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This historic hotel was built over the site of many historic city landmarks including the cities first hotel, transferring the historical pasts of them into this building. Ghostly activity is mainly reported on the fourth floor, where lights turn on and off of their own accord and faucets switch on and off by themselves.

(Submitted by Callum Swift)

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Geographic Information

24 Public Square
Cleveland, OH
United States

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41.49871599999999, -81.69458600000002
Cuyahoga County, Ohio
Nearest Towns:
Cleveland, OH (0.1 mi.)
Ohio City, OH (1.3 mi.)
Newburgh Heights, OH (3.7 mi.)
Brooklyn, OH (4.6 mi.)
Bratenahl, OH (4.7 mi.)
Cuyahoga Heights, OH (4.8 mi.)
Brooklyn Heights, OH (5.1 mi.)
Linndale, OH (5.2 mi.)
Lakewood, OH (5.5 mi.)
East Cleveland, OH (6.4 mi.)


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  1. The hotel is elegant, classy, and the service is top notch! The location is perfect to the casino and other downtown attractions. The next part of this review is a little hard to believe, but it’s the truth. The first night we stayed in the hotel I was awakened by what sounded like running water. I dismissed it to possibly my imagination. As I started to drift off back to sleep I awoke again to something pulling my leg. I thought it was possibly me just relaxing and my leg muscles jumping so I just tried to go back to sleep. I awoke again to something pulling my leg out and up. We slept the rest of the night with the lights on. The next day we met up with some friends and told them our story. I am the last one to believe in anything like this she suggested we take pictures of our room and then review them to see if anything strange could be seen in the room. That night when we got back to our room I took some pictures of the room to be reviewed. The new iPhone 6s has a feature that when you take pictures it records a few seconds of that picture. While we reviewed the pictures we heard a woman’s voice that said “you will never leave here”. There was no explanation for this. We did not sleep that night and left the next morning. As we left we shared our story with the lady at the front desk. She stated that she too had experienced some unexplained events such as ours. I loved the hotel, but there is defintley some strange unexplainable phenomenon going on there. You probably think I’m crazy and that’s cool, but I know that all this happened and I still got the pictures and voice recording to prove it.

  2. Me and my husband stayed there a few years ago on the fourth floor not knowing it was haunted and we heard noises that we couldn’t explain and felt like we were being watched down the hallway and in our room.

    • I am staying at the same hotel I am getting so much activity in the room from being tapped on the shoulder to water faucet being turned on and being told to get out someone dont want us in this room

    • Yes!! I worked there previously as a housekeeper & always just felt like I was being watched on the 4th floor ! Now years later I’m reading this & seeing I wasn’t crazy after all.

  3. It really is haunted! At exactly 5am in the morning the light in my room on the 12th floor turned on for no apparent reason. After it was on something else happened that I couldn’t believe I witnessed. The curtain was kicking out not blowing but rather something was kicking it. Prior to going to my room the elevator would only allow me to the 11th floor. I had to take the fire exit up to my floor. Something didn’t want me there. I felt a presence in that room that’s unexplainable. I’m telling you now the rumors are very true. There are spirits in this hotel. I was wide awake and not only witnessed it first hand, I felt it.

  4. My husband and I stayed over night this past weekend. The hotel is absolutely beautiful and the staff is fantastic. Although we didn’t actually see anything, the atmosphere as soon as you walk in was eerie. I loved it.

  5. I was on the 10th floor with buddies – we had come up for a concert at Jacobs and the casino. Everything was fine for me the first night but a buddy of mine was touched several times in bed. I will say this, my buddy is a Marine vet and DOES NOT scare easily. That being said, he was overcome with uneasiness and could not sleep the rest of the night. The next night, he slept in my room. I still can’t beieve what happened. We were both touched in bed and neither of seemed able to get up and turn the light on. My buddy is actually talking with an Ohio (Cincy) paranormal TV show about all the details of what happened to him (us).

  6. When we walked into the room it was 56 degrees. We felt an eerie feeling. Then I heard the sound of a coffee maker brewing coffee. It could have been the pipes. It could have been the steam heat, but I know that sound in old buildings and it did not sound like that. It sounded like the coffee maker. Overall feeling of creepiness.

  7. I stayed in this hotel on the 6th floor about 5 years ago without having any knowledge of it being haunted. While in the shower the lights kept going off and on, but I assumed it was some electrical issue and didn’t think anything else about it. My friend and I were headed to a concert at the House of Blues that night and we decided to take the stairs instead of the elevator. Being the competitor she is, she said “I’ll race you!” and took off down the stairs, as soon as she turned the corner of the stair well to the 4th floor there was nothing but complete darkness ahead and she stopped dead in her tracks. I was just a few steps behind her and also came to a halt! We both got an eerie feeling and without a second thought turned around and ran as fast as we could back up the stairs to find an elevator! We talked the whole way to the HoB about how weird that was and the feeling we both had been overcome with. It wasn’t until the next day on the drive home that I looked up the hotel and saw that it is known to be haunted. I will actually be staying there again tonight but with my family, we have 2 rooms booked, I haven’t told my kids anything about the hotel- so if they mention any odd occurrences or I experience anything else then I will certainly be posting again!!

  8. My experience happened on the 11th floor. On the last night of a five night stay, I shit off the TV and lights, then went to bed. I was alone, or at least I thought so. First I heard what sounded like someone drumming their fingers on the bed. I disregarded it. Then it felt as though someone sat at the end of the bed. I sprung up abruptly and scanned the room in the darkness. Nothing there. So I laid back down on my left side and tried to go to sleep. Once again there was a sensation of someone sitting at the end of the bed. I was very still so I knew I wasn’t doing anything. Then it felt like my feet were being caressed gently. The caressing continued up my right side, then back to my feet. Oddly enough I did not sense danger and was not frightened by this activity. I was very curious about what would happen next. Once again it seemed someone was taking a seat at the end of the bed. My eyes were open the entire time but I did not see anything. The action activity stopped and I fell asleep.

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