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There is (or was) supposedly an old worn-down shack on the premises of this cemetery where people experienced cold spots, bad smells, and ghostly visions of a woman. There is also a peculiar phenomenon in the immediately-surrounding area that locals call the “Killer Bee Phenomenon”… people continually hear the sound of swarming bees, but no bees are ever actually seen.

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Geographic Information

1380 Forrest Nelson Blvd
Port Charlotte, FL 33952
United States

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27.007165, -82.120742
Charlotte County, Florida
Nearest Towns:
Port Charlotte, FL (2.8 mi.)
Charlotte Harbor, FL (4.7 mi.)
Punta Gorda Isles, FL (6.7 mi.)
Punta Gorda, FL (7.1 mi.)
Solana, FL (7.2 mi.)
Harbour Heights, FL (7.4 mi.)
North Port, FL (7.5 mi.)
Charlotte Park, FL (7.9 mi.)
Cleveland, FL (9.0 mi.)
Warm Mineral Springs, FL (9.3 mi.)


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  1. I use to go to the old shack its no longer there but there was some really cool old military paperwork there as I recall any who it was never really haunted I don’t think because I never experienced anything and I use to hang out there for fun

    • I too never experienced anything too strange and have been to the cemetery many times. In the late 70’s early 80’s I believe Desoto Groves pawned a lot of the property in between Forrest Nelson and Cochran Blvds. We used to go back there for fun to see who would get scared and there were a handful of little shacks (we called them the immigrant houses) that were pretty spooky. I think the workers picking oranges must have stayed in them. We had some strange things happen there but never stuck around to investigate. There was also a man named Daniel Conahan from PGI who murdered Billy Patton (and a few others) and that is where they found his body years later when they started developing there near Quesada and Forrest Nelson. I don’t doubt that there are spirits hanging around those areas. There is a lot of history here in good ole Port Charlotte!

    • It’s still their it’s just torn down. Went to the centaur around 2:30 am yesterday next to the furthest tombstones and was warned to leave by a little girl spirit she warned me that someone who killed their victim was in the same cemetary/demon captured on video

      • I have been to this place many times throughout my life. I have heard the swarms of bees. However other than it being creepy never saw anything. Its been torn down for a while now but is still from what i understand active i went there before and after torn down and heard bees 3 times out of maybe 7 or so that i went.

    • It’s not standing anymore but I wouldn’t go saying it’s not haunted anymore me and one of my bud went back to the woods part of the cemetery not recommended trespassing. We definitely heard some weird shit while we visited it .

  2. That one dude.  |  

    I was there two days ago and literally three steps walking into the woods from forest Nelson, me and my friend heard with our own ears and also caught on recording a very very loud and clear GET OUT!! And when we record for some strange reason we get a “flowing river” sound. It’s very weird. I’ll probably be going back tonight to see if we can get some more stuff.

  3. the murder shack is still in the woods its torn down to the cement however its still very active was their last Monday at 2 am

  4. Dolores slansky von Groh  |  

    I seen the spirit in the house it jumps from eyes to eyes and knocks you back when it enters you
    The person that is possessed at the time
    The eyes goes like a mirror you see a figure in the eyes that jump into you
    I seen it in the man who was in the house talking to us

  5. Was there two days ago in the evening just before dark. Filming with cell phone many voices, heard my name a few times. The main building has glass doors my girlfriend was in the back of building as I was going past the glass door heard a loud crashing sound thought something happened to my girlfriend, I asked her did she hear that she said hear what?? I couldn’t believe she didn’t hear it.
    When watching video on phone the crashing sound was my name being yelled. Have caught many voices on recordings but first time I’ve heard anything that loud.
    Yes haunted.

  6. Me and my friend go there and we’ve seen human like figures, but it looked the same person. It was a women but like a cloud. All white. We did an Ouija Board there and oh my it’s scary. We asked for a physical appearance and a decent sized branch fell not too far from us. We were kinda threatened when we went there our first night because I heard a voice saying “leave or die” so we stayed and it kept getting worse. Eventually we left but I heard a huge like crash or something in the house but my friend didn’t so I didn’t say anything because it sounded crazy. I read that a woman named Betty C Earnest lived there. She was born in January,1935. There’s been many cases regarding her. But does anyone else know more about her house? When u walk through the cemetery, there is a house and apparently the pink shed next to it has a lot of expensive items and her most favorite treasures. But there’s a lock and I can’t risk going back. Too much paranormal activity and it’s already bad enough.

  7. Hi guys, call me Ze Epic Gamer. When I was little, my grandmother brought me and my brother to the cemetery. While there, I swear to you that I heard a girl crying. However, THERE WAS NO OTHER PEOPLE OTHER THAN US AND THE GROUNDSKEEPER!!!! Now, before you tell me that the groundskeeper was the one crying, well, he wasn’t a female. My grandma didn’t hear the girl, but my brother heard her. Also, I heard some bees, but there was none visible. I want to visit this cemetery again.

  8. A murder happened at 2134 s cranberry involving a disgruntled Karen and her 88 year old husband. It all began with the victim complaining all the time about her cooking and after 60 years of it Karen had enough and shot him with a shotgun in the head while he was using the bathroom.the police found him still sitting on the toilet headless.when asked asked why she did it all she said was he can eat that.

  9. Went yesterday to explore the area of the house with some devices. No bees to be heard but a few faint voices. Once we made it near the building at the center, everything changed. With our devices and my psychic fiance, we had a full intelligent conversation for 2 hours with a spirit named Evelyn. We know but I will not state her full name here. If you so wish to find her, she died in 2007. She portrays herself in her 30s and wears a white wedding dress. She told us she was wearing the dress and my fiance could see her wearing it. She calls herself the protector of the cemetery. After awhile a demonic energy she called Satan arrived and we ordered it to leave and called upon God to remove the entity and aid the souls here. After this, we felt overwhelming peace and love. We were also surrounded by children who were all very happy that we forced the demon away. We eventually were joined by Archangel Zadkiel who were giving us messages through names of people in the bible. We got the name Edith immediately followed by stone. Look it up if you need understand. Many people say they see a woman with a white dress, This is Evelyn. She is a very loving and welcoming spirit and I believe that the people who hear the negative calls are either encountering the demonic energy, have bad intentions, or hear her yelling at the demonic energy. Please, if any of you go, be very respectful as most of them there are very peaceful and would love to talk but do not disrespect them. Many years were shed yesterday as the 2 hour conversation brought many emotions and it was the most incredible experience of our lives.

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