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Although I’ve heard a lot about Rochester’s abandoned buildings, I hadn’t been to any of them out of apprehension and a little bit of fear. This one day that I did go, I brought my camera to try to capture the decaying architecture of the places.

There are a ton of stories about the Rochester Psychiatric Center, also known as the Monroe County Insane Asylum. The hospital that the asylum operated under has been maintained and renovated for present day use, but a few of the buildings were closed and now exist as creepy remnants in varying states of decay. These remaining infrastructures are allegedly the final resting places of many of the hospital’s past patients. I’ve heard claims of people hearing cries or shrieks from inside, and passing by but feeling people watching them from inside, occasionally swearing they saw someone out of the corner of their eyes.

As most of the buildings have been boarded up, I wasn’t able to go inside any of the buildings (and, to be honest, I wasn’t necessarily looking for a way in). The howling winds of Rochester, NY, and the cold, eerie weather set the mood and I was definitely feeling a little spooked, even as I walked around its exterior, assuming that every sound I heard was coming from someone or something inside of its walls. Going through my pictures afterwards, I took the picture attached. It was inside of the Walters Building. I seemed to have captured an unnatural blur in a high window, possibly evidence of the paranormal. Considering the building’s history, I can’t even say it was unexpected to make such a discovery.

(Submitted by Mika)

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1111 Elmwood Ave
Rochester, NY
United States

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43.11995281336099, -77.61406981942855
Monroe County, New York
Nearest Towns:
Rochester, NY (2.4 mi.)
Brighton, NY (3.7 mi.)
Pittsford, NY (5.4 mi.)
North Gates, NY (5.9 mi.)
East Rochester, NY (6.4 mi.)
Irondequoit, NY (6.7 mi.)
Greece, NY (7.4 mi.)
Fairport, NY (8.8 mi.)
Scottsville, NY (9.3 mi.)
Spencerport, NY (10.6 mi.)


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    • This is the room that I caught my best EVP ever. Me and a buddy heard rubble moving around on the floor and on my recorder we caught a lady saying ” Helloooo”

  1. Do you know by any chance if theres any way into Walters? I was able to check out and access Terrence, but i haven’t seen anything recent on Walters, besides a year ago.

  2. I was a patient there when I was 19 years old and spent 72 days. It was 1982. It was hell being a patient being there. It was haunted back then. The place was gross, cold, abusive. The rapes and torture that occurred there was off the charts. It made you more mental. Camelot, is what they called their “security”, tortured and raped the patients constantly. It was so bad then. People were there in their 80s, that lived their whole there. Being dropped off when they were babies. If you weren’t that crazy when you went, you were definitely worse after you left. I’ve always wanted to go back but I went in panic mode just seeing the pictures. That place was evil and corrupted everybody who ever lived there,worked there, was a patient there. The spirits there won’t rest. You can’t rest in that in kind of chaos. I wish I could describe it better than just evil. That’s the only word I can use. I can still hear the screams, like it was yesterday.

  3. Hi Terrie,
    I am doing a project for school on haunted places in Brighton. I thought that your story was very intriguing, and I was wondering if you would be willing to do a written interview with me. If you would be willing, please email me at Thanks for your cooperation!

  4. I don’t know if anyone told you but that orb in the middle on the upper window if you zoom in and look at it that orb is the face of a woman at first I thought it was a creepy face then I turned my screen sideways a little and upside down is a woman with long hair. Right side up it looked like a guy looking out the window and a shadow figure behind him it is an amazing photo

  5. Caught the clearest, creepiest evp of a man saying “get out…of here” in a very ghastly, ghouly voice. Brought tears to my eyes. Couldn’t believe something so clear and definitive was captured when at the time, I didn’t hear anything. Unfortunately I have lost the recording and I’m very upset about it. Doubt i will ever hear anther voice so compelling. Also, heavy doors on the 3rd floor have been slammed, gasps over my shoulder, shadows, screams from down hallways you name it. The place is definitely haunted. Wish I could go back but it is technically trespassing so it’s out of my hands.

  6. I don’t know about seeing anything super-natural, but the sounds are easily explained. Along with Kodak Park tower and downtown’s Times Square building. For many years, families of peregrine falcons have enjoyed nesting all over the “Rochester Psych Center”. Being deserted (and large) it offers perfect protection to the nesting birds. Bird watchers love to sit in the parking lot and watch for the falcons as they leave to hunt food and then return to the nest(s).

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