nipaii requires that you get up as high off the ground as possible to see the ghost rise where described. Before the church was built you would have been able to see it for sure. If you could get on top of the bell tower and look in the same direction you would see it for sure. Unfortunately, the bell tower blocks the ghost these days (which is fitting considering who the ghost is named after).

    But don’t fret, you can still see it if you get either above the tall buildings that are in the line of site or beyond them.

  3. My boyfriend and I just finished our weekend stay the The Mitchell House Bed and Breakfast in Circleville oh and im telling you that place is haunted. I am a strong believer in the undead and such. I studied in witchcraft for around 3 years. upon our stay we heard foot steps and strange noises. the first night we were the only two people there. around 11 p.m. I had to use the restroom, I walked down the hall feeling as if I was being watched. once I sat to use the restroom the bathroom tub started to sound like water was dripping but it was coming from inside the drain and my boyfriend says it sounded more like something or someone tapping on the pipes. I tried to find any excuse and I couldn’t find any to justify the pattern or the loudness. I started to feel uncomfortable so I sped up and washed my hands and fast walked down the hallway where it felt cold, but it was atleast 75 degrees outside and the place don’t have air. all it had was a square fan sitting on the ground. when I got into the room I explained to my boyfriend what had happened. he didn’t believe me. around 3 a.m. I had to go to the restroom again. and I made him go with me and he finally heard the noises except this time there were footsteps outside and other strange noises. again we were the only two people in there. when we were getting ready to return to our room we brought up the noises and the tub noise started speeding up, as if in sync with the fact we brought it up. we stayed up for a few more hours, hearing noises here and there. I finally went to bed, with the lights on. he stayed up almost all night saying he heard things while I slept. when I woke up the lights were still on and our door locked. I went into the hallway and it seemed fine. we left for my aunts beautiful wedding and once we came back it was dark and that feeling of being watched came back. this time there was another couple there but they were asleep by time we got back from getting pizza. All night long was more noise to the point were we held our bladders until the morning. The other couple had trouble starting their bikes in the morning and when we went to leave our ignition switch gave out. I feel like it wasn’t just random that both our things messed up. I felt like something or someone didn’t want us to leave. we finally left and as soon as we did everything felt better. I finally relaxed.

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