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Rogue’s Hollow Bridge, or Crybaby Bridge, has a couple of legends attached to it that may explain the ghostly crying sound heard here. One says that long ago a woman tossed her unwanted newborn over the bridge, and now the phantom scene replays here along with the sound of a baby crying. A similar story says that the woman became pregnant by a married man, and the townspeople accused her of seducing him by witchcraft and threatened to take her baby from her. To stop this from happening, the woman threw the baby over the side of the bridge.

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Geographic Information

Galehouse Road
Doylestown, OH
United States

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40.94107514139893, -81.67524451016561
Wayne County, Ohio
Nearest Towns:
Doylestown, OH (2.3 mi.)
Clinton, OH (2.5 mi.)
Marshallville, OH (4.1 mi.)
Canal Fulton, OH (5.4 mi.)
Manchester, OH (5.5 mi.)
Rittman, OH (6.1 mi.)
Barberton, OH (6.2 mi.)
Norton, OH (6.4 mi.)
Wadsworth, OH (6.5 mi.)
New Franklin, OH (7.0 mi.)


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  1. I had been on a family vacation at the nearby Mohican Adventures. My brother, sister and myself all went to explore crybaby bridge to see if it was real. We went on the bridge and came back down to the car after hearing sounds and feeling different things touching us. And at exactly midnight a train had flew down the tracks, seconds after we had went back to the car. We also had tested the theory by sitting a beer bottle on the bridge and asked someone to move it and it had been knocked off the bridge onto my car. My car would then not start until the third time after it hit 12:01. Creepy shit man.

  2. I live nearby to this bridge and have visited it on several occasions. The first two times I heard nothing, felt nothing nor saw anything. However, the third time I visited I heard a womans shreak just seconds after stepping out of my car from about fifty feet away. I walked towards the bridge assuming is was some kids playing a joke but I had kept my eyes on the site the whole time I walked towards it. Nobody had ran away from the spot. As I approached the bridge I searched vigorously for upwards of seven minutes to find who had made the noise, including by looking under the bridge. There was no one around. Weird.

  3. My friends and I went a couple times. The first time I went, we heard a woman’s scream from the railroad tracks and we couldn’t find anyone. Second time my friend and I say a white woman in a dress walk across the street. Everything was white. She looked like she was mist and she had no feet, she just floated across the street. & we also seen another figure like that but it was a man who was dressed as a farmer.

  4. Actually the legend goes a Indian woman became pregnant by an English settler and her tribe found out and tried to brutally kill the infant to save the baby from the pain she drowned the baby under the bridge

  5. Many years ago while in high school, 3 of us were out “wasting time” on a late Saturday night on the road which circles above the area of the bridge and something extremely disturbing happened to us. Clear, hot summer evening, and for those familiar with the area, probably know right where I mean, drove around the bend and started into the dip. There was what appeared to be nearly a wall of fog, so thick it left condensation on the glass, but as we entered the fog, we all at the same time experienced what I can only describe as the feeling of an electric shock through our bodies, we all gave a “what the hell was that!” What I can only describe as iimmediately after that, the car died. The lights were functioning but it would not start. The fog outside was slowly swirling and just out of distance of sight was what appeared to be large, very large horses with something, yes, something is all I can call it, on these horses ( I would say there were 2 or 3) and they were slowly approaching. We all saw the same thing as extreme distress overcame us all at the same time to what was being seen.The car finally started and I gunned the gas to get the hell out of there, the “horse and riders” never moved, but instead just sort of swirled into the fog. Moments later we came out of the fog, and left quick. We all felt very drained and sort of in shock for hours afterwards. And no, not 1 drop of alcohol, or any other substances were used by any of us that night, except cigarettes.

  6. LOVE IT!!! just went there for the first time since my teens years soo excited to show my family where me and all of my friends would go to on cool summer nights to see if we could here the baby crying..never did though 🙁 But always have a blast there!!!!

  7. I always went there in my teenage years. I always heard rumors of a “ghost train.”
    For years I never saw it and I honestly thought it was a myth. The trains run every hour or so and I had given up on finding it.
    Then on night, I was showing two of my friends the area and….. I finally witnessed it.
    I recorded it and took two photos. It happened between 1:30a and 2a. I was so excited.
    Be warned: there are areas that tend to smell like smoke and cinder. There’s places that just don’t feel right.
    The last time my friend and I were there: I figured it would be fun to try out this ghost recorder.
    When I played it back we got the worst scare. A very strong female voice said “You need to get the f*** out.”
    We left after that.
    Later: on re-listening to that recording, I messed with the settings. Underneath this female voice was a whisper barely audible saying “We need your help today.”
    My oddest visit for sure.
    This picture is the alleged “ghost train” caught on camera. You can clearly see through the train to the other side. My friends and I got out after to touch the tracks. Both tracks (two track train track) were the same feel to touch. No difference.

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